Resell Remodeling in Lincoln, NE – 2016


Resell Remodeling in Lincoln

Freedom is a big part of being a homeowner as you can transform your space, indoors and out, as you please. What’s more, there is inspiration to be found everywhere!

Projects around the house can be planned and executed for any number of reasons. With the real estate market still going strong, one of the prime goals for many homeowners is getting their house ready to list for sale.

While many remodeling efforts are done with a new look, better function and personal enjoyment in mind, resell remodeling is all about the things that need to be done to get your home sold. This of course varies for each home, but there are some good rules of thumb as far as projects that provide a better return on investment than others. When weighing out the pros and cons, your best bet is to get outside opinions directly from the professionals, and we’ve compiled some great advice to get you started in the right direction!

Roger Reynolds Woods Bros Realty - headshot

Roger Reynolds
Woods Bros Realty

With any remodeling project you do to your home, it’s beneficial to consider how it will impact the future sale of your home when the time comes. Roger Reynolds, a local agent with Woods Bros Realty, offers the following advice based on his experience with numerous local real estate transactions:

“When it comes to those considering a remodel, there are three different stages of homeownership that all have similar characteristics but yet a few different aspects to consider:

  1. You’ve just bought your house and there are things to be done! These may be priority items that need to be completed ASAP or just things that you want to get out of the way while you’re already in transition so that you have more time to enjoy your new house.
  2. You’re preparing for a major life event or the opportunity presents itself as a result of one. You might be hosting a big graduation or birthday party, backyard wedding, the kids are moving away and you’re repurposing the extra space, etc.
  3. The one we’re covering here, for resale, when you’re getting a home ready to put on the market.

First and foremost, keep the big picture in mind with any improvements you do to your home. While you may be living there for a number of years, it won’t be forever; eventually it will come time to sell. Personal tastes do vary a great deal, but it’s wise to express that in ways that can be adjusted to a more universally-pleasing look when the time comes.

Going crazy with color isn’t a good idea unless it’s paint, which can be easily changed. Accent walls are an ideal way to incorporate color that won’t generally detract potential buyers as it stands, or alternatively, won’t require much effort in the event it’s determined that you’d be better off going back to neutral. In most instances, a fresh coat of paint is one of the less expensive ways to freshen up the look of the home’s interior when you’re getting it ready to list and show, so it’s almost a part of the process anyhow. However, when it comes to finishes, these can be very expensive so it’s most beneficial to go with a shade in the neutral range that would appeal to most and then incorporate pops of color in other design features as desired. Backsplash tiling is another great example of a way to incorporate color that can be easily adjusted, of course not as much as paint, and also serves the purpose of transforming the look of a house.

Next, you’ll want to assess anything that appears dated. If there’s wallpaper, you’ll probably benefit from getting rid of it. Fixtures are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, such as lighting, outlets, handles and knobs, etc. For resell remodeling, it’s mainly about the little things you can do at a reasonable cost that will make the biggest impact.

Hardwood floors are very popular and sought after, but if you have them, you’ll want to make sure they are looking their best. Also, if you’re looking at replacing the carpet in an older home, you may find a hidden gem in the flooring underneath! Popcorn ceilings are a big turn-off for today’s home buyer, so keep that in mind too. Moving from inside to outside, this is how you make a good first impression on a potential buyer, so it’s very important too. You’ll want to clean out flower beds, trim the bushes and trees, fix any peeling paint or damaged fencing, keep your lawn cut and edged, get rid of any leaves or debris that have settled into areas of your property, and so on. Adding a pop of color with flowers or freshening up the plant beds with new mulch can really transform the look of a yard without making a major investment.

For staging purposes, cleanliness is key. You’ll want to attend to every little detail, from cleaning the windows and dusting the sills to cleaning around the floorboards and inside all of your cabinetry. Decluttering is also important, and along with creating an open and inviting space, you’ll also want to eliminate any personal touches—it’s imperative that the potential buyer seeing themselves living in the home.”

