If there is one constant in life, it is change. New changes arise as people move through each unique stage of life. The best way to anticipate change is to plan ahead. This seems to go without saying, and yet, many seniors are caught off guard when facing unexpected changes that come up later in life.

Seniors and their families may suddenly find themselves facing new shifts in housing, health and more with no plan in place. Local businesses throughout Lincoln are here to help ease their fears and worries surrounding these unplanned life changes, so that seniors and their loved ones never feel alone on their journey.  

A Trusted Team

Big changes are so much easier to manage when you have trusted people on your side. Legacy Retirement Communities (legacyretirement.com) is proud to stand beside clients and their families to help them navigate unplanned changes.

Larry Gadeken
Legacy Retirement Communities

“At the heart of our approach is building a genuine and trusting relationship with both our clients and their families. Anxiety and sometimes fear accompany these unplanned life changes, so it is important that we establish trust first,” said Larry Gadeken, Executive Director at The Legacy.

Legacy’s goal is to understand their clients’ unique needs and concerns, offering guidance and support that is tailored to their individual circumstances. Legacy prioritizes providing options that genuinely serves clients’ best interests, even if it means directing them elsewhere.

Legacy’s process begins by delving into their clients’ goals and desires, followed by gathering pertinent information to help guide them toward their best possible outcome.

“We help families and clients navigate the complexities that accompany unexpected life changes, considering all relevant factors that may impact their future.”

Every family and situation are unique. Gathering and sharing information helps build a customized roadmap for success. Ultimately, Legacy’s goal is to foster unity among family members and clients, empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence.

In essence, Legacy Retirement Communities views life changes as part of an ongoing journey and their goal is to help clients navigate them with unwavering support and guidance.

Make Your Next Move Smooth

Unplanned life changes can stir up a host of challenges. Still, change is not always negative. Even unplanned change can present new possibilities. No one understands this better than Nebraska Realty (nebraskarealty.com).

Alicia Chrastil
Nebraska Realty

“As Lincoln’s Senior Housing Specialist, I view unplanned life changes not as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth and adaptation,” said Alicia Chrastil with Nebraska Realty. “ My mission is to guide clients and their families through these transitions with empathy, expertise, and a personalized approach, ensuring they find comfort and stability in their new living arrangements.”

Many seniors are emotionally attached to their homes and can be reluctant to make these big changes. Realtors, like Alicia, play a crucial role in easing the transition process for older adults facing big changes like a move. Alicia can offer tailored support and expertise to guide seniors through every step of the moving journey, from selling their current home to finding a new residence that meets their evolving needs.

Alicia says, “I encourage clients to see that life is always changing, emphasizing the happy and new experiences that will result from a transition. Even in the face of the unplanned, there are many good times ahead, and I strive to help them navigate these changes as stress-free as possible.”

While moving from their current homes can be unsettling for seniors, these changes also present an opportunity for growth, resilience and a fresh start. With the support of a compassionate and knowledgeable realtor, like Alicia, seniors and their loved ones can navigate these transitions with grace and confidence, embracing the future with optimism and peace of mind.

You Don’t Have to Face Change Alone

Seniors and their families navigate a journey of unexpected twists and turns. While unplanned life changes may bring challenges, it’s amidst these moments of uncertainty that we discover our resilience, adaptability, and the unwavering support of loved ones. This is especially important while facing medical needs or considering a move to assisted living.

The Waterford at College View (thewaterford.net) understands that these situations are difficult to adjust to and they hope to make the transition into Assisted Living or Memory Care easier for everyone involved.

Melissa Vandeloo
The Waterford Communities

“We know change is scary & we are ready to help you every step of the way at College View, where home is. It is very common for elders to feel anxious, isolated, stressed and even depressed after a major life change when they don’t have strong social support in place. At College View, we are hoping you fit right in & take advantage of our person-centered activities to help combat those unwanted feelings,” said Melissa Vandeloo, Administrative Director, Waterford College View.

The team at College View has the right compassionate mindset that seniors and their families will want to have helping them navigate through their next life change, hopefully into Assisted Living. All those interested are encouraged to set up a tour so they can see for themselves how

The Waterford can help make their next transition a smooth one.

An Assisted Living Facility That Cares

The decision for seniors to transition to assisted living marks a significant juncture in their lives, characterized by a blend of apprehension, anticipation, and hope. Moving to assisted living represents a pivotal step towards ensuring enhanced quality of life, tailored care, and newfound independence, particularly for individuals facing challenges in managing day-to-day activities on their own.

