Residential Remodel in Lincoln, NE – 2020


Residential Remodel

Turning Your House into Your Dream Home

Spending more time at home in recent months appears to have many homeowners dreaming of remodeling or upgrading. Whether you’re considering remodeling your entire house, adding another room onto it, putting up a garage or shop on your property, redecorating the interior or exterior of your home, or just remodeling your kitchen or a bathroom, Lincoln businesses are here for you. Right here in our big small town, you have access to premier remodeling services for every stage of every project you could imagine. Shoot, you’re probably a little antsy from being stuck at home so much in the wake of COVID-19, so what better time to spruce things up and transform your house into your dream home?

We picked the brains of representatives of nearly 20 reputable local businesses associated with residential remodeling—from the banks that provide loans for your projects, to roofers, furniture specialists, deck builders, technology trades, flooring, cabinet, and granite specialists, heating and plumbing gurus, and more—to get you the details you need to start working toward your dream home. Keep in mind that if you try to DIY a substantial remodel, you’re asking for trouble. Read on to find the professionals who will get your job done right!

Rounding Up the Funds

Unless you’ve been saving your money like a rock star, you’ll probably be looking to take out a loan to finish any substantial remodeling project, and there are a number of ways you can approach it. The choice you make will depend on a number of things, including the size and estimated cost of the entire project and the amount of equity you have in your house.

Dan Walker
Lincoln Federal Savings Bank

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer Dan Walker said they offer three primary lending tools for funding a residential remodeling project, including home equity lines of credit, home equity loans, and construction loans.

“If you’re looking to work on a long-term project and need flexibility to continue to draw money out as you go along, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) might be a good choice for you—especially for smaller projects, when you don’t know the full cost out of the gate,” Dan said. “We have equity lines of credit available with a five-year draw period, so you can draw on the credit line throughout that period until you get everything done. At the end of five years, the outstanding balance is amortized over 15 years.”

A second option is a home equity loan. While the line of credit basically works like a credit card, the home equity loan gets you the money upfront, but you have to start paying it back immediately.

“It’s for a specific project with a set cost,” Dan said. “For example, if you have $100,000 in equity and want new windows, you can get the amount you need to complete the project, so the home equity loan works well. It’s a separate loan from your mortgage, usually in a second-lien position, with a separate payment.”

The third option is for the biggest of remodeling projects—the demolition-to-reconstruction types of jobs that require a general contractor and can cost as much as several hundred thousand dollars. A construction loan requires significant monitoring and costs on the bank’s side and home equity lines of credit and loans typically involve more risk for the bank, so the interest rates on these lending tools generally are a bit higher than a traditional mortgage loan. For example, mortgage rates hit some of the lowest rates ever in June 2020, at about 2.5% and lower for 15-year terms and less than 3% for 30-year loans. That compares to interest rates in the 4.5% range for construction and equity loans and credit lines.

Dan’s biggest piece of advice is not to try to do residential remodels on your own: “Hire a pro,” he said. “Let a contractor come in and line up the subcontractors and get everything done to code. It’s going to be done quicker and better in nearly every case, and you’re just not going to save much, if any, money by trying to be your own general contractor.”

Enhancing Your Curb Appeal

Corey Lindeland
Morton Buildings

When you’re looking for professionals to help you with your remodel, be sure to consider Morton Buildings, because repairs and renovations are one of their specialties. Regional Service Manager Corey Lindeland said their service specialists boast extensive on-the-job experience and vast knowledge to ensure that their customers are satisfied when their work is complete.

Morton has found that making exterior upgrades has become increasingly trendy in the remodeling world, which bodes well for the company, as they offer steel-roof replacements, steel siding, and skylight installations. From a small garage to an elaborate workshop to a home upgrade, Morton buildings are one of a kind, customized, designed, and constructed to suit your specific needs and design preferences.

“Using the latest superior construction materials, Morton provides a wide variety of exterior service options that will provide the boost your home or building needs,” Corey said. “Whether you’re looking for new siding, wainscot, doors, or a roof that utilizes Morton’s time-tested Hi-Rib steel, we will deliver on the promise to make your home or building feel like new all over again. Morton will work its magic on all brands of buildings, too. Even if you didn’t build a Morton from the start, we’ll be happy to provide the repair or renovation you need!”

