New Year’s Resolutions in Lincoln, NE – 2018


New Year’s Resolutions in Lincoln, NE – 2018

Hey Strictly Business readers: What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2018? Whether you still have yet to make one or know what your goal is but don’t have a plan in place, there’s work to be done starting now!

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve his or her life. There’s just something about the beginning of a brand new year that inspires us to live it purposefully in the pursuit of bettering ourselves or “living the dream.”

Whatever that may be for you, how do you plan to make it happen? It’s no big secret that your success will ultimately be determined by your follow-through. Cue the advice of our local experts who have firsthand experience with helping their clients and customers meet their goals and exceed them, and who are invested in the outcome right along with you!

To kick things off, one of the most notorious areas of focus is improved health and wellness. There are of course numerous resolutions involving this as the intended outcome. Yet, it’s also a byproduct of many other resolutions, such as the running your first marathon or fitting into your grandmother’s wedding dress for your upcoming nuptials. As such, there will be varying elements involved depending on the specific resolution, but there are also common denominators that apply across the board.

Natasha Plooster Eat Fit Go - Headshot

Natasha Plooster
Eat Fit Go

Take diet for example. Name anything you resolve to do in 2018, and good nutrition will play a part in your success. What you put into your body truly makes all the difference. “No matter what the specific goal is that you’re working towards achieving this year, everything starts with eating healthy,” says Natasha Plooster with Eat Fit Go. “If you are trying to reduce stress, sleep better, stay focused at work, lose weight, etc. – it all starts with the fuel you are providing your body. Whole ingredients in the right portions that are high in protein and low in sugar and sodium will free up the body to perform at optimal levels.

All too often people set their goals and then proceed to eat the same thing over and over, whether out of convenience or just not knowing what to substitute in order to mix it up while still sticking to their ‘diet.’ Ultimately, without variety it causes them to lose motivation and revert back to their old habits. We have a great selection of fresh, healthy, and delicious meals here at Eat Fit Go. There are different options for every single meal of the week and we also update our menu with new seasonal options. Eating healthy and enjoying what you eat are NOT mutually exclusive. Our specialty is providing nutritional support to those looking to become healthier and we’re more than happy to advise on which meals would be best for your individual needs and goals. Additionally, as the saying goes, ‘experience is the best teacher.’ Eating our meals will teach you the proper portion sizes that you should be eating and the macros (nutritional information) will be right on the label so you know exactly what you are eating, making it extremely easy to stay on track.”

She also emphasizes, “By far the most important part of setting goals and following through with them is not giving up when you have setbacks. Setbacks are going to happen in every aspect of life – just try to power through them! If you have three great days in a row then have a setback, next week make it your goal to have four great days in a row. Keep building on your past success and don’t worry about getting off track every now and then, as long as you keep going! After all, health is a lifelong process and Eat Fit Go is here for you every step of the way!”

Any goals related to looking and feeling your best in 2018 are well worth pursuing to enhance your overall quality of life. There’s a powerful connection between appearance and self-esteem, so having a healthy body image is key. As evidenced by the gyms and fitness clubs being packed to capacity this time of year, weight loss and improved fitness are of course a means to that end. However, there’s more than just diet and exercise that factor into the equation. In truth, many people have items related to self-care as their resolutions. Or there may be something you’ve always wanted to have done or have been meaning to look into but haven’t had the time or have been apprehensive about it, and this is going to be your year.

Brooke Ahlman Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement - Headshot

Brooke Ahlman
Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement

Even something as simple as a new hairstyle can completely transform how you look, and in turn, how you feel about yourself and your confidence level. “At Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement, our goal is to help people look their best and have full confidence in themselves!” says Brooke Ahlman with Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement. “We offer a full menu of salon services all the way up to non-surgical hair replacement, and it is amazing the difference a brand new look or a full head of hair makes. It can truly do wonders for your confidence and outlook on life. Not only will you look and feel better, but clients may look at you differently and be more willing to do business with you, which hopefully makes you more money!

The process for hair replacement is very simple and it starts out with a basic consultation. We’ll go over your options and come up with the best plan for you and your needs. Once that is determined, your custom hair system is ordered and a time is scheduled for you to come in for your cut and style. Typically appointments only take an hour or so and then you’ll be on your way, looking better than before and feeling like a new person. You’ll continue on about your daily life as you normally would and with the quality systems we offer and the expert installation done, nobody will know the hair isn’t all yours. You then come to us like you would for normal haircuts and we will service your system and keep you looking great.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them so please feel free to reach out. With a new look and greater confidence, you can really get out there and make all of your resolutions happen!”