He continues, “There are plenty of ways to achieve a unique, signature look for your home with smart investments that will be appealing to buyers and will either yield a decent return on investment or at least not be detrimental to the sale.

When approaching any project, always ask a professional how it will affect resale a few years down the line. While it’s not exact science, a projection of what to expect can only be helpful moving forward.

As a Realtor, I also often see another issue—homeowners remodel without considering the value of the other homes in the neighborhood. Be very careful on overspending and then getting stuck with a home that’s not priced competitively as this can be a disadvantage when it comes time to sell.

There are very few instances where you’ll get back dollar for dollar what you put into a home, regardless of how amazing the finished product turns out. Therefore, all things considered, finding a balance of what’s on your wish list for your dream home and smart investments that will benefit you in a few ways, from enjoyment to function, visual appeal, attractive to buyers for ease of sale, and so on—this is the best way to go.

In fact, with my background owning and operating my remodeling business for 30 years prior to becoming a Realtor, I always find it to be a little sad that homeowners put a lot of time, money and effort into remodeling projects specifically to sell their home and then don’t get any enjoyment out of it themselves. So, I encourage anyone considering remodeling projects to do them sooner rather than later. A lot of the return on investment with respect to remodeling projects is the enjoyment you get out of them, and without that, it becomes less of an exciting, fulfilling labor of love and more of something unpleasant that you have to do to get your home sold.

With remodeling projects, it’s also important to be focused on how they will provide better function, improving your quality of day to day life. For example, in the master bathrooms of most newer homes, there’s a separate bathtub and shower. The bathtub is often the more fancy luxury item and is certainly enjoyed on occasion, but in most cases, the shower will be utilized on a daily basis and would benefit from being the nicer of the two. The trend of paying more attention to the shower has caught on in recent times, so there are a lot of very nice ones out there, but it’s a common remodeling project for many nonetheless because it gets a lot of use—it’s an investment that gives you a return on each use because of the added enjoyment it brings to your life.

Before you even get started with any sort of remodeling efforts with the goal of putting your home on the market in a short amount of time, you’ll want to consult with a Realtor to see what they advise as far as the must-do’s. Right now in Lincoln housing inventory is incredibly low, so if your house is in the sweet spot of $125-200K, you’re likely to get multiple offers quickly regardless of a few minor problem areas that need to be addressed. Alternatively, for the homes at higher price points, it’s generally not as quick of a sale because the choice to build and get everything exactly the way a person wants is an attractive option on the table too. Due to this factor, certain remodeling projects that are considerably more of an investment than simply painting the walls could be more beneficial here and are often worth considering, particularly if you’re having problems getting the home sold and feedback points directly to something you could do to remedy that.

While the little things do make a big difference as previously stated, always deal with the big issues first. If you are already aware of the outcome of an inspection, which will happen down the line, you may as well address the issue right away to avoid anything that would put the sale at risk. Also, address anything that would be a major turn-off. If there’s a permeating odor, you’ll probably be looking at replacing the carpet or you may even want to have your air ducts cleaned out. As you’re the one living in the home you may not be the best judge of these things, so get someone else’s opinion and take it to heart.”

Sandra Larsen BancWise Realty Headshot

Sandra Larsen
BancWise Realty

In agreement that seeking the advice of an experienced professional is atop the list in terms of items of importance for someone who is planning to remodel their home specifically to turn around and sell it, Sandra Larsen of BancWise Realty, another seasoned real estate professional in the Lincoln area, offers some words of advice as well.

“As experienced Realtor®, I am involved in buying and selling homes everyday while most folks will do it two or three times in a lifetime. Every endeavor has a standard process or professional protocol that takes place whether it’s planning a vacation, lighting a stage for a performance, catching a fish or painting a house. Experienced practitioners in any profession complete the needed tasks to get from Point A to Point B better than those who do not practice that profession daily.  Realtors® had hours and hours of training, practice and sheer repetition. Your Realtor® has toured hundreds and hundreds of homes in different price ranges and with different condition issues. We’ve processed many, many transactions. We’ve seen what happens when it’s not done right and what the sad consequences are as a result. Therefore, we can offer insight as to what will ultimately help you sell your home, and for the right price.

