New Year’s resolutions are great tools for improving on things that may have been pushed aside for one reason or another, or for picking up a new hobby to try. It’s no secret that New Year’s resolutions are often ditched at some point in the year, so we visited with some businesses in the Lincoln community to learn what advice they had for those who want to really stick with their 2023 goals.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Lincoln Running Co. says that it is time to have an “ultra runner mindset” when thinking about getting through this winter and being ready for spring, whether you are a runner, a walker, or someone who wants to be ready to tackle their passion when the weather turns nice!

Setting time-sensitive, distinct goals is one of the best ways to make sure your resolutions come to fruition this year. Too often we set vague, easily forgettable resolutions such as “read more” or “watch less TV”, and while those are goals we can all easily try to stick to, many times they fall through the cracks. If you’re ready to check something off of your bucket list this year, Lincoln Running Co. Manager Ann Ringlein has the perfect option.

Ann Ringlein
Lincoln Running, Co.

“Is this the year? The year you commit to running the Lincoln Marathon/Half Marathon? There are all kinds of reasons people decide they want to accomplish this goal – and they are all great reasons,” said Ann. “The Lincoln Running Co and The Movement Academy are here to help you meet those goals with the Marathon/Half Marathon class that begins January 12!”

Spend the first four months of the year improving your mind, body, and overall health, and then get the ultimate satisfaction of crossing the finish line at The Lincoln Marathon on May 7. The marathon classes are geared towards overcoming one of the main obstacles that everyone has to tackle while trying to stick to a resolution: accountability.

“This class has been going on for 25 years and one thing we have learned is runners need to be accountable – and that is where this class comes in,” Ann explained. “We meet on Tuesday mornings for some fast stuff, Thursday evenings for a run and a speaker, and the Saturday morning long runs. You don’t have to make any decisions about what to run, where to run, or how to run. Those have all been made. Taking all that decision-making out of running is a huge plus, and our training partners become you best friends for four months!”

Between the Lincoln Running Co., supplying you with the proper shoe for your feet and the right apparel to get you out the door feeling confident about fighting off the cold weather, and The Movement Academy setting you up with the proper strength training for running, you can’t go wrong!

“From the new ‘super shoes’ which truly help you recover better, to a strength training class for runners, the two of us really have you covered for training for the Lincoln Marathon/Half Marathon,” said Ann.

Sign up now for the class at Sign up for the Lincoln Marathon/ Half Marathon at Commit and be prepared for the best spring of your life!

A Boost of Health Benefits and Relaxation

Health goals don’t always involve working out and striving to achieve better fitness of the body. Many people set resolutions to improve their mental state, such as attaining a healthy sleep routine or improving their focus. CBD supplements can help people reach these goals – and others! Brandon Ford, manager at CBD American Shaman on 48th, had some advice on how to stick to your resolutions and how CBD may be able to help you achieve them.

Brandon Ford
CBD American Shaman

“Strive to achieve your goals by starting a little different this year. When we have a balanced mind and body, we start to think clearly and feel more energized. Our products help you maintain balance,” said Brandon. “That’s what they call homeostasis. CBD gets those receptors working properly throughout the body, which helps get the body back into balance. CBD is all-natural and non-habit forming.”

Products at CBD American Shaman include a full line of CBD products for people and pets, along with Delta 8, Delta 9, and HHC products. All products are industrial hemp derived and Farm Bill 2018 compliant.

CBD has a proprietary nanotechnology, which represents the ultimate refinement of hemp oil concentrate. This makes the size of the molecule smaller so that your body absorbs 90-100% of their CBD compared to only 10-30% of the CBD at other companies. To put it in perspective, CBD American Shaman’s 300 milligram water soluble is comparable to other companies’ 3000 milligram standard oil tincture.

“We provide in-store consultations with Certified Hemp Experts. We can chat about your goals, and help you form healthy new habits that forge a path of health and wellbeing for the New Year,” Brandon explained.