Jordyn Ready
The Residence at Gramercy

The Residence at Gramercy (12oaks.net) can help by, “Offering emotional support and assistance with adjustment to a new living situation, Providing resources and information about local senior services, coordinating with professionals like social workers or discharge planners and other community referral partners and exploring financial assistance options for assisted living.”

This is a big transition and often laden with emotional complexities, as it involves leaving behind familiar surroundings and cherished memories while embracing the prospect of a supportive community and personalized assistance. Amidst the array of emotions and practical considerations, the move to assisted living signifies a commitment to prioritizing well-being, fostering social connections, and embracing opportunities for continued growth and fulfillment in the golden years of life. The Residence at Gramercy is proud to be able to help with all your needs.

You’re Part of the Family

In the event of something unexpected, Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation (sumnerplacecare.com) will welcome your loved one into their community as though you’re already a part of the family.

Megan Herter
Sumner Place

Sumner Place understands that navigating the decision to transition a loved one to a nursing home can be a deeply emotional and challenging journey for both seniors and their families. However, amidst the uncertainty and adjustment, there exists a profound opportunity for compassion, support, and reassurance. Embracing the decision to move to a nursing home can signify a commitment to ensuring optimal care, safety, and dignity for seniors while alleviating the burden on family members who may struggle to meet complex care needs at home.

Sumner Place offers a licensed skilled nursing facility that provides long-term care, short-term rehabilitation services, and memory support. They strive to enrich the lives of their residents through regular activities and daily spiritual services. Their services include their restorative program, therapy programs, specialized and therapeutic diets, morning rounds by their medical director, a beauty and barber shop, and outings in the community when permitted. In addition, Sumner Place offers specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and individualized programs that are designed to reduce feelings of confusion, fear and agitation and offer meaningful, enjoyable activities that stimulate the mind and body.

Stay Comfortable and Cared For at Home

Life changes can be temporary or long-term; Visiting Angels (visitingangels.com) can help with both. Each of their caregivers has a strong employment history in caring for seniors, along with reliable references from previous clients, agencies and volunteer agencies. Visiting Angels only delivers well-screened caregivers to provide the family with peace of mind during a new chapter. Perhaps you or a loved one is dealing with a sudden new illness, diagnosis or accident. Whatever the situation, Visiting Angels can provide a caregiver for your senior loved one from anywhere between three-hour care to 24-hour care.

Julie Day
Visiting Angels

“Our staff makes all the difference,” said Client Care Coordinator Julie Day. “We listen to you and evaluate your needs, offering years of experience on what to do next. We don’t just put names in open shifts. We meet as an office to discuss our clients’ needs and which caregiver best fits those needs. Personal preferences in terms of personality and style of caregiving are accommodated. Plus, our follow-up is second to none. If it looks like you need additional services, we are plugged into what Lincoln offers and work with many good companies to meet all your changing needs.”

Julie also emphasized the importance of utilizing the help that is available to you. Many families exhaust themselves as caregivers before they finally reach out for help. By contacting Visiting Angels early on in these life changes, families can be relieved of stress and avoid burnout.

“One thing is certain,” Julie explained, “we will all age and will likely need some level of assistance in the future. It could be temporary help such as after a surgery, illness, or a fall, or it may be long-term changes. Visiting Angels exists so that people can stay in their homes. Educate yourself now so when you feel like you need a little extra help, you can be confident in knowing that we can help you.”

A Concierge Pharmacy

Is there anything more frustrating than coordinating multiple prescriptions and medications with a pharmacy? As we age or suffer from sudden injury or illness, we inevitably deal with the need for medications, which can become a huge hassle. Finding a pharmacy you can count on can be a challenge. You need someone who will advocate and problem solve on your behalf. That’s why we recommend Nebraska LTC Pharmacy (neltcpharmacy.com). They strive to offer the “small-town” level of service to help seniors prolong their independence, especially in the event of an unexpected change.

Laura Gain
Nebraska LTC Pharmacy

“We provide compliance packaging, in-home consultations, delivery, and an on-site pharmacist for any questions you may have,” shared Laura Gain, Certified Pharmacy Technician. “In my position, I meet patients in their homes to answer any questions they may have and help families create a custom care plan for their loved one.”

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy doesn’t keep you waiting – as soon as you are admitted to the pharmacy, they will meet with you either in-store or in-home to create a custom care plan to fit your specific needs. They want to ensure that quality care continues to be available to you or your loved one during a life-changing event.

“We understand change is scary,” said Laura. “We offer flexibility and availability to accommodate you during a challenging time. A lot of seniors tend to believe that they are doing fine without any additional services. While that may be the case for some, we want to assure those concerned about moving forward that our main goal is to make things easier with additional assistance – not to take any independence away.”