Corey offers a word of caution for anyone considering improving, redesigning, adding on or otherwise remodeling their home—especially first-timers: “Talk to a professional first to ensure you completely understand the services they will provide and what your responsibility will be.”

Know Your Purpose

Brian Nelson
Union Bank & Trust

The budgeting and planning processes go hand-in-hand, and when you’re planning a remodel, it’s crucial to build your plan and your budget around the true purpose of your project, according to Union Bank & Trust Loan Specialist Brian Nelson.

“Knowing and understanding your purpose for the remodel will help you know your budget and plan accordingly,” Brian said. “Are you remodeling to increase value or are you remodeling to increase appeal? Is your remodel to make your home what you want it to be or are you remodeling to make it easier to sell your home in the near future?”

Brian says if your goal is to add value to your home, smaller single-room remodeling projects won’t generally do the trick, unless you add, expand, or do a total remodel and upgrade to a bathroom or your kitchen. However, the best value boosters come in larger projects, such as adding another bedroom on to your home or changing your overall floor plan.

While Union Bank & Trust hasn’t really seen a significant increase in remodeling applications in recent months, Brian said the stars are aligned for good deals now.

“I would say yes, now is the right time to be remodeling, with materials under special pricing and specials on home-equity loans,” he said. “Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) are the best-suited product for home remodels. Union Bank offers a low introductory rate and is currently running our lowest two-year introductory rate (2.49% APR) in recent history. We also offer unsecured financing options if equity is an issue in your home value.”

Barnwood Beautiful

If you’re looking to remodel, the furnishings you choose are crucial to your project’s success. If you love the charm and comfort of timeless but unique, rustic design, Barnwood & Leather can make sure you achieve a look that suits your personality and home to a T. Barnwood & Leather’s pieces include custom-designed leather and fabric home furniture, a wide variety of wood dining, kitchen, bar, and occasional tables, and fabulous custom cabinetry.

Brenda Clark
Barnwood & Leather

“Our goal is to work with small business owners who manufacture American-made furniture products or who offer high-quality pieces from outside of the USA,” said Brenda Clark, who co-owns the business with her husband, Mike. “We are thrilled to exclusively offer unique, American-made barnwood furniture and custom-cabinet options that come from the north-central United States and are made by craftsmen who pride themselves on creating each piece. We also proudly offer a line of handcrafted dining furniture pieces made of American hardwoods as well as upholstered and fine leather living room furniture manufactured in the USA.”

Barnwood & Leather was born from the desire to find unique furniture that would fit just as comfortably in a home in the city as it would in a lake cabin. There’s no doubt they’ve achieved that with aplomb. Located near the corner of 14th Street and Yankee Hill Road, the company also offers customized cabinets for your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, family room, or whatever other space you want to have them. They blend beautifully with the company’s handcrafted furniture pieces to create that perfect, cozy, rustic charm.

Just don’t confuse rustic with old-fashioned.

“We give a second life to our country’s original barns by crafting high-quality beautiful cabinets,” Brenda said. “When remodeling a kitchen, for example, our skilled cabinetmakers combine aged timbers for a timeless look with modern kitchen hardware and functionality like soft-close doors. They combine all the latest in kitchen technologies with ancient reclaimed timbers to create a classic look that’s decidedly timeless. We strive not just for a look as timeless and unique as America’s barns but for a level of quality unmatched in the industry.”

Make Room for Relaxation

A great way to boost the value and curb appeal of your home in one fell swoop is to add a fantastic outdoor space from Decks Unlimited. There’s no limit to what this Lincoln business can accomplish for you—from a simple extension for sitting outside to a pergola-covered patio or a charming screen room for relaxing with a nice beverage, or even extravagant, multi-level deck systems with fire-pits, bars, and more to serve the biggest of family gatherings or wedding parties. Most important, they want to provide you a space you can use for years to come!

Dan Waters
Decks Unlimited

“We take great pride in the projects we build, and we want our customers to understand the kind of respect they will receive when contracting with us,” said Decks Unlimited Owner Dan Waters. “We will help you design the perfect outdoor space for your family and give you something to be proud of.”