Since CBD supports many of the body’s functional systems, it is a great supplement for not just your mental state, but your overall health. For example, CBD may promote joint flexibility and cartilage health, help maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system, help maintain immune system health, and help promote urinary tract health. CBD may also provide relief from mild discomfort, help manage everyday stress, provide relief from occasional difficulty sleeping, and promote feelings of focus. All of these fantastic benefits of CBD may promote overall wellness for the body and mind. Stop in to one of CBD American Shaman’s three Lincoln locations for a free sample and expert advice on how CBD can improve your 2023!

Make SMART Goals!

If anyone knows a thing or two about sticking to a goal, it’s the team at Husker Rehab. Husker Rehab proudly offers therapy services in five clinics in four different Nebraska cities, where they serve physicians and their patients with unique, highly-intensive, highly-customized rehabilitation, wellness, and preventative care therapies that make a difference in people’s lives. They listen to every patient’s needs and desires, analyze the problem, and figure out ways to get people moving again.

The same process that it takes to get someone back on their feet after an injury can help you reach your resolutions this year.

Janna Vavra
Husker Rehab

“Start with a SMART goal. Make sure you tell someone about your goal to help keep you accountable,” explained Husker Rehab Physical Therapist Janna Vavra.

A SMART goal is a goal that is formed from five facets that make the goal more likely to be achieved.

“The S stands for specific. It’s easier to achieve your goal if you are specific. For example, saying you want to lose weight is too broad. Instead, set a specific goal to lose ten pounds,” said Janna. “The M is for meaningful. The goal has to be important to you or you will lose motivation to do it. For example, are you trying to lose weight simply to look good? A more meaningful goal would be to lose 15 pounds to help prevent onset of diabetes, while also looking good!”

Janna continued to set up this example using the SMART model for us.

“The A stands for actionable. How are you going to achieve this goal? You need to put some action to your words! For example, I would like to lose 15 pounds by going to the gym twice a week,” continued Janna. “The R is for realistic. Think about how realistic your goal is. Do you hate going to the gym? Perhaps a more realistic option for you would be to do a lunch walk with your coworkers daily. Finally, the T is for timely. Make sure you set a deadline to your goal. This helps you to track your progress and keeps you motivated to reach your goal because you know the deadline is approaching. For example, I want to lose 15 pounds by July 7.”

At Husker Rehab, they offer an active lifestyles program where you can utilize gym equipment on a regular basis following your final physical therapy treatment at their North location and Beatrice location. You work out independently, but they’re always there to answer any questions you might have. They also offer nutrition and mental health referrals. For those struggling with incontinence or other pelvic health issues, they offer pelvic floor rehab. Oftentimes individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction limit their activity due to potential embarrassing incidents. Husker Rehab can help address those pelvic floor needs so those individuals can be active again. You should never be afraid to commit to improving your health.

“It is common to not share your goal with others as it might seem embarrassing, but it’s best to let others know you have aspirations. Ask the person you share your goal with to be your accountability partner. That person can help you stay motivated on days you’re not feeling like doing your workout. It may also be the motivation your accountability partner needed to also pursue their own goals,” Janna advised. “You will have some setbacks along the way, but don’t let that discourage you. It’s okay to miss a workout or to overindulge once in a while. It’s also okay to adjust your goal if you feel it’s no longer attainable. Maybe walking daily was too ambitious given your busy schedule, so adjust your goal to walking every other day instead. Small changes add up and you will eventually reach your goal if you stick with it!

Don’t worry about starting your New Year’s resolution on January 1. Pick a day that works for you. For example, the weekend after your birthday or when you return from vacation would be good times to start. This allows you to enjoy the weekend, holiday, or vacation without worrying about overindulging or not getting a workout in. Also, make sure you give yourself rewards along the way. If you start seeing your desired results, celebrate! You are making progress and that is worth celebrating!

