Staying Current with Technology in Lincoln, NE – 2019

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Staying Current with Technology

Putting off technology updates like purchasing new computers and virus software can cost you big time in the long run, as can being out of the loop on the latest technology advancements in your field. In our research on this topic, we found key information and resources to help educate our readers on the importance of staying current with technology trends.

Educate Yourself on Emerging Technology Trends

There are a surprising number of ways a layperson can stay informed on emerging technology trends, including reading the latest technology research reports, watching online tutorials, and subscribing to get alerts when new tech hits the market—but if you’re just looking to gain a better grasp on technology in general to apply to a field that isn’t inherently tech-related, one of the best ways is to take a class or even pursue a new degree. It doesn’t have to be a tech-related degree! You’ll find yourself among peers and teachers who can help bridge the gap in your tech knowledge.

With the availability of online education through programs such as those offered by the University of Nebraska, you can expand your expertise in your field without missing a beat. The University of Nebraska is committed to equipping Nebraskans with high-demand skills and offering accessibility to high-quality online programs that will enhance their careers and advance the state’s future in this modern, fast-paced, and tech-heavy world. Classes are specifically designed to accommodate people who already have an established career and are not able to put it on hold for more schooling.

Online options fit the lifestyles of many adult students who may be juggling multiple demands, including work, family, and other commitments. Business Administration, BA; Cybersecurity, BMS; and MBA are just a few of the 150+ online and blended degrees, certificates, and endorsement programs, from bachelor’s to doctoral, across 16 fields of study offered by the four campuses of the university. They truly have something for everyone, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve stepped foot in a classroom. You can easily take steps today toward a greater understanding of new technology in your field.

Create an IT Strategy

Tyler Pearson
ALLO Communications

With the rate of change in the technology world today, being aware that you need to keep up isn’t enough. You need a strategy. One of the first steps many businesses take to form an IT strategy is to protect their data with some form of backup, such as cloud-based (IaaS) or software (SaaS) storage services, though the variety of options available can lead some to wonder what the best options for their situation really are. We talked to ALLO Communications’ Director of Product Development Tyler Pearson about the importance of protecting data and developing an IT strategy.

“The IT paradigm has shifted dramatically in the last few years with cloud-based SaaS and IaaS,” Tyler said. “The financial and productivity efficiencies gained by utilizing the many services like those that AWS and Microsoft Azure provide are truly invaluable for some businesses. The key to forming an IT strategy that maximizes ROI depends on a comprehensive evaluation of IT strengths, IT weaknesses, and resources.”

Tyler understands that, ultimately, needs vary from business to business. By connecting with professionals like Tyler and the rest of the team at ALLO, you can get the help you need to assess what the best investments for productivity and efficiency in your business will be.

“Although SaaS and IaaS can almost always provide software and infrastructure solutions for a business at substantial savings versus traditional in-house IT infrastructure costs, there will always be a threshold of knowledge and resources required to maintain a business’s IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s in the cloud or not,” Tyler said. “There is a perception among small business especially that SaaS and IaaS are only for larger businesses. In reality, small businesses can realize relatively substantial IT costs savings by using services provided by AWS and Azure. SaaS/IaaS also provides small business access to IT services that previously would have been cost prohibitive, like data backup/recovery. By leveraging the low-cost data storage products through AWS or Azure, every business can maintain a data backup/recovery infrastructure via the cloud and without needing to maintain their own hardware/software or paying for an expensive third party provider.

Above all, Tyler encourages business owners to remember that technology is not something to fear, but rather something to leverage to your advantage. “As a business owner or business leader, having a technology mindset is paramount to competing and succeeding,” he said.

Establish an Online Presence

Renee Sobotka
True North Technologies

Renee Sobotka with True North Technologies also believes in the power of having a technology mindset.

“Businesses need to stay on top of technology trends to stay relevant. Potential and current customers are looking to you as an industry expert, and they want to know you really are the best at what you do,” she said. “New technology brings many opportunities and potential advantages to businesses through the online sphere, including marketing and customer retention. Everyone should establish an online presence.”

Renee understands how to help businesses navigate the process of establishing an online presence. She loves offering services to make this experience easier.

“At True North Technologies, we can help establish your brand online through innovative digital marketing techniques,” Renee explained. “The ultimate goal is to develop a relationship with your customers so that they return to your business instead of working with a competitor. The first rule of any business is to retain customers and build a loyal relationship with them so they don’t take their business somewhere else. Through our app and website design services, True North Technologies loves to connect businesses with their customers online and help them establish good relationships.”

“Implementing the latest technology to improve the customer experience will keep your customers returning,” Renee added. “We can help your business succeed by improving customer experience because we know what customers want. Keep it simple! Nobody wants a 10-step checkout process. Whether through completing an online purchase or navigating your website, a customer’s interactions with your business should be quick and painless. You can show customers that they matter by continuously improving their overall experience.”

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In a recent Microsoft survey, 90% of participants said that dealing with a company with outdated technology would raise a red flag and likely cause them to take their business elsewhere. Keeping up with technology allows businesses to stay ahead of competition and secure customer confidence.

Marcus Malcom
Wireless World

“I believe the most important reason to keep up with changes in technology is because your competition could be ahead of you in their customer interactions,” Marcus Malcom with Wireless World said. “Whether it’s taking a payment at a guest’s house out in the field, being able to get signatures, pulling up building plans, etc., we are in a world of instant action, and staying current with trends in technology gives you an edge.”

Wireless World, a Verizon authorized retailer, is all about helping customers get that edge, in and out of the business sphere. Marcus told us about some of the exciting new products they have that make this possible.

“We all want to have the latest and greatest in life, and new technologies can open doors to a whole new world,” he said. “Verizon is currently developing 5G technology, and we’re seeing 20 times the speed of 4G. Just think how quickly you can download a video, song, movie—in the blink of an eye! We also have products to help keep you safe on your phones, tablets, and computers so you don’t get hacked. Verizon even has products that can stop those fun scam calls we all receive. And our new Protection plan, Verizon Protect, gives you the ability to have a secure VPN network when you are on a Wi-Fi network that maybe isn’t protected properly.”

Plus, with Verizon’s Business Unlimited plan, you can grow with your business and work where you work, all on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Though technology in our world is always changing, there is no need to fear! Advancements in technology provide endless opportunities for businesses to grow and improve. Connect with local tech experts today to create a plan for moving forward and optimizing your systems and services. The future awaits!


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