Look of Success in Lincoln, NE – 2017


Look of Success in Lincoln, NE – 2017

Ever heard the saying “Image is everything?” It may sound superficial, but we can all attest to how looking your best translates into feeling your best. When you exude that energy, those around you and with whom you do business (or with whom you want to do business) will pick up on it. The impression you’ll make on them that will last far beyond your meeting or encounter.

The personal brand you create to define yourself as a professional is that important. It truly speaks volumes. (There is even an article by Jim Joseph, contributing writer for Entrepreneur magazine, entitled “The First Step to a Great Personal Brand? A Distinct Look.” He’s 100% accurate.) To play the part, you must first look the part. There are different components that come together to make up one’s own look of success which should be thoughtfully considered, and when it comes to your day-to-day life, consistency is key. After all, our perception of others is a critical deciding factor in whether or not we want to do business with them. Just like the packaging for products entices us to buy them, your appearance acts in the same way, along with other important attributes that combine to form your personal brand.


Cherie Travis
Rachel’s Boutique

Dating back to the very first human civilizations, our clothing and accessories have a rich history of importance, telling others much about who we are. Dressing the part is essential to convey an image of professionalism. “A clean, tidy appearance is a must, regardless of one’s personal sense of style,” says Cherie Travis with Rachel’s Boutique. “This goes for attire and items related to personal hygiene. Being well-groomed all-around, from your hairstyle to pressed and well-fitted clothing, will make all of the difference in how you are received by others. Those who put in the effort to look their best gain respect for doing so – it’s not only a reflection of yourself but also the company you work for and represent. There are also attributes that are a part of how you carry yourself but aren’t necessarily a part of your look per se, such as using proper language and grammar, that are indicative of professionalism. All of these will determine your success in making a favorable impression on others.”

As for advice specific to one’s wardrobe, for women, Travis advises, “Keep it classic. For any of your clothing pieces, invest in quality fabrics that will last. Choose items that will carry over from season to season and year to year, and appropriate in any setting. Consider saving the trendy items for accent pieces and when you’re not at work. Also, it’s wise to select items that can be mixed and matched. Then there are jewelry and accessories, which can always be utilized to update or change up a look. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Rachel’s Boutique encourages customers to bring in items they are looking to update or find something to match.”

Eddie Brown-LCOC

Eddie Brown
Vicente Clothiers

Echoing the important role wardrobe plays in one’s overall look of success, Eddie Brown with Vicente Clothiers further advises, “It’s important to be intentional in shaping the message you are sending to others by way of your appearance, which will factor into the impression you’re making on those you encounter. Whether or not you’re aware, people are watching you and expecting to see you mirror the career you represent. Business professionals essentially have a uniform that defines their brand. I’ve been in music and performed most of my life and believe the two are similar. From the moment I leave my home in the morning until my return that night, I am effectively on stage and in my uniform that aligns with my professional brand. I view my business audience and interactions the same way I do when I’m performing on stage, giving it my best all the time! When applying for a job you wouldn’t dare consider not giving as much attention as possible to polishing your resume, which is key to securing interviews, right? Take that same level of scrutiny and passionate purpose and convey that in your wardrobe.”

He also offers a few recommendations, stating, “It’s truly all about the fit of your garment! When you master this, you will more times than not be putting yourself in a great light. Start with the staple pieces – solid black, gray, and navy suits – as those colors never will go out of style. From there, add some color and patterns depending on your personality as well as your profession and what’s appropriate for your ensembles. Having a quality overcoat/car coat steps your look up a couple notches as well. Regardless of whether you’re putting together a professional wardrobe or refining your existing one, as previously noted, always look for pieces that are versatile. If you’re refining, take a look at garments which were trendy before but are not in style now and donate those to a worthy organization. Supplement those pieces out with new selections.

Here at Vicente Clothiers we have over a thousand fabric options with a wide array of price points. We are committed to helping you create the best looks, which fit both your body and budget! Contact us today for an in-home or at-work consultation.”