Decks Unlimited uses only the highest-quality products available on the market. That includes TimberTech/Azek composite, Westbury Aluminum, and YellaWood No. 1, and they have a showroom at 3160 N 33rd St., where they showcase several options for materials. TimberTech has a new line out this year called Reserve and offers an array of amazing new colors and quality like no other.

“Everyone really loves the Westbury Aluminum railings, which are extremely lightweight and durable,” Dan said. “Their railings are third-party tested to meet the American Architectural Manufacturing Association’s certification, and they use an 11-step powder-coating process, which allows them to offer a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, and rusting. They have 10 different styles of railings available in 12 different colors, and we can even offer you an exclusive Westbury color that is not readily available in the Lincoln area.”

Inexpensive Money

Noelle Jacquot
First National Bank of Omaha

From a banking perspective, now is a good time to consider making some upgrades to your home, according to First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) Mortgage Sales Manager Noelle Jacquot, who works at the FNBO location on 6600 S 27th St. in Lincoln.

“Personally, I would say now is a good time for remodeling projects and improvements,” Noelle said. “With money being inexpensive to borrow, it will help with affordability. Most banks offer a variety of ways to finance improvements, with home-equity and home-improvement loans, in addition to the traditional long-term mortgage. Traditionally, those rates may start very low but are oftentimes variable, so be sure you understand your terms.”

Noelle says FNBO has definitely witnessed an increase in loan applications for remodeling projects since COVID quarantined people to home. She said that people also appear to be choosing to make improvements on their existing homes rather than looking to purchase a different home.

“With long-term mortgage rates being so low, we are seeing a large number of consumers refinancing their mortgage and pulling out equity to do improvements.”

FNBO also offers home-equity loans, which allow you to borrow money against a limit, as determined by the equity you’ve built in your home. They are considered best for large, single purchases of a specific amount and carry lower interest rates than personal loans or lines of credit. Their home equity lines of credit allow you to borrow money—again determined by the equity you’ve built—and you pay interest only on the amount you use. Lines of credit tend to be best for multiple purchases, or ongoing use throughout a remodeling project, for example, with uncertain costs.

Professional Exterior Services

A family-owned business with nearly 30 employees and in operation for nearly 40 years, Neemann & Sons is a professional team of exterior experts. They take pride in transforming the curb appeal of your home and offer fully tailored solutions so you can dream the perfect home while they provide the quality materials and talent to construct it.

Chris Neemann
Neemann & Sons

Co-owner Chris Neemann said their company provides everything from roofing to seamless gutters, gutter covers, replacement windows, insulations, siding, repairs, inspections, and more. Because every project is different, they provide a free quote to estimate the scope, materials, and expectations of your particular job.

“You can trust Neemann & Sons to care for your home the way we care for our own,” Chris said. “You’ll get professional design, installation, and repairs using only quality products that fit your budget, and our goal is to exceed your expectations every time.”

If you work with Neemann & Sons on an exterior remodel of your home, you’ll get their five-year workmanship warranty to fix any problems you might experience during that time.

“Whatever your home needs, we’ll provide fully comprehensive solutions to execute your exterior needs,” Chris said. “No job is too big or too small!”

The Art of Lighting

Jon Eicher
ABC Electric

Gone are the days when lighting your home was about replacing your lightbulbs now and again. It’s truly become an art, and one that employs ever-extending technologies. Jon Eicher, project manager for ABC Electric, says the LED lighting industry is continuously evolving and that company has been doing numerous residential lighting remodeling projects that employ Bluetooth technology, which is changing the residential remodeling landscape with app-based controls.

“We have done all manners of LED lighting and controls in kitchens and family spaces,” Jon said. “We are seeing Bluetooth technology being incorporated into not just control systems but LED lighting as well. LED lighting now has the capability of adjustable lumen outputs, or brightness, and color-changing capability integral to the fixture. This sector of the industry continues to evolve.”

Having been in the industry for nearly 90 years, ABC Electric has been part of that evolution firsthand and has acquired all of the specialized equipment, tooling, and experience to set them apart from the competition. In fact, there also are very few potential stumbling blocks that ABC’s management team and highly skilled technicians haven’t experienced—so you can be confident that they know how to address just about any potential issue that could arise during a remodel. With that in mind, Jon also recommends that people planning a remodeling project in their home always build a contingency fund into their project budget.

