As people grow older, where they live becomes a crucial decision that involves more than just finding a place to stay. Senior living isn’t just about housing; it’s about ensuring comfort, safety, social connections, access to healthcare and personal happiness. Whether its independent living or needing more assistance, like memory support or care, choosing the right option means understanding what each individual needs. It’s not just finding a home; it’s about creating a place that supports a fulfilling and healthy life for seniors while also offering their loved ones peace of mind and a sense of security.

Unlike many other aspects of life that might be avoidable or subject to change, aging is a universal journey that brings its own set of changes and challenges. However, it’s important to recognize that while aging itself is unavoidable, there are numerous ways to embrace it positively, adapt to its changes and lead a fulfilling and vibrant life regardless of age.

Senior living is something to plan for before it is needed. Consideration of health, lifestyle preferences, financial considerations and long-term care options earlier rather than later can help smooth the transition to a suitable senior living arrangement when the time comes.

Dan Klein Jr.
The Waterford

Dan Klein Jr., representing The Waterford Communities (, advises you to inquire about the top priorities of various senior living options you are considering. At The Waterford Communities, priorities encompass quality healthcare access, personalized care plans, engaging social and recreational activities and conversations about financial options and implications. Their commitment to prioritizing these elements aims to provide seniors and their families with peace of mind, going the extra mile to ensure these priorities translate into a reality for residents, enhancing their overall well-being and satisfaction within the community.

Additionally, the intentional decision to keep The Waterford Communities smaller in scale has proven instrumental in cultivating a unique and intimate environment for its residents. Unlike larger assisted-living homes, this deliberate choice allows for a more close-knit and communal atmosphere. In these smaller settings, residents have increased opportunities for meaningful social interactions, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

“Seniors often need more support than families and friends realize or can even offer. Unfortunately, there’s only so much one person can do before everyone’s quality of life begins to suffer severely. That’s where we step in and fill in the gaps to help everyone live the best life they can,” expressed Dan.

When facing the need for additional assistance in life, whether for yourself or a loved one, it’s crucial to carefully assess and consider all available options while keeping your priorities and goals in mind. Each situation is unique, and determining whether home care or a residential living facility is more suitable involves considering various factors.

While home care services like those provided by Visiting Angels ( encompass essential tasks such as personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders and assistance with daily living activities, their caregivers bring a significant added value: companionship. Visiting Angels’ goal is to set clients up for success and help them stay happy and safe wherever they call home.

Julie Day
Visiting Angels

“Even in cases where clients have a spouse or family member providing care, the presence of an additional individual for companionship offers unique benefits. It not only fosters an extra bond for the senior but also grants the primary caregiver moments to attend to other personal tasks or responsibilities. This arrangement allows seniors to anticipate interactions with their caregivers and provides a supportive environment that enhances their well-being while ensuring their loved ones have the flexibility to manage their own needs,” shared Julie Day, Client Care Coordinator.

Visiting Angels’ caregivers serve as a valuable support system for seniors when family members have time constraints due to full-time work, travel or other commitments. Understanding that many caregivers juggle multiple responsibilities, Visiting Angels ensures that seniors receive essential care and companionship even when family members can’t be physically present. This assistance allows seniors to feel prioritized and supported, emphasizing the importance of their social life alongside maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When searching for independent senior-living options with a focus on engagement, consider exploring the offerings of the Lincoln Housing Authority ( They take pride in offering more than just housing, particularly at Burke Plaza, Crossroads House and Mahoney Manor, where over 270 older adults have access to a diverse range of social and personal support services through the Resident Services and Congregate Housing Services programs.

The Resident Services Program, anchored by Resident Services Specialists at each building, is designed to provide general support to residents. These specialists organize a variety of activities and programs, ranging from pot-luck meals and garage sales to shopping trips and movie nights, aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. They also play a key role in planning and educating tenants on the buildings’ emergency and urgent-response systems.

Complementing this, the Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) brings the expertise of two full-time social workers who rotate between all buildings. These social workers offer additional supportive services such as case management, personal care, housekeeping assistance and transportation. Moreover, the CHSP provides hot meals six days a week in the dining rooms at Burke Plaza and Mahoney Manor.

This holistic and community-oriented approach ensures that older adults residing in these facilities have access to a wide array of services and activities that contribute to their well-being and quality of life.