Gary Novotny Gary Michaels Clothiers - Headshot

Gary Novotny
Gary Michaels Clothiers

Regarding trends in menswear, industry veteran Gary Novotny with Gary Michaels Clothiers advises, “Tailored clothing has become very strongly represented in the workplace once again. This includes suits and sport coats. However, styling them more informally with an open-collar sport or dress shirt and no tie in favor of a pocket square as an accessory is now widely considered to be acceptable in a business setting. Sport coats have also become deconstructed in nature and very relaxed, with a three-quarter lining and very soft shoulder. These are easily worn with a casual slack, a five-pocket cotton slack, or a pair of denims. You can dress either up or down accordingly. The sport coat can even be converted to your outerwear if needed or alternatively, can be layered with a sweater or vest underneath. These trends are predominantly reflected in the wardrobe selections for individuals between the ages of 25 to 39.”

John Aguirre
Ovation Salon

All told, your personal style is what sets you apart from the rest, especially on a professional level. “There is beauty in our individuality,” says John Aguirre with Ovation Salon. “To achieve a signature look that people remember you by, go with what accentuates your best features and makes you look and feel your very best. That will translate into all aspects of your life, including how you are perceived by others in a professional setting. Never underestimate the power of great hair and skin! Confidence is potent and how you present yourself speaks volumes before you’ve even said a word, especially in the fashion-forward world we live in today. It’s important to pay attention to all of the details that go into your appearance. Being polished and well-groomed does take effort and consistency, but it’s essential to look the part in order to be taken seriously. However, it doesn’t always have to be laborious. Businesspeople fully understand the value of working smarter, not harder, and to that end, there are plenty of tips and tricks that the professionals can offer.”

He also cautions, “While fashion blogs and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration, keep in mind that it might not be a look that can be achieved naturally or would be feasible to recreate daily. The model might be wearing a hairpiece or it could be insanely photoshopped. Or it might not work with your face shape, bone structure, complexion, and so on. Furthermore, there’s no point to walking out of the salon looking amazing if you can’t achieve that look on your own or if it doesn’t fit into your daily routine. Take advantage of the consultation! Good, open communication between you and your team of beauty professionals is critical to getting the best results out of the investment you’re making in yourself. I always say if my clients don’t look good, I don’t look good – and let’s be honest, we both don’t want that! At the end of the day as professionals in the beauty industry, it’s our job to give you options and deliver results that you love and that make you shine, but also that you can maintain as a part of your lifestyle.”

Tying personal style into health and fitness, there’s truly no better feeling than looking amazing in your favorite outfits. Whether that means losing the stubborn 5lbs in a target area or a significant amount of weight to get to your target body composition, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers has a number of options to consider.

Nancy Hopkins
Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers

“We have six different programs that each address different needs and goals, all of which are clinically proven to deliver guaranteed results when followed as directed,” says Nancy Hopkins with Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers. “We also offer powerful laser body sculpting with LipoGenics and YOLO Curve systems. It is a safe and effective, non-invasive way to lose inches in targeted areas and also reduces the appearance of cellulite. It delivers results in as little as one treatment, which is pretty incredible.

Then there’s the newest addition to our offerings, which we are very excited about, the AM/PM Fat Burning & Appetite Suppressing Weight Control Patches. It’s an innovative system that works with your body’s natural rhythms, delivering the right ingredients at the right time, day and night, to help support maximum weight loss results. The ingredients are all-natural, and the benefits extend far beyond just the weight loss aspect. This system can be used as a standalone supplement, in combination with all other Advanced Fat Burning 24 Hour Thermogenics® products, or in conjunction with any of our weight loss programs.

As you can see there are many different options. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, our goal is to do what’s best for each client and to help them make lifestyle changes that last long-term. We’d love to help you meet your goals so that you look and feel your very best.”

Natasha Plooster Eat Fit Go - Headshot

Natasha Plooster
Eat Fit Go

Natasha Plooster with Eat Fit Go further advises, “Psychology studies reveal that a 55 percent of person’s opinion of you is formed within the first 7 to 17 seconds of meeting. Never forget your smile at home! Besides outward appearance, spend time finding the inner confidence. Being healthy is the first step. Drink lots of water and eat clean. With the countless benefits of taking these two simple steps, you will be unstoppable!”

