Retirement is like a brand new chapter in life. Just as a book has different chapters, each representing a unique part of the story, retirement marks a turning point – a fresh beginning where seniors have the chance to take it easy after years of work. Taking the time to explore their passions, seniors can find an entirely new meaning to life.

Just like the transition from one chapter to another in a book, retirement can bring mixed emotions. On one hand, it may bring excitement and anticipation for the freedom and leisure that lie ahead. On the other hand, it can bring a sense of uncertainty or even a bit of apprehension about what lies beyond their familiar work routines. The unknown can be scary, whereas the known can be comfortable and appear safe.

However, as seniors turn the page to retirement, they often find themselves opening up to a world of possibilities that they never knew existed. The constraints of a regular work schedule disappear, and they gain the freedom to explore new interests, hobbies and activities that might have been put on hold during their busy working years. Whether it’s pursuing a long-lost passion, traveling to new destinations, spending more time with loved ones or simply taking time to relax and enjoy life, retirement offers a chance to live life on one’s own terms.

Though life at an older age is a jumble of emotions, the professionals in Lincoln are ready to help make life the best it can be by both prompting and answering all of the questions you may have or need to know the answer to. With them by your side, you don’t need to worry about what the future holds.

Dan Klein
The Waterford Communities

Resident Safety and Personalized Service

In a dynamic landscape of senior care, Waterford Communities Assisted Living and Memory Care ( remains steadfast in their vision, prompting customers to explore how they prioritize resident safety, individualized care and a sense of belonging. By addressing these questions, customers gain insights into how Waterford not only provides for residences, but also establishes genuine homes where seniors thrive.

“We want to set the bar high for senior living,” stated Owner Dan Klein Jr. “Every senior deserves personalized care that elevates their quality of life.”

Waterford Communities Assisted Living and Memory Care is reshaping senior living through innovation, prompting customers to ask: How does Waterford prioritize resident safety and ensure exceptional care? With a distinctive approach, they’re fostering a closely-knit community that places these concerns at the forefront.

What truly differentiates Waterford Communities is their commitment to maintaining appropriately safe and balanced staff-to-resident ratios. This practice reflects a deep-seated belief in resident well-being and security, answering the vital question of how individual needs are met. Families find solace in knowing that their loved ones benefit from continuous care and support, which raises another question: How does Waterford ensure that residents receive personalized assistance around the clock?

Though safety is a priority at Waterford, the essence of their approach goes far beyond safety to encompass a high quality of life. As customers explore senior living options, they should ask: How does Waterford nurture a sense of community and belonging within their smaller, intimate setting? This environment encourages stronger bonds between residents and staff. From tailored activities catering to individual preferences to personalized care plans, Waterford Communities goes the extra mile to address each resident’s unique requirements, a crucial consideration for anyone seeking exceptional senior care.

Alicia Chrastil Nebraska Realty

Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Finding the right place to live can be difficult for everyone, regardless of age, However, for senior citizens, the process of acquiring a new home and transitioning smoothly into it can prove even more intricate. Alicia Chrastil (, a REALTOR® affiliated with Nebraska Realty, possesses a wealth of expertise denoted by her CSHP, MSRP, SRES and GRI certifications, focuses her expertise on helping the 55+ community by connecting them to available resources so they don’t have to worry about finances, home repairs, downsizing, who will help them move and who will help them maintain their new house.

Alicia’s unique involvement with senior citizens purchasing and selling real estate stems from her love and appreciation of the 55+ community. She has always been drawn to the community, finding them to have so many stories to share. “I enjoy working with seniors and think they bring so much more to the table when it comes to daily interactions in real estate,” shared Alicia.

When interacting with new seniors, she engages with them like everyone else. Age doesn’t affect her approach. Alicia comes to them as a friend, addressing both their needs and concerns. Making herself available via call and text, Alicia also makes a point to stay engaged by reaching out to check in and see how things are going. Seniors choose to work with her because they trust her and know she will take care of them like family.

“Some of the people I’ve worked with feel like family. I take care of clients by taking them from being overwhelmed to being overjoyed.”

Family Serving Family

Caring for a senior citizen isn’t an easy task, though it isn’t something we should have to stress about either. It’s natural to want to care for someone you love and to not want to place their lives in the hands of a stranger – and you shouldn’t have to feel that way about senior living. At Sumner Place, ‘Family Serving Family’ is more than a motto, it’s a feeling that residents, families and care partners truly believe in and experience. After interacting with the staff at Sumner Place, it is clear they can be trusted to do what they say they will do.