Situated in the charming Near South neighborhood, Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation also prioritizes the social life of seniors. Standing out as a skilled nursing facility offering short-term rehabilitation, memory support and long-term care, Sumner Place has a unique culture and homely atmosphere. From allowing residents to sleep in until 10 o’clock in the morning to organizing social outings to the zoo, Sunken Gardens or bowling, Sumner Place prioritizes personalized care.

Megan Herter
Sumner Place

Megan Herter, the Admissions and Public Relations Coordinator, highlights the diverse services benefiting residents. “We offer many different services to benefit our residents including our restorative program, therapy programs, a dietician, spiritual services, rounds by our medical director and Dreamweavers partnership, just to name a few.”

Sumner Place considers a variety of factors that contribute to extended independent living such as increased socialization, healthcare availability, routine doctor visits, life enrichment programs and meaningful work or volunteering. However, when the need arises for a transition to a higher level of care, Sumner Place stands ready to welcome residents as part of their own family.

The facility’s welcoming ambiance has become a hallmark, with visitors and family members often expressing their admiration for its inviting atmosphere. People recognize the genuine difference in Sumner Place, trusting them to live up to their commitment and provide the care they promise.

Personalized care for seniors is extremely important, as it addresses their unique needs and enhances their overall well-being. Tailoring care to the individual requirements of seniors acknowledges their diverse health conditions, preferences and lifestyles. This approach ensures that each senior receives the specific support necessary for maintaining a high quality of life.

Recognizing that senior living communities aren’t one-size-fits-all, Legacy Retirement Communities ( offers four wonderful locations around Lincoln to prioritize the needs of each individual. Their priority of helping people find the right fit guides them in serving each person they meet with dignity, respect, compassion and integrity.

Legacy Retirement Communities prioritizes Resident engagement with dedicated teams that focus on well-being through innovative approaches. Enrichment staff actively fosters connections and enhance the overall experience of everyday activities in our communities, positively impacting Residents’ quality of life.

Legacy continues to invest in community updates that include well-maintained outdoor patio spaces and recreational areas with pool and shuffleboard tables, a movie theater, social pubs and cozy spaces like the library and puzzle rooms to play cards or catch up over a cup of coffee with friends.

Legacy Retirement Communities is dedicated to providing care with a person-centered approach. By recognizing and adjusting to the unique needs of individuals, they create a supportive and enriching environment where people can be themselves, feel comfortable and have their needs met.

To create the best environment for seniors to thrive, you have to create meaningful relationships. As such, Caring Friends In Home Care ( prioritizes building relationships. They prioritize acknowledging the challenges seniors face in retaining independence as a foundation for building these relationships. When addressing the unique challenges of each senior, caregivers and seniors work together, making decisions collectively and ensuring that the seniors have a say in their care. This teamwork helps seniors feel empowered, preserving their independence and dignity.

Virginia Cole
Caring Friends in Home Care

Caring Friends excels in creating personalized plans of care and services, recognizing the importance of addressing the specific requirements of each person. Underlining the significance of independence and highlighting its connection to control, self-reliance and freedom, Virginia Cole, COO of Caring Friends In Home Care, shared, “A decline of independence can impact various aspects of a senior’s life, affecting their emotional well-being with feelings of frustration, helplessness and sadness. To help keep the spirits of seniors up, Caring Friends strives to preserve and promote independence by balancing the needs of seniors with their capabilities.”

Emphasizing a person-centered approach, Caring Friends caregivers make a genuine effort to understand the distinct needs and preferences of each client to help them maintain as much independence as possible without sacrificing their quality of life. By having open communication with seniors and their loved ones, Caring Friends is able to create a compassionate and empowering environment where seniors receiving in-home care experience an improved quality of life, marked by a sense of dignity, autonomy and overall well-being.

In another effort to help seniors retain as much independence as possible, Alicia Chrastil makes it a priority to educate seniors, empowering them to make informed decisions and retain as much independence as possible. Through her role at Nebraska Realty ( and Nebraska Savvy Senior Empowerment Seminars, Alicia Chrastil dedicates her efforts to providing seniors with the knowledge necessary to navigate various aspects of their lives.

Alicia Chrastil
Nebraska Realty

“The question I keep asking myself is, ‘How can I serve seniors in our community better?’” shared Alicia. “By prioritizing their education on issues they are facing, I can truly make a difference.”