“Once you start to open up ceilings and tear out walls, there are usually some hidden surprises…and not the good kind,” he said. “We also suggest hiring professionals in their respective disciplines. It can be tempting to hire a handyman or a friend of a friend to potentially save you some money, but do yourself a favor and check references. Check references of licensed contractors, as well. The reputable ones have nothing to hide.”

Let Us Love Your Home!

Xcel Roofing has been providing exterior home upgrades to Midwest communities since 1990, and they do far more to boost your curb appeal than just putting a new roof on your home.

Frantz Antoine
Xcel Roofing

“When it comes to remodeling, our specialty is your exterior,” said Xcel Project Manager Frantz Antoine. “That includes roofing, gutters, siding, and windows, and we also paint and do decks. The before-and-after pictures you’ll get of the exterior of your home will be like buying a new outfit for your home!”

Your home likely will be your biggest investment in your life, so don’t take shortcuts when it comes to quality. Style is important, but be sure to look into the quality of the materials you are using on your beloved home.

“You want to use materials that will earn your money back on your investment,” he said. “For example, there are high-end shingles out there that not only look good but can save you 20% to 30% on your homeowners’ insurance. Likewise, there are siding and windows out there that can cut your utility bill down dramatically on an annual basis.”

The process for getting work done by Xcel is simple but meaningful. They will start by seeing if you have any storm damage to your home; if so, it can offset the cost and Xcel will work with your insurance company to see that you get what you’ve paid for. You’ll then get to see your home with all the new exterior before work even begins, thanks to their digital technology.

“You will be able to achieve exactly the look you’re hoping for,” Frantz said. “Let us love your home!”

Trusted Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Lindsey Reinke
John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is a trusted bath and kitchen remodeling company in Lincoln, which can also help you with all of your general plumbing needs. When it comes to a residential remodeling project, Co-owner Lindsey Reinke points up the importance of hiring a professional to do the job, if plumbing is involved.

“You might be opting for a DIY project,” she said. “This is OK if you’re not doing any plumbing work, but if part of your plan includes this, hiring a contractor is beneficial. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies are a dime a dozen and sometimes get a bad reputation for shoddy work or scam-like behavior. This is never the case with John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Our slogan is ‘our family serving yours’ for a reason.”

John Henry’s prides itself on being honest by using flat-rate pricing, which ensures that every technician is drug-screened and background-checked. It is a family-run business that recently retired Deb and John Henry (Jack) Zohner started in their home about 24 years ago. Their daughter Lindsey and her husband, Joe—who has been with John Henry’s for about 18 years—recently took over ownership when Deb and Jack “finished” retiring.

When you’re choosing a kitchen remodeler, there are a number of things that are crucial to consider, including making sure that the company takes the time to hear and understand what you want and how you want it done, then getting an estimate for all the work you need done and choosing something that works for your budget. Finally, choose someone with experience.

“When you’re investing in a remodel in your home, you want someone to get the job done right…the first time,” Lindsey said. “Be sure you choose a plumbing company that knows what they’re doing and stands behind their work. With John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, you get extensive experience and flat-rate pricing. This means you’re not going to be surprised by hidden costs or worried about the amount of time spent, because it will cost the same regardless.”

Bringing Your Visions to Life

While known for kitchen remodeling, Lincoln Cabinet can work with you to update any space in your home to give it a new look or better function. They take a step-by-step approach, first meeting in your home to see the space and take measurements, then creating design ideas for the space and finally putting together an estimate so you have an idea of the overall cost for the project.

Lori Wellman
Lincoln Cabinet

“By doing this, we find that every client gets the best outcome for the budget they are comfortable with, said Co-owner Lori Wellman, “and as home-remodeling trends go, bathrooms are definitely on-trend right now. “

Yes, 2020 is the year of the bathroom at Lincoln Cabinet! They have had many people calling in for bathroom remodels, and some with master-closet updates done at the same time. While a bathroom often is a smaller space than a kitchen, Lincoln Cabinet goes through all of the same steps to assist clients in making the decisions that are right for them.