It’s a seller’s market for the most part in Lincoln these days, which will directly influence what you’ll need to put into your home in order to sell it. Please discuss your particular scenario with a caring and competent Realtor® who can guide your through the pros and cons of any remodeling projects. We are here to help you make smart, educated decisions; providing sound advice on any topic within the subject of real estate is our specialty!”

While some projects you can easily tack DIY (Do It Yourself) style, others are best left up to the professionals. Anything electrical is definitely one of those for anyone who isn’t experienced!

Eric Hoke - Eric’s Electric, Inc. - headshot

Eric Hoke
Eric’s Electric, Inc.

Eric Hoke, owner of Eric’s Electric, provides the following tips to apply when preparing a list of items to be completed in order to list your home.

“Before committing to any major projects, first take a look around the area you live. Sometimes people will choose to invest a lot of money into remodeling projects and additions to their homes, but later on will find out the hard way that the market for that neighborhood, area of town, or particular suburb may not support it. Thus, they won’t get as much money out of it as they thought they would when they put it in.

As previously mentioned, light fixtures are one of the items that are very popular to replace because there are good ones out there that are relatively inexpensive, they aren’t much of a hassle or time-intensive to install, and they really help to enhance the overall look of any room in the home. The same is true for outdoor lighting fixtures too as far as enhancing curb appeal to make a great first impression. If you’re looking into installing new overhead light fixtures, consider upgrading with a fan too because it’s an attractive feature that many people are looking for in a new home. It will also promote air circulation for a more comfortable environment and help to eliminate any stale air or odors, creating an inviting space that’s appealing to potential buyers.

Similarly, not having an exhaust fan in the bathrooms is a deal-breaker for a lot of people nowadays. Adding a system will definitely help to sell a house if it’s a feasible addition. While bathroom fans are present in most newer houses, you can take the ‘WOW’ factor up a level with the addition of a timer, which is a relatively newer option that’s really taken off in recent years. I doubt there’s anyone out there who hasn’t gone into a restroom to find that the fan was left on, so having it shut off automatically. Similar to the timed on-demand systems in commercial buildings that regulate the lighting and major systems such as heating and cooling, there are plenty of residential applications for energy efficiency with the use of timers and motion sensors. There are many good examples of the integration of technology throughout the home that provide many benefits, just one of which is energy efficiency. For homes that already have an exhaust system in place, it’s a quick and easy adjustment for your electrician to come out and add a timer. There are different models at different price points, from spin timers to digital displays, so you can choose what best fits into your budget.

Both presently and in the future, energy efficiency is the way to go. Buyers are specifically looking for energy-efficient features, so you’ll benefit from them while you live in the home as well as when it comes time to sell. Recessed can lighting, particularly LED fixtures, are by far the most popular in this area and makes a huge difference. On a smaller scale, simply changing out your bulbs is a good idea.

Anytime you’re installing new light fixtures, outlets, or anything that has an electrical component involved, it’s wise to have an electrician come out and do it for you. Always better safe than sorry! Likewise, if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, have a licensed electrician come out and do a thorough walk-through to make sure that all outlets meet code, there are no open splices anywhere in the house, etc. A home inspector will do this as well, but this way you’ll catch any issues well ahead of time so that you’ve dealt with them prior to the final inspection.”

Matt Collins Oak Electric, Inc. headshot

Matt Collins
Oak Electric, Inc.

“When you are remodeling your house with the intent to sell, there are two factors to consider: the things you see and the things you don’t see,” adds Matt Collins, owner of Oak Electric, Inc. “First, the things you can see; I cannot emphasize enough the importance of good lighting.  You can paint the walls all day long, but if you don’t have proper lighting, it will still look like a dark room.  If you have an accent wall or a mantle, some directional lights will draw attention to those areas.  If you have a new kitchen, consider under cabinet lights.  Don’t forget to make sure you have proper exterior lighting as well (walkways, patios, stairs, etc.).  Second, the things you do not see.  We highly encourage you to have a licensed electrician inspect your panel to ensure it is up to code.  Do you have any switches or outlets that are not working?  If so, get them fixed before you list.