At Sumner Place ( , they strive to provide personalized care to all of their residents. When working with new residents, they make a point to learn about their lives and adjust their care based on what is going to resonate best with them. To know how to best care for new residents, they ask new residents a slew of questions such as:

  • What is your preferred daily routine of waking/sleeping?
  • What are three most important things that you would like to see happen each day?
  • What are some of your personal interests?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • Are there any things that may cause stress to you?

They also ask questions regarding their bathing preferences, meal/snack preferences and get to know their occupation history, military background (if any) and so forth. Sumner Place goes the extra mile to cover all of their bases. They do things differently so that they feel like family.

Katie Horsley AmanaCare

Customized Care Plans

Seniors often ask home care agencies about services offered, caregiver qualifications, scheduling flexibility, expenses and the process for customizing care plans to meet their specific needs. Seniors also inquire about caregiver background checks, insurances accepted for payment of services and how the agency ensures compatibility between caregivers and clients. All of these questions are important, and all of the answers should be addressed whether a question is asked or not.

At AmanaCare (, they make a point to disclose every detail of their care plans before starting care. As an agency providing premiere care at home, they provide personal care including companionship, bathing assistance, dressing assistance, medication reminders, grooming, safety supervision, exercise, hobbies, crafts and games. They also provide homemaking activities such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, mail collection, trash removal and light pet assistance. They want you to be able to enjoy life and to focus on feeling as good as you can.

“We’ve found that the best care stems from compatibility between clients and caregivers. As such, AmanaCare staff assesses each client individually and reviews personal health goals. Throughout their care period, the client’s progress is tracked and they always have the option to notify AmanaCare immediately of any concerns,” shared Owner Kathi Horsley.

To ensure that clients receive the care AmanaCare promises, AmanaCare caregivers receive training in home safety and best practice interactions with clients before being assigned in the home. A supervisor interviews each new client to learn about specific cares that are needed and provides onsite orientation to the caregiver. Each new caregiver hired must pass a series of interview questions and background checks before employment is offered.

Jocelyn Fitzgerald
Legacy Retirement Communities

A Legacy of Providing Joy

Caring for seniors is one of the most rewarding things a person can do, but it can be hard to know if there are specific things you should be looking for or be more aware of. The benefit of senior living is knowing that all care needs will be addressed. At Legacy Retirement Communities (, they know the value of a senior living with intention and wellness, and go the extra mile to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

“I always think it is nice to hear a story to relate to, so here is a story about my friend Bob,” shared Retirement Living Advisor Jocelyn Fitzgerald. “When Bob moved in, he was worried about what it would be like to live here. He had always kept himself busy after retirement by tinkering in the garage, fixing different things or doing some woodworking. He was having a hard time managing things around the house more and more and knew he could not keep it the way he liked it. So, after doing much research and personal reflection, he decided to move to our community. Bob lived with us for seven years and after he had passed on, his son came to talk to me. He told me that we extended his dad’s life by seven years. I asked him why he felt that way, and he said, ‘He got involved in your fitness and wellness program about a week after he moved in and never missed a day. He had never worked out a day in his life before that. He made so many good friends and always had support around him when he needed it. He had access to healthy items to choose from for his meals. He discovered new things he loved to do, which took him by surprise. I want to thank you for what you did for my dad, and my family. Thank you all for taking such good care of my father.’ With a tear in my eye, I gave him the biggest hug and thanked him for sharing his dad with all of us here at Legacy Terrace. That right there is the magic.”

Julie Day
Visiting Angels

The Right Caregiver

When searching for a home care company, it is important to ask if the caregiver is employed by the company or if they send independent contractors. If the caregivers are independent contractors, the client assumes certain risks and liabilities. To avoid potentially disastrous situations, choosing caregivers who are carefully screened, insured and bonded, such as Visiting Angels (, is highly recommended.

Working to help clients feel better and live well while respecting their feelings and privacy, Visiting Angels is a trusted home care company. They strive to truly get to know and understand their clients, and to build a great relationship between the client and the caregiver.

“There are many things to consider when looking for care for your loved one. Visiting Angels has a long standing reputation that checks all of the boxes to provide excellent care. I’ve had countless families tell me how their Angel has exceeded their expectations to provide assistance and better quality of life for their family members,” stated Julie Day, Client Care Coordinator.

Offering training and 24/7 support to their caregivers, Visiting Angels ensures their caregivers are qualified and prepared for every situation. Additionally, the caregiver to client match is extremely important to them to ensure that the level of skills needed and the personality of the client and the caregiver are a great fit. Visiting Angels is proud of the many long-term relationships their clients have with their caregivers because of the thoughtful match they provide them from the beginning.