Finding the right color and product combination is key in giving any room the look you want to achieve. Lincoln Cabinet’s showroom has samples of cabinetry, tile, countertops, and hardware on display, making them a one-stop shop for most of the decision-making process that helps you put together the look you want.

“Our goal is to assist you throughout your remodeling project,” Lori said. “We work with a quality team of licensed and insured professional subcontractors throughout the design process so we can help you achieve your vision for your space.”

If you have an area that needs a fresh look or does not function to fit your needs, let the design team at Lincoln Cabinet help you pull it all together!

Light Up Your Life!

If you’re investing in a remodel of your home—or even just a room in it—don’t forget to include lighting in your project plan. The choices are endless, and the effects can really be the cherry on top!

Matt Collins Oak Electric, Inc. headshot

Matt Collins
Oak Electric, Inc.

“Lighting is one of the best upgrades to consider with any home-remodel project,” said Matt Collins with Oak Electric, Inc. “For example, if you are investing thousands of dollars into updating your kitchen, why not invest a little more to install under-cabinet lights to showcase your new space? The same goes for bathrooms. You can install new lighting over the shower or bath area, and you might be surprised how much it showcases your investment.”

Matt says the most popular trend in home lighting today is to replace old overhead light fixtures with strategically placed can lights. Another stunner is to design directional lighting to enhance artwork or photography that you have hanging on your walls. Don’t forget your exterior lighting, either.

“Lighting is equally important on the exterior of your home as it is on the inside,” Matt said. “Outside lighting provides safety after dark. It provides functionality to use your patio and/or deck later into the evening and it also gives your home greater curb appeal.”

When you’re starting a remodeling project of just about any kind in your home, Matt warned us that it’s absolutely crucial to make sure you know exactly how it will affect your home’s overall electrical workings to ensure the safety of you and your family.

“Before you start any remodeling project—from getting new appliances to a hot tub to an addition on your home—please have a licensed electrician evaluate your home’s electrical panel to ensure that it can safely handle any and all upgrades.”

Creating an Exquisite Exterior

If you’re looking to create a unique home exterior or features—including decks, pergola, feature walls, trellises, gates, and more—knotwood cladding will meet your needs, and it will withstand the elements and stand the test of time. To see what kind of boost it can give to your curb appeal, check out the options at Knotwood Central. You can create an exterior to your home that will stop people in their tracks, as your home will stand out with architectural features that showcase your style and design.

Shane Ligon
Knotwood Central

“If you’re looking for a feature that sets your remodeling project apart from the rest and is safe and environmentally friendly, Knotwood cladding is the perfect choice,” said Shane Ligon, owner and operator of Knotwood Central.

Knotwood is a state-of-the-art product that genuinely looks like wood, but it’s actually aluminum. It’s difficult to tell the difference, but what you will notice right away is that it is truly stunning. It is the new look of modern architecture that really pops. It comes in more than 30 wood colors and more than 50 custom colors, and might be one of the most versatile materials you’ll ever find.

“A lot of people are surprised that it isn’t really wood because it has such a beautiful, natural look, and that’s just the beginning of what makes it a great product. It is also eco-friendly, non-porous, non-warping, scratch-, corrosion-, stain-, freeze-, and slip-resistant, lightweight, non-combustible, insect-proof, heat-dissipating, and covered by a 15-year warranty. What more could you want from a building material?”

Plumbing with Aplomb

Bob Nohavec Plumbing has been extremely busy with residential remodeling jobs of late and has found that many people are choosing to do major remodels all at once instead of working on one room at a time. The company has built a solid reputation in the Lincoln area for its reliable and high-quality service on projects varying from new-home construction to remodels, providing services involving everything from water heaters to water softeners, drain cabling, plumbing, faucet, and toilet repairs and replacements.

Donald “Chip” Martin
Bob Nohavec Plumbing

“We have been working hard to serve our customers’ needs through these crazy times,” said Donald “Chip” Martin, remodel plumber for Bob Nohavec Plumbing. “Our company is a full-service plumbing company that is well balanced with talented apprentices and experienced Journeyman and Master plumbers, and there’s not a lot we haven’t seen.”