Oak Electric, Inc. is a locally owned, full service electrical contractor that has experience with residential, commercial, and industrial projects. If you have any questions about a remodeling project you’re considering, we’d be more than happy to answer them – you can contact me directly at (402) 440-5969 or find out more about the company at”

Going back to property values, keeping in mind the average price tag of the homes in your neighborhood and staying reasonably within the norm when doing any type of improvements is highly recommended.

Nate Bahm-Nate's Custom Renovations-Headshot

Nate Bahm
Nate’s Custom Renovations

“Make sure not to go overboard with your selections,” emphasizes Nate Bahm, CGR, CAPS, owner of Nate’s Custom Renovations, Inc. “While one might assume that higher quality finishes and fixtures will make the home more desirable to buyers, the truth of the matter is that its value will largely be evaluated in comparison to the other homes in the neighborhood. Due to the location factor, staying in a reasonable, average price range for the neighborhood with respect to any remodeling projects is a safe bet to ensure you’ll get the right price for your home when it comes time to sell. There are many things that you won’t get the extra investment back that you’ve put in, so for any project, but especially ones done prior to putting a home on the market, it’s best to proceed with caution, thoroughly evaluate your options as well as the pros and cons of each, do your research, and ask plenty of questions before you commit.

That being said, there are numerous upgrades that will positively affect the resale value of your house. Investments where you have the propensity to recoup your expenses and even gain more back than what you originally put in do exist. Anything that would benefit from a ‘brand new’ appearance should be taken into consideration. When you’re in the process of deciding what to ultimately move forward with, it helps to understand that what buyers are looking for goes hand-in-hand with what is in the seller’s best interest. Buyers want to see modern homes, not ones that will need to be updated. Also, it’s difficult for potential buyers to see past the small things and they want a home to be move-in ready, especially since the home itself is a major investment. So if you’re living in your home for five more years or longer, try to do gradual updates during that time. Then, when it comes time to sell, you’ll have a far shorter list of the other small things that need to be taken care of and you can focus more on decluttering, cleaning, and staging.”

When it comes to staging a home, creating an open and inviting space so that a potential homebuyer can envision themselves living there is the task at hand. It has a lot to do with arrangement and design so that the best features of the home are accentuated and the problematic areas are corrected or at least diminished. For example, if the bedrooms are on the smaller side, you’ll want an arrangement of furniture and decor that makes the space appear larger or at least in a way that doesn’t attract attention to what might be perceived as a negative aspect. Or, if you’ve only used your basement for storage, you may benefit from staging that area as additional entertaining space once you’ve moved everything out. There’s many different ways you can use staging to your advantage—after all, presentation is crucial in any type of sale!

It always helps to see how things would look in person for any type of remodeling project, so visiting a local showroom such as Sutter Place Interiors will allow you to visualize the possibilities. At the same time, you’ll be able to capitalize on the opportunity to consult with an experienced designer and exchange ideas. The professionals at Sutter Place Interiors are able to help with anything related to the interior design of your home, including space planning, furniture layout and specification, custom furniture designs, lighting plan and fixture selection, accessory placement and selection, tabletop design, paint/palette selection, materials and fabric selection, millwork and custom cabinetry design, and more. Their services also include purchasing, order tracking and delivery coordination as well as site inspections, construction coordination and vendor management, effectively taking any hassle or worry out of the process for the homeowner who is already tied down with trying to sell and likely in the process of moving at the same time.