As a way of furthering her educational outreach, Alicia has expanded her educational services. The Downsizers Club is a new initiative by Nebraska Savvy Seniors Empowerment Seminars, offering valuable tips, encouragement, ideas and a structured plan for decluttering and downsizing. Whether individuals are preparing for a move or seeking to simplify their lives by addressing excess possessions, the club provides support on this journey.

As an extension of Nebraska Savvy Seniors Empowerment Seminars, the Downsizers Club aligns with the broader mission of empowering seniors to lead their lives with confidence and purpose. This initiative recognizes the importance of providing practical assistance and a supportive community for individuals navigating the downsizing process.

Furthermore, Alicia has prioritized the expansion of her expertise in real estate by establishing a Specialty group consisting of fellow Realtors to serve seniors in our community. This decision is geared towards providing outstanding services that cater to the unique needs and challenges of senior transitions within the Nebraska real estate market.

When it comes to selling a house, the future might feel a bit uncertain, and it’s completely normal to have some worries. To ease those worries, dig into the improvements various senior living facilities are making for residents to ensure you find the best fit.

Savannah Pines ( has spent over two decades defining luxury retirement living in the Lincoln area. Now, having recently gone through a full remodel, Savannah Pines is offering the same 24/7 service, all-inclusive amenities and worry-free lifestyle in updated, stylish surroundings. Picture coming home to a worry-free way of life. Imagine a luxurious, safe and comfortable community with a great location for fun local outings. This vision comes to life at Savannah Pines Retirement Community, an independent retirement community that is locally owned and operated.

Designed for comfort, their apartment homes come in a variety of floor plans. Each living space features window coverings, a climate-controlled thermostat and ample closet space. Apartment kitchens are also equipped with full-sized appliances. Besides that, residents are free to design their units around their unique tastes. Pets are also warmly welcome for no additional fee.

Residents of Savannah Pines enjoy all services, including maintenance, dining and housekeeping, for only one monthly cost. All meals are made fresh by the culinary team, and with all the chores done, residents have time for family, friends and the important things in life.

The best feature, however, isn’t the chef-prepared meals, robust social calendar or even the billiards room – it’s the live-in community manager team. The managers are your neighbors and live on-site to ensure residents are happily enjoying their best retirement life. With their 24/7 Emergency Alert System, there’s never a moment when residents are unable to reach somebody for help!

So, whether you’re looking for a community that prioritizes independence, convenience and security, or a place where you can enjoy the warmth of a close-knit neighborhood, Savannah Pines Retirement Community strives to make retirement living worry-free and enjoyable.

Also striving to take the worry out of senior living is Nebraska LTC Pharmacy ( Without proper management of medications and attentive patient care, seniors may inadvertently find themselves taking multiple drugs for a single condition or even medication intended for a health issue they don’t have. Nebraska LTC Pharmacy addresses this concern by offering unique free services aimed at reducing medication errors and enhancing communication among healthcare professionals. These services are designed to keep seniors healthy and out of the hospital.

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy’s pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring seniors only takes the medications essential for their well-being. They conduct comprehensive medication reviews that establish the relationships between the various medications prescribed to a senior.

Shannon Schultz
Nebraska LTC Pharmacy

“Our medication review is designed to ensure that the medications prescribed do not negatively interact with each other when taken as directed,” shared Owner Shannon Hammerschmidt. “If we identify any concerns, we proactively reach out to all the doctors involved in your care. It’s essential for everyone to be on the same page to maintain your health – and that’s our primary objective.”

As a locally owned company committed to delivering exceptional personal care, Nebraska LTC Pharmacy distinguishes itself from chain stores and pharmacies by prioritizing individualized patient care. Their focus goes beyond merely managing medications; they genuinely care about the well-being of each individual they serve.

Prioritizing communication in senior care helps caregivers, healthcare providers and family members work together to provide comprehensive support. Prioritizing communication ensures that seniors receive personalized care that addresses their individual needs, whether they are related to health, emotions or daily routines. This clear communication also enables caregivers to understand and respond effectively to the unique requirements of each senior, creating a supportive and tailored caregiving experience – which is especially important for seniors dealing with memory issues.

Racheal Odoy
Worry Free
Home Care

Worry Free Home Care ( understands the need for clear and open communication when providing specialized memory care services to best support cognitive function and emotional well-being. Founder Racheal Odoy highlighted their caregivers’ dedication to building relationships and fostering positive change, saying, “Our caregivers aren’t your typical professionals. They are dedicated individuals who strive to build relationships and creative positive change. We care about our seniors and provide exceptional home care services that show it.”