When it comes to remodeling, Bob Nohavec Plumbing specializes in kitchen and bath remodels that upgrade bathtubs, showers, vanities, counter tops, and bathroom accessories and fixtures, including onyx. If your remodeling project requires that your plumbing be moved, they can take care of that, as well.

“In the remodel portion of our company, we are led by Lee Wassenberg, who I think truly may have seen it all,” Chip said. “I would say our specialty is completing projects, from small to large, with as little disruption to the homeowner as possible. I would say the largest trend in remodels right now would be walk-in showers. In the last few years, showers have really become a focal point, from tile to onyx, with multiple valves and spray heads. Recently, I have seen some of the most beautiful walk-in showers I have ever seen. We have been really proud to be part of the team making them.”

Revolutionary Rejuvenation

If your roof has seen better days, you might think that you have no choice but to replace it. That’s not necessarily the case, though, thanks to Roof Maxx, sold and applied in Lincoln under the name of Revolution Roof. Roof Maxx is a scientifically formulated and 100% safe, plant-based roof-rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by Battelle Labs, the world’s largest private research-and-development company.

Jeremy Schafer
Revolution Roof

“This award-winning technology allows millions of micro-beads of all-natural oil to penetrate your old brittle roof,” said Revolution Roof Owner Jeremy Schafer. “This process restores your roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection, thus preserving the life of your roof. Plus, every treatment comes with a five-year transferrable warranty, and repeating treatments every five years can extend your roof’s life by up to 15 years!”

Research by the Ohio State University found that Roof Maxx restored the flexibility of 17-year-old roof shingles, successfully passing the same materials testing required for new roof shingles. It further demonstrated that Roof Maxx significantly improved flexibility of shingles, significantly improved their adhesion to the roof; restored permeability values close to those of new shingles, improved resistance to hail impact, and did not increase the risk of flames spreading across the roof in the event of a fire.

Unfortunately, most shingles today are manufactured differently than they were a decade ago and are drying out and failing well before their expected lifespans. If you spot shingle aging signs, like black streaking and stains, loss of top coating, or shingle-seal tab failure, you can give Revolution Roof a call and they’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation inspection to help you avoid premature failure.

“Roof Maxx is unlike anything that has come before it,” Jeremy said. “If your roof is starting to wear and you worry it may not last through another heavy Nebraska storm but you don’t want to dish out the money for a full roof replacement, Roof Maxx offers an alternative at a fraction of the cost of getting a new roof!”

Taking Advantage of Equity

Nancy Johnson
West Gate Bank

If you own a home and you’re looking for a way to pay for that roof repair, or for upgrades you’ve been wanting to make—maybe putting in a pool—West Gate Bank Vice President and Consumer Loan Manager Nancy Johnson said a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) might be the right financial product for you to consider. With social-distancing recommendations keeping people at home more, she said lots of folks are making the time to check off some of those projects that they have been putting off but still want to complete, so home equity lines of credit have been quite popular of late.

“A Home Equity Line of Credit is a great product because it gives you the flexibility to access money when you need it,” Nancy said. “You might not know the exact cost of all of the upgrades you want to complete over the period of the credit line—five years, for example—so you can decide as you go what fits into your budget and your list of priorities.”

The amount you can access or draw upon from a HELOC will be based on the amount of equity you have in your home, among other considerations. When your upgrades are complete or your credit-line expires, West Gate will amortize the amount you spent for you to pay out over a number of years following.

“Current rates on home equity lines are a bit lower than other loans since they are a variable-rate product that fluctuates with the prime rate,” Nancy said, “so it’s a great time to get started on that to-do list you keep putting off. Of course, be certain that you get multiple estimates if you’re considering a remodel, and talk to your banker to identify the best financing route for your particular situation.”

From the Ground Up

Jacque Lee
EMO Flooring

You might be amazed how much upgrading your flooring can change the entire look and attitude of any room in your home. Jacque Lee with EMO Flooring said when you’re remodeling your floors, it’s important to select a type of material and style that fits your life. For simple and classic, hardwood is always a good choice, whereas tile and stone are considered pretty and practical. If you’re going for a classy and comfy option, area rugs can help get you there, and if you want to go bold and fashionable, you can’t beat the luxurious comfort of carpet.