Take it One Day at a Time

There are way too many trends in self-care and beauty to keep track of at once. If you have been putting off prioritizing the skin you’re in, try getting help from Skin Experts. Skin Experts is adding a modern touch to the skincare and facial treatment industry that go beyond the surface level. They brought their skincare revolution to Lincoln on November 15 with the grand opening of their new location at 4400 Lucile Dr., STE 101. By combining the most advanced technologies with revolutionary skincare using ingredients for proven results, their experts are here to create long-term change you can really see. You will be able to customize your facial for your skin and add any booster at no additional cost for any skin type. From sensitive to combination skin, Skin Experts offers a transformation worth sharing.

While improving your skin is not always a linear process, there are still ways to make sure you are making progress. This can apply to any goal you may be thinking of setting for 2023.

Regina Read
Skin Experts

“Break your goal down to smaller achievable chunks. A step by step approach give you balance, and you can give yourself small rewards along the way. It allows you to create multiple goals at a time and manage growth,” advised Spa Director Regina Read. “I also recommend seeking out a professional to learn more. Get feedback, consults, and research as much information as possible. This allows support and more insight on areas of our lives where we are looking to grow.”

Skin Experts combine technology from Europe and Asia with carefully curated ingredients that work synergistically to help skin look fuller, fresher, and younger. The skin care includes natural ingredients such as rose extract, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, micro-algae, bakuchiol, and hemp seed oil. These may seem complicated but their lasting effects are quite simple. The ingredients create an uplifting natural aroma full of antioxidants and skin-refreshing properties, draws and maintain moisture from the environment directly to the skin, creates conditions for the skin to look younger, healthier, and more even. They also combat the effects of the environment and digital devices to reduce signs of aging. They are filled with a gentle retinol alternative that gives antioxidant protection for a healthy glow, safe for sensitive skin, and are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids which may help protect the surface of the skin to hydrate and soothe skin. The products are always free of harmful sulfates, phthalates, toxins, artificial colors, GMOs, and artificial fragrance.

“We also offer lifestyle-friendly treatments. We have customizable facials for all skin types and lifestyles,” Regina said. “Getting in new routines of facials or peels that have days of downtime, irritation, or redness overtime can sabotage your long-term goals.”

Your lifestyle doesn’t just get in the way of how you treat your skin. When making a resolution this year, make sure the steps it takes to get there align with the nonnegotiable aspects of your life. Whether it is your work schedule, family commitments, children’s routines, you need to have a realistic plan for when to fit in the work on your goal.

New Ways to Stay Fit

The gym can be an intimidating place for those just starting on their exercise journey. Finding a place where you feel comfortable while doing exercises you enjoy is a great way to stick to a resolution. Club Pilates is a new Pilates studio in Lincoln ready to open its doors this upcoming March. Pilates is a core exercise. It strengthens your core muscles which help with balance, flexibility, and strength. Club Pilates will offer classes seven days a week so they can fit into your schedule. With instructors who are nationally certified, they will help you achieve your New Year’s goals!

Christine Krueger
Club Pilates

“Many times, we set resolutions for the New Year and then think if we miss one or two sessions, we have failed and give up,” owner Christine Krueger said. “Give yourself a little grace. It’s okay to miss a session or two, just get right back in there when you can. Consistency is key for any health oriented goal.”

Pilates is a growing exercise modality that has been around for many years. In its infancy, mostly dancers and elite athletes used it, but as it has become more available, everyone can do it. It’s low impact, so no pressure on your joints. Club Pilates has several levels of classes, so if you are just a beginner, or an advanced Pilates master, they have classes that will fit your experience level.

“Even though we won’t be open on January 1, give us a call to find out more about how Pilates can help you attain your fitness goals in 2023,” said Christine. “We have options for you to be able to begin with some classes virtually!”

These local businesses want to share their products and services with you to help you better yourself and reach your New Year’s resolutions. Go into 2023 with confidence and motivation, and make it your best year yet!