Again, working with a limited budget is likely as far as staging a home to sell, so you’ll want to be smart and resourceful in order to benefit the most from your efforts. Out of the Box has a 7,000 sq. ft. showroom full of thousands of reclaimed building products and architectural detail pieces that are primarily recycled from custom high-end homes that have been remodeled. Here you’ll find a unique inventory of high-end, high-quality items at very affordable prices, including recycled kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, designer faucets and accent hardware, historic and designer lighting, beautiful marble and granite countertops, windows and interior doors, wood crown and accent molding, flooring and tile, and even recycled ranges and stoves.

Moving from the interior of the home to the exterior, as previously mentioned, there are a lot of ways to ensure that your home has the curb appeal that will attract buyers and make a good first impression.

Aside from the normal property clean-up tasks, if the porch and steps, outdoor patio area, driveway, or walkways—any concrete surface really–are weathered, damaged, or simply unattractive for whatever reason, you’ll want to consider fixing those problems before attracting the attention of potential buyers.

Jonathan Zuniga Elite Concrete LLC - Headshot

Jonathan Zuniga
Elite Concrete LLC

“Our number one priority is to give your home the curb appeal you are looking for,” says Jonathan Zuniga, owner of Elite Concrete LLC. “Attending to the aspects of your property that passersby, anyone who views your listing, and those arriving to an open house and touring will notice first is what will set the stage and serve to enhance appearance of the main attraction, the home itself. There are plenty of different options with pavers that really transform the look of the entire property. Alternatively, freshly poured concrete might be all that’s needed to achieve the brand new, clean look that is preferred by potential homebuyers. There can be multiple ways to address a project of this nature for those who are getting ready to sell a home, so make sure to work with a company that will take the time to present a few different options so that you make the decision that’s right for your specific circumstances.”

Bill Budler Nebraska Outdoor Living Center headshot

Bill Budler
Nebraska Outdoor Living Center

“An outdoor living area that is inviting and comfortable is definitely a selling point, especially in today’s market,” adds Bill Budler, owner of Nebraska Outdoor Living Center. “Improvements that make the deck or patio usable, such as a retractable awning or solar screen to provide protection from the harsh sun, will make the property much more appealing to potential buyers. Also, because outdoor living areas have become so popular, be sure to stage your deck or patio. De-clutter the area and freshen up the stain on the deck if needed. New patio furniture (or at least cushions), a fire pit, and a clean grill will help prospects to see themselves enjoying outdoor living in their new home.”

For anything you need to tie everything together on your property, which might include decorative landscape rock, flagstones, borders, mulch, topsoil, or retaining wall materials, consider making the quick trip out to Outdoor Solutions for the best selection in the area. Or if you know exactly what you need and don’t have the time to stop out, delivery can be scheduled to bring the materials right to your doorstep!

Randy King King’s Home Inspections, LLC

Randy King
King’s Home Inspections, LLC

We’ve covered a lot of territory already, so to recap as well as touch on a few things that haven’t been discussed yet, Randy King of King’s Home Inspections, LLC offers key information pertaining to preparing a home for sale:

  • Get a storage unit and move out about half your furnishings. Less is more. Your rooms will look larger with less furniture.
  • Repaint to neutrals or modern colors. That hot pink color your daughter had to have in her bedroom when she was 13 may have been cute then; it isn’t now.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. If you are going to spend some remodeling money, that is the first place to do it. New faucets, new drawer hardware, new curtains, new light fixtures are among the inexpensive items that give a bright new look to old cabinets, countertops, etc.
  • Get your outside vegetation under control. Prune shrubs, mow and trim/edge lawns, seal cracks in driveways, replace broken sections of sidewalks, scrape and paint all exterior wood trim, and give your deck a fresh coat of stain. Ensure doors open and close correctly, garage door rollers are lubricated and openers operate correctly, drains clear well, gutters are clean and spikes aren’t loose, and the seals around sewer vent stacks are in good condition. Hiring a handyman to go over your house and fix all of the little things shows a potential buyer you have cared for the home. You only get one shot at a first impression.
  • Have a pre-listing home inspection done. This identifies issues you may not be aware of, and the inspector can recommend things to repair or upgrade prior to listing that house “For Sale”. Also, having a pre-listing inspection helps with the sale in that it removes fear. That is the number one obstacle in selling a house–fear that there will be things wrong with it. When you present a pre-listing inspection report, and can demonstrate that you have repaired some or all of the items found during the inspection, it removes fear from the buyer about the house.
  • Buy a home warranty for the house when you put it on the market. It will cost $400-$600 on average, but it protects you and the new owner when the dishwasher decides to leak three weeks after they have moved in, or the furnace fails, etc.
  • Have the shingles assessed for approximate service life left and decide accordingly. If your shingles have about five years life left and you are planning to sell in three years, it may be wise to consider replacing them. Old shingles are usually a major factor in marketing a house.
  • Enlist the services of a Realtor. Their marketing experience, knowledge of the valuations in the area, and their ability to take care of the mountains of paperwork, conduct open houses, advertise, and expose your home to potential buyers is well worth the commission that they charge.