“We always advise clients to take all factors into consideration, including the room’s use, its size, its aesthetics, style, furnishings, and such,” Jacque said. “Hard flooring is extremely popular and versatile these days, but many people like to keep carpet in their bedrooms for the comfort factor.”

In addition to offering a wide variety of carpet, hardwood, area rugs, tile and stone, laminate, and even vinyl flooring materials and installation, EMO Flooring also offers floor-refinishing services. They can sand and stain your wood floors to a different color or return them to their original splendor. Depending on the traffic and care your floor gets, wood floors may need to be refinished at about five years, though some may never need refinishing.

Tile is another trendy remodeling material for everything from floors to walls to backsplashes, and it’s not all pale beige or boring anymore.

“Today’s new colors are richer and somewhat deeper, and there are exciting looks in surface texture and edge treatments,” Jacque said. “Tile is appearing in larger sizes, too, so that it’s easier than ever to make a dramatic statement that you’ll love.”

Quality and Affordability

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll find more fabulous options at A1 Cabinet & Granite, LLC. From a wide variety of cabinetry to fit your individual needs to more than 60 colors of granite to choose from and both granite composite and stainless-steel sinks, you’ll find it all here—without breaking the bank.

Kim Choo
A1 Cabinet & Granite, LLC

“We focus on pricing and quality, which set us apart from other remodeling companies,” said Office Manager Kim Choo. “Having our own line allows us to promise good quality at reasonable prices. Come to our showroom to see the wide selections of colors and materials, and we’ll work with you to choose a design that suits your tastes and vision.”

A1 Cabinet & Granite has found white cabinetry and granite to be particularly trendy recently, and customers can customize the depth, with the height and width available in a number of measurement options. Base, wall, pantry, vanity, and other cabinet options include this semi-customization option, plus full-extension drawers, plywood boxes, maple doors, drawers and frames, dove-tail and soft-close drawers, six-way Euro hinges, and full overlay panels. The turnaround time for cabinet delivery is about one to two weeks. Counters and other surfaces come in a huge variety of granite and quartzite and quartz composite, with your choice from eight types of edges, including straight, double radius, waterfall, chiseled, ogee, half bullnose, bevel, and laminated.

“Our warehouse is onsite, so you can pick the exact slab of granite that you want for your dream kitchen, bathroom, or bar, and we have marble and quartz options, too,” Kim said. “We have one of the biggest selections in Lincoln and some of the best prices. Come by and see what we can do for you!”

Experience Matters!

When you want something done right, you hire a professional because you know experience matters. Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning knows that, too. Owned by brothers Doug, Dennis, and Don, Biggerstaff has been serving the Lincoln area for more than 60 years, and their success stems from the reputation they’ve built for reliability, professionalism, and for providing top-quality care in a timely manner. The company was founded by their parents and all three of the brothers started working in the family business since they were 18.

Jim Johnson
Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning

“We operate according to the same standards that the founders set for this family-owned business in 1957,” said Jim Johnson, a member of the management team at Biggerstaff. “We believe that you should receive the best care among knowledgeable professionals, and we believe that integrity is what makes a business successful.”

If you’re doing any significant remodeling in your home, it likely will affect your plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems, and Biggerstaff is equipped to handle all of your upgrades, changes, installations, and repairs. Services include new installation and remodeling of your plumbing system, including faucets and sinks, toilets, showers and tubs, disposals and drain lines, dishwashers and water lines, and water heaters and sump pumps.

When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, it’s important to ensure that any remodeling project you do pays heed to the limits of your current systems and that you include upgrades so that you are certain to get the most efficiency possible for heating and cooling your home. Biggerstaff is skilled at installing these systems, in addition to thermostats, indoor air-quality systems, geothermal systems, and anything associated with your sewer system.

“Biggerstaff isn’t just a name,” Jim said. “It’s a promise that you can count on us to do the best job possible, every time. If you’re looking at remodeling all or a portion of your home, we’re here to help!”

The possibilities for transforming a room in your home or overhauling your entire interior or exterior are endless, and you can achieve your dream home, even if you don’t know yet what that looks like. That’s because there are so many experts in Lincoln who can help.