Housing that Feels Like Home

It is important for senior citizens living in a senior home to know the building’s emergency and urgent-response systems. Though there should always be staff available to help and answer questions, tenants being educated and knowing emergency assistance plans can help ensure that each resident remains safe while they enjoy quality living. Independence doesn’t have to come at the cost of safety, nor should it.

At Lincoln Housing Authority (, they pride themselves on providing “more than housing” as they offer seniors a safe life that doesn’t hinder their access to activities and programs. At Burke Plaza, Crossroads House and Mahoney Manor, more than 270 older adults reside and have access to a wide variety of social and personal support services through the Resident Services and Congregate Housing Services programs.

Relying on exceptional resident services specialists, Lincoln Housing Authority’s programs provide residents a range of activities and programs to enhance the overall quality of life at each building. Pot-luck meals and hot meals six days a week are just a few of the things that help the quality of life remain high. Through the services of two full-time social workers, whose jobs are to provide general support to residents, Lincoln Housing Authority ensures less independent residents receive case management, personal care, house-keeping assistance and transportation. Safety is their top priority.

Tough End of Life Conversations

It can be challenging to watch someone you love move on. At the time of passing, and leading up to it, it is important to recall memories of your loved one, whether in the form of stories, pictures or sentimental items. At Wyuka Funeral Home & Cemetery (, they know that death and loss leaves a grief and heartache no thing can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal. Sharing with others and embracing the memories of your loved one tends to help most people cope and channel their grief towards healing.

Most people go to cemeteries to visit loved ones which helps them keep their precious memories alive. So, location becomes an important factor. At Wyuka Funeral Home & Cemetery, they provide a beautiful and peaceful setting for families to visit their loved ones who have been laid to rest. Wyuka provides many options for ground burial or mausoleum entombment, giving you and your families a chance to create a permanent and perpetual memorialization.

Discussing after-life plans is one of the most selfless things we can do for our families. It can take away financial worry and burden from our loved one’s shoulders, giving them the opportunity to focus on their loss and coming to terms with their grief. Yes, conversations about death can be uncomfortable and upsetting for many, but it’s a part of life. There’s no need to ‘schedule’ a conversation. It’s okay to be subtle and create an ongoing conversation on the topic of prearrangements. It’s important to have empathy. As you navigate the conversation, try to understand their sensitivity and perspective, frequently providing support and reassurance. So why not sit down, talk and provide peace of mind for yourself and loved ones.

Virginia Cole
Caring Friends in Home Care

Meeting the Needs of Loved Ones

When approaching your loved one about the idea of home care, you should do everything you can to establish what your loved one needs by talking to them, friends and family. What one person knows another might not, so it’s important to take several perspectives into consideration. Selecting an agency for home care services must be an informed, collaborative decision.

Caring Friends In Home Care ( you to think about in-home care before your loved one needs it. The more talking and listening you can do before home care is needed, the more open your loved one will be when the time comes. Helping them feel confident that their ideas and needs are driving the decisions will assist in them feeling comfortable when it is time for services.

“Caring Friends is always focused on care that reflects compassion and knowledge of the person’s specific needs and desires. Caring Friends can assist in designing individualized plans of care and services that meet the individual’s needs,” shared Virginia Cole, COO. “We have community organizations that we can partner with to ensure a continuum of care if the needs of your loved one go beyond our scope. If the individual or their family makes the decision that it is time to relocate to a different setting for care, Caring Friends will follow the individual in their new setting to assist in making the transition more comfortable.”

Striving to meet all of your needs, Caring Friends In Home Care is committed to going above and beyond to provide exceptional, trusted care at home. They are more than happy to answer questions pertaining to care and will have a slew of questions prepared to ensure that your loved one’s care is directed by their own individualized choices.

Bruce Jones
Emerald Lancaster

Helping the Family Understand

One of the first challenges senior living facilities face is relaying the difference between Medicaid and Medicare. It is important for the family and friends of loved ones to be aware of how a long-term care plan will be affected by insurance. Because they need to know which insurance will cover certain expenses as well as know how to pay for care, Emerald Lancaster ( makes it a point to discuss the financial aspect of care early on.

Second, Emerald Lancaseter is quick to discuss their staff to resident ratio, the services they offer and their visiting hours to give friends and family peace of mind. To ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, Emerald Lancaster asks friends and family members about their loved one’s hobbies, interests and life. This helps narrow down the activities that your loved one will likely want to participate in, and allows the staff to create a more personal connection with your loved one.

“Asking all these questions helps us encourage all of our seniors to be young at heart and participate in as much as they can. Growing old is mandatory, but feeling old is optional,” stated Bruce Jones.