For sellers, having a home inspection prior to when a buyer decides to move forward and initiates one can be very revealing as to what you’d want to address before you list, and also with identifying the hierarchy of what’s most important. Specifically regarding home inspections, King also offers the following advice:

  • Do your homework. Inspection companies are not all the same. Talk to them and ask them what they cover. Understand their fee structures, what they do and don’t test, extra charges you may incur, etc.
  • Are you talking to the actual person who will be doing the inspection or will it be another employee? Are they willing to meet with you in person at the conclusion of the inspection to discuss the findings and answer your questions? Is it a locally owned and operated company or a national franchise? If it’s the latter, do they have local references for you to contact?
  • Ask about credentialing and experience. Many inspectors are “credentialed” and have little experience in the field, while others with many years of experience don’t hold a lot of stock in “credentialing”. In visiting with a home inspector, get a feel for their skill and competency level.
  • Ask about any warranty that the home inspector offers covering their specific services. A home inspection is NOT a home warranty. Those are available for a homeowner to purchase, and are generally a good idea.
  • Understand that a home inspection is simply a visual review of the various systems in a house. It is not an in-depth, invasive analysis of the home. Your home inspector is a generalist, not a specialist. They are not an electrician, a structural engineer, a plumber, etc. Their role is to identify areas of concern and either recommend repairs or additional in-depth analysis of a particular area.
  • A home inspection will not uncover hidden defects. That’s why they call them “hidden”. Most Inspectors spend no more than 4 hours looking at a house; they will not find every single issue in that length of time. Remember, it is not an exhaustive analysis; it is a visual review, a snapshot in time.
  • An inspector cannot, with certainty, determine how old a water stain is, how old termite damage is, how long a pipe has been corroded, or predict the service life left in an appliance or shingle. They can give you estimates and averages, and that is what you should take them for. Estimates. Averages. Not guarantees.
  • Radon testing is becoming more common as there is a lot of radon in southeast Nebraska and it is proven to cause lung cancer. The only way to know if your house has it is to measure for it. You can have very low radon levels while the house next door can be off the charts. If your house is high, you should lower it to decrease your exposure risk.
  • If the house has been vacant a while, rubber seals in stools, dishwashers, and faucets may begin to drip or leak after being pressed back into service. A roof that appears fine may leak, and your inspector may not be able to detect that in dry weather. Again, your home inspector cannot look behind walls, inside of pipes or water heaters, scope sewer lines, etc. Those are specialized inspections that your home inspector may recommend if they suspect a problem, or you can also elect to have those done upon request.
Marcus Hellwege-Great Plains Epoxy-Headshot

Marcus Hellwege
Great Plains Epoxy

A common goal of most resell remodeling projects is to fix any existing issues that would impact the sale moving forward. When it comes to hidden issues that will eventually come to light, Marcus Hellwege with Great Plains Landscaping and Great Plains Epoxy further advises, “Water drainage issues from the past are a major red flag that no one wants to deal with, let alone right after purchasing a home.  Many times an effort has been made to try and hide these issues by installing new carpet, drywall, and painting over areas that might be rotted.  The first areas that I always check for drainage problems are:

  • How many times does the sump pump go off?
  • Are there any cracks in the foundation or basement floor?
  • Has water got in through windows, low areas or caused hydro pressure on the walls?
  • Is there a spring or high water table causing flooding?
  • Do the gutters have problems, from being full of junk to not having enough downspouts?
  • Does soil need to be added around the foundation to push away water that settles along the foundation?