Going back to hitting the gym, instead of just resolving to do that alone and signing up for the one that’s in a convenient location or has the best promotion, you’ll likely get better results if you are more thoughtful about your specific goals and honest about what you’ll need in place to support you in achieving them. By working with a personal trainer, nutritionist, medical professional, etc. who is invested in your results, you’ll reap the benefits of their knowledge, experience, techniques, and guidance on other lifestyle changes that are needed to get you where you want to be. With a program that’s designed specifically for your needs and goals, and someone to push you and hold you accountable every step of the way, chances are much better you’ll be amazed at your progress and still be working towards your resolution a few months down the road.

Dr. Steve Swanson
Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C.

Also, for those who will be working hard towards a fitness goal in 2018, have put any thought into how you will track your progress? Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. has just added an innovative system to its offerings that allows you to get the true picture of the key indicators that you are successfully transforming your body in the way you want. The Advanced Body Composition assessment will give you precise measurements of bone density, body fat and muscle mass, enabling you to track your body composition changes and the genuine effects of your training regimen. How cool is that?! The whole body scan takes minimal time and exposes you to an extremely low amount of radiation. It’s also helpful for those on weight management programs. To this end, Dr. Steve Swanson with Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. advises that “the results may help determine your risk of developing obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and osteoarthritis. Knowing where the fat is located may make a considerable difference in health outcomes. This tool is the only one of its kind that can measure visceral fat. Too much fat around abdominal organs such as the liver, for instance, can be much worse than excel fat just under the skin as it contributes more significantly to obesity-related diseases. It’s also used for monitoring certain diseases like Sarcopenia and Lipodystrophy and the effects of some medical therapies. In summary, it’s a quick and very affordable way to understand how your body composition is affecting your overall health and wellness as well as providing benchmarks as you work towards your goals.”

Whatever your health-related goal, whether it’s weight loss, eating clean, walking over 10,000 steps a day, building muscle, toning problem areas, athletic training, lowering your blood pressure, eliminating cigarettes or alcohol, reducing stress, becoming more proactive about your healthcare, etc., it will require effort and commitment. Sorry folks, there are no quick fixes or magic pills.

Nancy Hopkins
Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers

“For the majority of people, exercise alone isn’t enough to get them to where they want or need to be,” says Nancy Hopkins with Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers. “Regular activity is a good thing, of course, but it doesn’t make much of a difference if you have a poor diet or have developed bad eating habits. What you put into your body is the biggest determinant of your health, good or bad. Moreover, there’s this idea that if you’re overweight you just need to hop on the treadmill every day, or some other variation of that narrative. In truth, there are a wide variety of reasons a person could be overweight, some of which have very little to do with lack of exercise or that’s just one of the factors involved due to the root issue. As a medically-supervised weight loss facility, we help many people who have medical conditions that have led to weight gain. Our programs ensure they are able to lose weight and get healthy in a manner that’s safe for them to do so. Sometimes that involves working up to being able to exercise, but everyone starts somewhere. The important part is that you do commit to starting on the path to getting healthy, and not in a way that could do more harm than good. Aside from medical conditions, portion control, mood eating, water intake, and alcohol consumption are all at the top of the list of contributing factors to weight gain. Breaking these bad habits requires lifestyle changes and constant reinforcement.

We offer six different programs, each with a diet plan that has been designed to with the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Over 32 years of development have gone into perfecting these programs in order to maximize weight loss results through proper nutrition. There is complete shopping list of whole foods you buy at any grocery store, so you aren’t dependent on our meals and supplements, although many of our clients do enjoy them.

Our clients have varying needs and goals, from those who are working towards losing a significant amount of weight to those who want to shed a few pounds or sculpt their body to look better in their favorite outfit or to rock a two-piece on their upcoming vacation. No matter what yours are, we can help you reach them. Just remember, if you almost follow the diet you’ll almost lose the weight. We’re here to help you succeed and if you follow the program as directed, we guarantee that you will.”

Also related to self-improvement, many people resolve to enroll in college, further their education or obtain an advanced degree, complete a licensure or certification process, participate in training or learn a new skill to apply to their profession, pursue career advancement opportunities, or switch careers entirely to follow their true passions. Whatever the case may be, aspiring towards this type of goal now is something your future self will thank you for later on down the line.

Mary Niemiec
University of Nebraska Online

“Soon, more than 70 percent of all jobs in Nebraska will require education beyond high school so getting the education needed to move ahead would be an opportune resolution,” says Mary Niemiec with NU Online, University of Nebraska. “The University of Nebraska (NU) can be instrumental in helping students achieve this resolution. University of Nebraska faculty and staff are partners in helping all students either on campus or online reach their academic goals.