When your loved one moves into Emerald Lancaster, the nursing staff takes extra time showing them around the facility and their room, ensuring they know how everything works.They also discuss meals and the menus available, as well as explain that snacks are available in between meals if desired.

Emerald Lancaster doesn’t shy away from questions, knowing that their service will get better with each one they ask and answer.

Shannon Schultz
Nebraska LTC Pharmacy

Medication Coordination

Prolonging seniors’ ability to remain healthy and in their own homes directly correlates to comprehensive medication management. Without proper medication management and patient care, seniors might not know they are taking several drugs to treat a single condition or that they are taking medication that treats something they don’t have. To reduce medication errors and increase communication among healthcare professionals, Nebraska LTC Pharmacy ( offers unique free services that help keep seniors healthy, home and out of the hospital.

Answering all medication questions and ensuring seniors only take what they need to be healthy, Nebraska LTC Pharmacy’s pharmacists conduct medication reviews that establish the relationships between the medications a senior is prescribed.

“Our medication review ensures that medications do not interact poorly with each other when taken as directed,” shared Owner Shannon Hammerschmidt. “If we have concerns, we contact all of the doctors involved with your care. Everyone has to be on the same page for you to remain healthy – and that is our main goal.”

As a locally-owned company dedicated to providing great personal care, Nebraska LTC Pharmacy strives to provide individualized patient care that sets them apart from chain stores and pharmacies. They don’t just care about your medication, they care about you.

Racheal Odoy
Worry Free
Home Care

Live at Home Worry Free

With advancements in telemedicine, improved mobility aids, wearable devices for health monitoring and digital health platforms, seniors can now maintain their health, manage chronic conditions and age in a place with greater independence and quality of life: at home.

Since seniors can receive personalized technological care at home, they should also take advantage of home care services such as those provided by Worry Free Home Care ( With caregivers trained to assist with activities of daily living, medication management and mobility support among other services, Worry Free Home Care ensures that seniors live at home without worrying themselves or those around them. You’ll never have to question their safety.

“Our caregivers aren’t your typical professionals. They are dedicated individuals who strive to build relationships and creative positive change. We care about our seniors and provide exceptional home care services that show it,” said Founder Racheal Odoy.

Worry Free Home Care understands the importance of communication and collaboration with healthcare providers, family members and other caregivers involved. There should never be a question left unanswered. To ensure all aspects of your loved one’s health is addressed, Worry Free Home Care asks questions frequently, answering just as many in return. They work closely with clients and their families, providing ongoing communication to keep everyone informed and involved in the care process. If you have a question, they have an answer.

Resort Style Living

Retirement should be a period of relaxation. After having worked your entire life, you’ve earned a luxurious, safe and comfortable community to live in. At Savannah Pines Retirement Resort (, they strive to ensure that their friendly community helps you enjoy the important things in life such as spending time with friends and family.

Savannah Pines has spent over two decades defining luxury retirement living in the Lincoln area and continue to strive for excellence. Now, with a full community remodel, Savannah Pines will offer the same 24/7 service, all-inclusive amenities and worry-free lifestyle in beautifully updated surroundings.

Savannah Pines’ all-inclusive, 55-plus, independent senior living community is home to those who wish to live life in luxury. Resort-style living at Savannah Pines means working hard to make the daily living experience for their residents similar to that of a resort. They provide the accommodations, great food and fun to make every day feel like a vacation – and at an incredible rate.

Besides the resort-style services and amenities, the best feature of Savannah Pines is the live-in community manager team, who live on-site to help take care of everything, 24/7.

Savannah Pines Retirement Community is full of amenities, allowing residents to delight in the conveniences without the hassle of upkeep. All utilities and the following are included for one monthly price with no buy-in fee or long-term lease: live-in managers, signature freedom dining program, weekly housekeeping, 24/7 concierge and valet parking, scheduled transportation, robust social calendar, 24/7 emergency alert system, 150-seat theater and Many More!

At Savannah Pines Retirement Community, the expert staff, regular monthly activities and resort-style services help facilitate a retirement well lived.

Though retirement doesn’t automatically mean you will need senior living, being in good health doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of what senior living has to offer. Many members of the community recommend senior living before it’s necessary because it offers countless opportunities to live life to the fullest. We encourage you to take advantage of everything that is available to you!

From assisted living communities to home care to health and wellness, senior living can help you unwind, explore new interests and cherish special moments with family and friends without having to worry about what will happen in the future. The professionals of Lincoln are here to help you break away from the hustle and bustle of work life to enjoy the freedom and joy of retirement.