Luckily, there are a number of ways to solve these types of issues, but some are more costly and take more time than others. This might include adding soil along the foundation or installing larger gutters, drainage tile, French drain, rain gardens, interior drain tile or adding sump pumps.  Directing the flow of water away from the house is key!”

As far as features of the home that he’s found to be more attractive to potential buyers, Hellwege adds, “While it’s a largely still a seller’s market, the trend with current home buyers is that they still want everything new or as close to that as possible.

Flooring is a very popular project to take on specifically to help sell a home. When it comes to choosing the flooring you’re going to have installed, there are many options that are worth exploring and ones you may not even be aware exist! Epoxy flooring for garages and lava flow or flake in basements, patios and concrete floor areas are the most popular as far as residential applications, and with good reason.  Epoxy can be less expensive than tile and sometimes even carpet.  It is also easy to clean, very durable, and requires low maintenance. We can give those tired floors a new look!

From a landscaping perspective, buyers want clean planting beds without a lot of clutter and a new palette to work with once they are the homeowners.  Easy maintenance is attractive too, particularly for those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, which is a significant percentage of the population these days.

No matter what type of remodeling project you’re considering, be careful in who you hire and get at least 3 bids.  Ask a lot of questions and do not go with the cheapest price; instead, opt for the best design and plan when hiring out work to help renovate or sell a house.

From landscaping and tree trimming to epoxy and correcting drainage issues—all of the little things matter.”

Indeed, when it comes to financing, while outlining a budget and staying within that set amount is important with any remodeling project, it’s definitely critical if the objective is to sell right away. Your budget is likely to be much smaller too, so it’s all about being smart about what you take on. Finding improvements that provide the most ‘bang for your buck’ will allow you to stretch what you can do with limited resources so that you as the seller will get something out of it without putting too much in.

One way to keep costs down if you’re planning on doing a project yourself is renting tools and equipment instead of buying them if you don’t have access to everything you’ll need. Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America and backed by a network of over 550 locations, so it’s a solid bet that they’ll have exactly what you’re seeking.

For major remodeling projects, Sunbelt Rentals also has a ToolFlex Equipment Rental Program. This offers customers the flexibility to rent and exchange qualifying contractor tools and equipment as often as needed and in the necessary quantities, all for a flat fee during a 28-day rental period. This includes an impressive selection of tools and equipment in the following categories: air compressors and air tools, ladders, compaction, lawn and garden, concrete and masonry, material handling, electrical and mechanical, pumps, facility maintenance, and generators.

The company also provides a “No Sweat” guarantee, which covers the following:

Satisfaction – Supplying the right equipment, on time, serviced and ready to do the job at hand or the rental that day is free.

On-Time Delivery – Delivery within 45 minutes of the quoted delivery time or the rental that day is free.

Service – Repair or replacement of down equipment within four hours of the call for service or the rental that day is free.

Availability – If you visit the Sunbelt Rentals Lincoln location to rent a guaranteed stocked item and it’s unavailable, free delivery from another location directly to your job site will be provided at no additional cost.

After-Hours Response – A local operational representative will respond to your after-hours call within one hour or a one day rental is free.

With this extensive a guarantee, you can be assured that you’ll have everything you need to complete your project on time and with the desired end result.

With so many different ways to improve your home in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers, it’s important to target your efforts towards what will provide the best return on investment. When all is said and done, the best feeling ever is seeing the SOLD sign in your yard as a direct result of your resell remodeling efforts!