Father’s Day in Lincoln, NE – 2018

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Father’s Day in Lincoln, NE – 2018

As June 17th draws near, have you found the perfect gift to show your appreciation for the special guys in your life who, in your book, are just the most incredible fathers out there? For those who haven’t, consider the following ideas that you can still swoop up with time to spare.

For His Active Lifestyle or Dad Bod Goals: Whatever he likes to do in his free time, it’s a safe bet that a gift he can use while doing that is a solid choice. While there are plenty of other hobbies, let’s focus on sports and fitness, two of the more common ones. We’ve got golfers, fishermen, runners, swimmers, cyclists, hikers, campers, athletes in all different kinds of sporting events, sports enthusiasts, the guys who enjoy hitting the gym regularly and those who are working on their health and fitness goals.

Diane Hesson - Play It Again Sports - headshot

Diane Hesson
Play It Again Sports

For anything sports or fitness related, check out Play It Again Sports, where you’ll find new and gently used gear, apparel and accessories. You can’t beat snagging a really great deal either! You could also get him a gift with the intention of spending time together bonding while doing whatever it is that he likes to do. “Oftentimes we don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like together, so incorporating that into your gift is a wonderful idea,” says Diane Hesson with Play It Again Sports. “The gift of an experience is truly what makes for the best memories. Or, if you’re worried about buying the wrong thing, just take the guesswork out of it and bring him in with you on Father’s Day while you’re spending time together. We’ll be open and he’ll be able to pick out his own gift!”

For His Eyes Only: Want to do something really different this year for the father of your children? It’s virtually a guarantee that boudoir photos won’t be on his radar, so it’s a gift that will take him by surprise, that’s for sure.


Jaime Incontro
Purple Sky Productions

“During a boudoir session, we create sexy portraits that are beautiful and tasteful,” says Jaime Incontro with Boudoir Boutique/Purple Sky Productions. “Since on average it takes about 8 weeks from session to having your photos in hand ready to gift, you could put a teaser of your shoot in a card that’s a part of his gift. He’ll definitely have something to look forward to, which is part of the fun.”

Boudoir Boutique comes highly recommended and you can get get an idea of what to expect by checking out their website.

For His Domain: At home, dad’s domain – the places he kicks back and relaxes or where he really takes pride in his work – is generally the special chair in front of the TV, the den/study/office/studio, the man cave, and/or the yard. But let’s be honest, it could be anywhere. If he’s into cooking, it’s probably the kitchen or the patio where he’s the grill master. If he’s into cars or building things, it’s likely the garage or shop. Whatever his sacred space may be, look there for ideas.

Jana Clark

Speaking of the kitchen or grilling out, look no further than Habitat, where you’ll find the most incredible selection of gift items to peruse. You certainly won’t be limited on options here – it’s a wonderland of gadgets and all things gourmet. “Our product offering is unique and wide; there are so many things we carry that you can’t find anywhere else in town,” says Jana Clark with Habitat. “For instance, we just began carrying Olivelle infused olive oils and vinegars, dippers, spices and sea salts, and are the first and only retailer of those products here in Nebraska. We have plenty of experience with putting gifts together for all sorts of special occasions, and we’d love to help you find that special something that your father, grandpa, father-in-law, partner, or any of the other fabulous fathers in your life will use and savor.”

As far as the patio or the yard, if that’s his jam, finding a gift at Outdoor Solutions will be a piece of cake. We asked Teresa Hendricks with Outdoor Solutions for a few suggestions, and she replied, “We’ve got incredible grills, anything he could want or need for his upcoming landscaping projects, and fire pits that he still has plenty of time to enjoy this year.”

Rich Hershberger
Call of Doodie

You could also take a chore off of his to-do list so that he has more free time to spare, especially one that is less than enjoyable. When it comes to yard work, that could be enlisting the help a lawn care service. There’s not just mowing, trimming, and edging to be done, either. If you’re a dog owner, you probably can tell where this is headed. Why not contact Call of Doodie and arrange for them to come out and handle the waste removal once a week? “Nobody likes to walk through a yard with hidden ‘doggie landmines,’ and I guarantee picking them up regularly isn’t how he would prefer to spend his time,” says Rich Herschberger with Call of Doodie. “In fact, he could probably think of a million other things he’d rather be doing. Household chores take up a lot of time, so gifts that are practical and allow you to do something enjoyable instead are greatly appreciated, and this is definitely one of those.”

For His Ride: Similarly, is his car his pride and joy, or does he spend a lot of time in transit for work or on daddy duty? This is another treasure trove full of great gift ideas.

At GP Customs you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for along the lines of vehicle restyling and top-of-the-line accessories. Of their offerings, Jace Fehlman with GP Customs offers a few of the more popular to give as gifts, noting, “Remote car starters, window tinting, paint protection film, and mobile audio/video, which includes Bluetooth integration, CD players, speakers, and rear seat entertainment systems, all make excellent gifts. Oftentimes people think of the benefits of remote starters in the winter for conveniently warming up their cars, but the same holds true in the summer for cooling them off. It’s about to heat up here in Nebraska, which means you’re probably going to be getting into a sweltering car, and it’s even more uncomfortable for those with leather seats. But if you have a remote starter, no more sweating it out. Similarly, window tinting helps with keeping your car cooler and also protects the interior from the damage that’s caused by gradual exposure to U/V rays. Here in Nebraska, there’s also a pretty good chance you’ll drive down a gravel road. Paint protection film protects your car from rock chips or road damage, which is really nice. It’s especially great timing before those family road trips this summer. We use Compustar remote car starters and Suntek films, both of which are the best on the market, and back our labor with a lifetime warranty – only the very best for Dad!”

Or, why not gift him with trips to the car wash? You can bet on that gift getting used, no doubt.

Kendra McDonald

Kendra McDonald with Jetsplash suggests, “What does Dad really want this Father’s Day? To have a clean vehicle without washing it himself. Nothing says I love you like giving the gift of a clean car. Save him from breaking his back scrubbing the bugs off his vehicle with a JetSplash Unlimited Membership. With our membership plans, he can wash his vehicle every day of the week! Choose from a month to month membership, annual membership, 6 month membership, or 3 month membership. Does your dad live out of town? No problem! Gift him with a 20, 10, or 5 pack of washes and he can use them anytime he comes to visit you. Taking things up a notch, let Dad drive in style with the silky smooth JetGloss. Buy a pack of 22, 10, or 5 JetGloss applications for that deep shine and velvety feel.”

That concludes our 2018 Father’s Day gift guide, chock full of inspiration that will help you with even the most hard to please or the dads who seem to have everything already. Just like we remind everyone during the holidays, since this is another big gift-giving holiday, be sure to support our local businesses!


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