At Worry Free Home Care, the emphasis on communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, family and caregivers plays a crucial role in generating comprehensive solutions for the complex and multifaceted needs of seniors. This ensures that all parties involved are well-informed about the individual’s condition, progress and evolving requirements. Such an approach not only uplifts the overall quality of care for seniors dealing with memory-related conditions, but also provides valuable support and peace of mind to their families and caregivers. This commitment to communication creates a supportive environment that contributes to a more holistic and compassionate caregiving experience.

Also prioritizing patients in need of memory care is High Plains Alzheimer’s Special Care Center ( With a priority of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for individuals with memory loss, High Plains’ emphasis on community, belonging and purpose helps reduce feelings of isolation. Instead, they foster a sense of connection, contributing significantly to the emotional and mental health of residents.

Regular communication with families is also essential, providing updates on the progress and any changes in the condition of their loved ones. The family-driven approach, where families are empowered to make choices for their loved ones, reflects a commitment to personalized care. Managing challenging behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s requires a specialized approach, and High Plains employs specially trained staff and creates a secure environment to ensure residents’ safety.

Another facet of keeping seniors happy and healthy involves addressing the escalating demand for senior care services. This surge in demand, coupled with a scarcity of caregivers, significantly impacts the cost and availability of quality care options. Seniors and families are navigating complex decisions, considering factors like cost, care quality and the time they can spend together while seeking suitable care solutions.

To mitigate the strain in this sector, Hallmark Homecare (, a Referral Agency specializing in direct-hire placements of experienced caregivers, emphasizes its core value propositions. They focus on affordability, client-controlled care and fostering a larger pool of professional caregivers offering better pay and desirable work hours.

Shane Neuharth
Hallmark Homecare

Shane Neuharth highlights the Hallmark Model of Care, which includes, eliminating traditional senior care agency intermediaries, providing cost savings, greater client involvement in care decisions, enhanced caregiver continuity and increased qualified caregiver options. “The competitive advantage of the Hallmark Model of Care stems from cutting out the middleman, namely the traditional senior care agency. This results in our clients saving money and having a greater voice in decisions concerning their care while also experiencing greater continuity in caregiver relationships.”

Hallmark Homecare’s holistic approach aims to make senior care more accessible and personalized, benefiting both seniors and caregivers now and in the future, thereby contributing positively to the dynamic landscape of the senior care industry.

As your loved one reaches the point of needing senior living, it becomes essential to also consider funeral arrangements for the future. Discussing and planning funeral arrangements in advance is a crucial step. These conversations should take place while the person is still capable of participating and making decisions. Taking a proactive approach allows seniors to express their preferences for their funeral and burial, ensuring that their wishes are respected and easing the emotional burden on loved ones during a challenging period. Pre-planning provides peace of mind for both the individual and their family, offering a compassionate way to honor the person’s desires when the inevitable time arrives.

Wyuka Funeral Home & Cemetery ( recommends initiating this challenging conversation with an open-minded approach. It’s important to understand the sensitivity and perspective of your loved one, offering continuous support and reassurance. The ultimate goal is to reach a decision on a plan that doesn’t compromise the comfort of those involved in the process. Scheduling a conversation to avoid upsetting those involved is unnecessary; instead, it’s acceptable to be subtle and create an ongoing conversation on the topic of prearrangements.

Wyuka Funeral Home is thoughtfully designed with your family’s comfort as a top priority. The facility features a ground-level area and an inspirational chapel with comfortable seating. The use of soft tones and gracious furnishings throughout the building creates an atmosphere of calmness and security. Large visitation areas and private arrangement rooms are available to accommodate families during difficult times.

The exterior of Wyuka Funeral Home is equally inviting, with a lovely design that includes a patio area overlooking tranquil landscaping and soothing water views. The facility is fully handicap-accessible, ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Additionally, an ample and well-lighted parking area is provided to accommodate guests, making the overall experience as convenient and comforting as possible during moments of remembrance and reflection.

Each of these local businesses and experts strive to maintain health and ensure comfort as individuals age. From assisted living communities to home care services, their comprehensive offerings extend far beyond what can be captured on paper. For a deeper understanding of how they can assist you and your family, it’s highly recommended to reach out and explore the array of resources and support they provide.