She elaborates, “There are many aspects to success—material wealth is only one component. Deepak Chopra points out, ‘Success also includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind.’ Nutrition is at the root of all these aspects. Through proper nutrition, you achieve balance in your body, mental clarity, a sense of self-awareness, and energy necessary to drive your ambition. At Eat Fit Go, we provide our customers with fresh and nutritionally-balanced meals that are ready to eat, freeing up their time to focus on executing their passion. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you feel good in your skin!”

Headshot - Tiffany Olson The Spa at Bryan LifePointe

Tiffany Olson
The Spa at Bryan LifePointe

In agreement, Tiffany Olson with Bryan LifePointe notes, “Studies have shown that the more confident you feel about your looks, the more confident you will feel about yourself in an interview or your professional life. One of the first things people will notice about you is the look and health of your skin on your face. We have many options for facial rejuvenation. These options range from an organic facial to a chemical peel provided by one of our physicians. We also have laser genesis available, a collagen-inducing laser procedure that gives the appearance of a fuller face by reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that may have crept up over the years. Being able to feel confident in one’s self is something that should be evident about a professional in any job or interview out there. It is also proven that having regular massages can help lessen your stress, which in turn leaves your body more healthy and reenergized. We can help you relax with our soothing ambiance, calming music, private showers in the treatment rooms, and access to whirlpools and saunas, which is available before or after your treatment.

The Spa and Med Spa are open to the public. Whether you are looking for a place to unwind with a facial, massage or pedicure or you would like to get rid of some unsightly wrinkles, dark spots, or veins, we are the place to be. We welcome new clients and consultations are always free, which is a great way to get sound advice from our experts on what you can do that will help you look your best. When you feel confident about yourself you exude it to others and it may help you get an edge in your professional career or job interview. A happy you is a beautiful you.”

Indeed, a healthy you is a happy and more confident you, and there’s no doubt that certain aspects of health and wellness will contribute to your overall look of success.

David Medina
Genesis Health Clubs

“Fitness and nutrition are a big part of the holistic approach for a person who wants to achieve his or her goal of leading a healthy lifestyle, which translates to looking and feeling one’s best,” says David Medina with Genesis Health Clubs. “When people start to see positive changes in regards to their body composition, not only is their confidence boosted, but a feeling of achievement, self-worth, and purpose is established. In a sense, a new person evolves not only physically, but emotionally as well. Their new-found love for fitness opens new doors for them, to include new social groups, community involvement, improved career performance, and new self-presence.

Currently, the fitness industry is booming with ways for people to individualize their lifestyle change to their liking and what fits into their busy lives. As a trainer, it is my goal to be their biggest motivator throughout their transformation process. It is my goal to encourage my clients to not only learn from me, but to discover what daily changes need to be made in order to maintain what they have achieved. I am a huge advocate of looking the part based on my appearance, my passion for my business, and setting the expectation for my industry.

He further advises, “A lot of people make the mistake of coming into the gym for the first time wanting to achieve their desired results in a short amount of time. In this day and age, our society has been accustomed to instant gratification and the need to have what they want yesterday.” Medina offers the following tips for a successful outcome when wanting to begin a fitness regimen:

  • Have patience. As long as you work hard and follow the recommendations your trainer has given you will succeed. Remember it’s a lifestyle.
  • Establish a buddy system with a close friend or colleague that you can depend on that will not only motivate you, but can provide you with moral support during your transformation.
  • Establish structure in your daily routine to include nutritious foods that are healthy for you. Ensure you are maintaining a good work/ life balance, and getting enough sleep each night.
  • Set small goals to include timelines. Your transformation will not happen overnight, so setting small goals will encourage you to stay consistent and not get off track.
  • Take a step back and look at the items in your home or daily routine that could prohibit you from accomplishing your fitness goals. This would include any junk food in your pantry that you may have an emotional attachment to when stressed and substituting binge eating with a short walk around your neighborhood.
  • Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP! Look into utilizing daily motivational quotes for inspiration and post them in a prominent place like the office, your cell phone screen saver, or your refrigerator.
  • My personal quote that I share is “You never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

In the wise words of the incomparable Arthur Ashe, “Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if you’re behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory.” Although as businesspeople it’s a common trait that we’re always working towards perfection, it’s important to establish realistic goals and then stay the course. Commitment to being your very best also includes making an investment in looking, and in turn feeling, your very best. Once you’ve defined and achieved your own personal look of success, the sky’s the limit!