Collectively, more than 125 fully-online programs are offered from the University of Nebraska’s four campuses – University of Nebraska at Kearney, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska at Omaha. This depth of academic offerings provides students with choice and flexibility. Whether they are looking to complete a degree or earn a new one, students can select from numerous areas of study at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level. Programs are offered in the areas of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Information Systems, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Professions, Nursing, Public Administration, Public Health, and more.Through online learning, the University of Nebraska is able to provide access for students to take a path that fits their needs and lifestyle. A student may transfer credits earned through an associate’s degree to complete a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree or pursue a Ph.D. or professional degree. NU faculty who teach online are devoted to student engagement, academic achievement, and success. Teams of instructional designers and technicians work closely with faculty to maximize the use of technology in teaching and enhance the learning outcomes for our students.

I encourage those who are ready to start pursuing a resolution of advancing their education to visit the University of Nebraska Online’s website at Here you can view NU’s online offerings including program descriptions, admission requirements, course information, tuition and fee details, and connect with a program that will help you achieve your resolution.”

She adds, “There are several things students can do to help ensure they are successful in their resolutions. First, set a specific professional or personal goal that aligns with your resolution. Students can apply George Doran’s framework and make their goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). Then, consider how an academic program aligns with the goal. At the University of Nebraska, advisers are available to help students navigate and understand what program matches individual goals. Finally, as a student at the University of Nebraska, whether taking courses online or on campus, be sure to take advantage of the many student support services offered by NU campuses. Students have access to library resources, financial aid, career counseling, and tutoring. Utilizing these services is what helps students to be successful.”

Stu Osterthun

In agreement on the employment forecast as it relates to having a college degree, Stu Osterthun with Southeast Community College further advises, “If you’re thinking about going back to school or studying for a new career, now is the perfect time. That being said, the decision to go to college isn’t made overnight. It’s a lengthy process and many factors are involved. Current high school students often make decisions with their parents. Adult learners juggle work-life situations. Discover the right fit for you. Visit an SCC campus in Lincoln, Beatrice or Milford. Talk to instructors, staff and current students. Observe a laboratory. See what goes on. Make sure you’re comfortable before you enroll. And if you encounter a bump or two along the road through SCC, we’re here to help you succeed.

SCC offers a number of free services to help our students succeed, including advising, tutoring and graduate employment resources. SCC also connects students with employers and has excellent relationships with four-year colleges and universities for students who plan to transfer classes. It’s affordable ($67.50 per quarter hour tuition and fees), offers a number of programs and delivery methods, and has an outstanding reputation among employers. SCC has a 95-percent success rate, meaning 95 percent of 2016 graduates found work or continued their education. That’s value.

Southeast Community College changes lives. Make a resolution to improve your quality of life. An investment in an education at SCC is an investment in you. Resolutions are commitments, so make a commitment to improve your life and the lives of your family members.”

Mary McCombs

Another important life milestone is becoming a homeowner, and that might very well be your resolution for the coming year. If you’re already a homeowner, though, your resolution might involve a major investment, such as replacing equipment, updating and renovations, or new technology. Or, it might just be a project around the house you’ve been meaning to tackle. Regarding the latter, Mary McCombs with Essentials offers the following advice: “It’s that time of year again that many of us dread. Time to put down the turkey leg and cover the cranberries – your home needs you! As the New Year approaches and resolution time rolls around, something that many people tend to overlook is preventive maintenance of their homes. You might have promised to lose weight, quit smoking or travel to new places. But what about your home – the place where you spend most of your time? It’s Essential for your family’s needs that your home is always in tip-top shape. From its attics to its crawl spaces, your home is under constant attack from the stress of daily life. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in home repairs; what would seem like a minor problem can quickly grow into a time-consuming nightmare for a homeowner. Even having just one leaky faucet can be very costly over time.! As a homeowner, your greatest fear is that some unnoticed issue — a clogged gutter, a cracked foundation or a leaky roof — will snowball into a catastrophic failure that costs you thousands of dollars. Maintenance is the best way to avoid the most costly home repairs. A few hours of cleaning out the gutters could save you thousands in foundation repairs. A quick application of sealant on the driveway could buy a few more years before you have to repave the whole thing.

This year, make the decision to never worry about your home again! Let Essentials take care of your home so you can meet your other New Year’s resolutions of spending time with the family, reducing stress, and traveling to new places. By signing up for our services, you can stop deferring home maintenance and instead let your Essentials technician handle the work. Your technician will maintain your home on a quarterly basis and is armed with a complete checklist of items that need to be done every season. Check out our website and download a complete checklist at”

There are so many more resolutions that we haven’t covered, but the takeaway is that whatever you set out to do, be sure to see it through! You already know it’s worth it because it’s going to improve your life in some way, so in addition to putting in the effort in the coming weeks, set your sights further than that and formulate a plan for accountability purposes. After all, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Similarly, instead of going it alone and hoping for the best, team up with a professional to tap into their knowledge and experience, and who will guide you and be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Now make it happen in 2018 – let’s do this, everyone!