Don’t gamble on unreliable pharmacies. Join Nebraska LTC Pharmacy and get the peace of mind you deserve that your prescriptions are being managed by expert hands.

Pre-planning for the Unplanned

Being prepared for the unimaginable is one of the best ways to manage such a difficult time. With a plan in place, you won’t be left to make last-minute decisions when emotions and stress are at an all-time high. There are no words to explain how difficult and sorrowful it can be when a loved one passes unexpectedly, but knowing their wishes ahead of time can give some peace of mind.

Planning a funeral when in this position can be overwhelming and stressful. We strongly recommend pre-planning your funeral and cemetery arrangements, and Wyuka Funeral Home & Cemetery (wyuka.com) is a wonderful choice that will help you and your family prepare for this day and ensure your wishes are fulfilled. By taking advantage of their pre-planning services, an individual can make informed and thoughtful decisions about their funeral. They can choose sentimental things they want included, compare prices, and help their family. Wyuka offers a pre-planning checklist with all the information you need to start the process, and they’ll help walk you through the entire process before a catastrophic event can force the issue. In the event that a loved one suddenly passes before arrangements are made, Wyuka will still be there to help you get through the tragic time, explaining and guiding you through each step of the process. They also have available an extensive list of grief resources and outreach that can be provided upon request.

More Than Housing

When looking for independent senior-living options that include opportunities for engagement, check out the Lincoln Housing Authority (l-housing.com). They pride themselves on providing “more than housing” and nowhere is that more evident than at Burke Plaza, Crossroads House and Mahoney Manor, where more than 270 older adults reside and have access to a wide variety of social and personal support services through the Resident Services and Congregate Housing Services programs.

The foundation for the Resident Services Program is the Resident Services Specialist at each building. Their job is to provide general support to residents and offer a range of activities and programs to enhance the overall quality of life at each building. The Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) brings the services of two full-time social workers who share time between all buildings. These social workers are able to work with individuals who need additional supportive services such as case management, personal care, house-keeping assistance, and transportation.

Navigating senior living can be daunting.

Cedar Creek of High Plains (cedarhurstliving.com) is here to answer your questions and be a friend and resource during this time. When you care about their safety and health, you’ll want to know how a Memory Care community can take care of your aging loved ones. Offering a heart-warming, socialization-rich, engagingly active lifestyle, Cedar Creek of High Plains presents residents with:

  • Abundant friendship opportunities
  • Entertainment, conversation and laughter
  • Loads of programs and activities
  • Great food prepared and served
  • And helpful neighbors and team members always nearby

Connections help.

We know that when we give residents reasons to gather, they grow their circles of friends and renew their confidence in their purpose and sense of well-being. So, we fill the calendar with art workshops, fitness groups, movies and celebrations — a healthy mix of activity that’s always evolving and changing, depending on residents’ interests and preferences.

A good plan helps.

Guiding the development of community life is the Living TRUE™ Life Enrichment Program. At move-in and periodically thereafter we collect responses from each resident and their family members. Those opinions help us refine programming to match residents’ interests. We want to create all the opportunities we can for residents to have great experiences.

Living TRUE is designed around these principles:

  • Tailor the day’s plans to personal wants and needs.
  • Relate to each other with genuineness, integrity and heart.
  • Uplift capabilities and support each person.
  • Excite the senses to make every day rich and full.

Our mission is to create communities where each person feels loved, valued, supported and able to live life to the fullest. Our commitment to our mission sets the agenda for how we help residents and families.

Get a Personalized Care Plan

Virginia Cole
Caring Friends in Home Care

According to Virginia Cole, the COO of Caring Friends In Home Care (caringfriends.com), the organization is unwaveringly dedicated to providing care that reflects both compassion and a deep understanding of each individual’s specific needs and desires. Caring Friends is adept at crafting personalized plans of care and services to cater to the unique requirements of each person.

“Independence is often synonymous with a sense of control, self-reliance and freedom, and its decline can impact various aspects of a senior’s life. This loss can affect their emotional well-being, leading to feelings of frustration, helplessness and even sadness. In the context of caregiving, preserving and promoting independence becomes a key goal, and our caregivers strive to find a balance that allows seniors to maintain control over aspects of their lives while providing necessary support where needed,” shared Virginia.

Independent retirement living is about giving seniors the freedom to choose how they want to live. Independent retirement living embodies choices, flexibility and freedom for older adults. It involves empowering seniors to make choices about their daily lives, health and well-being, fostering a sense of control and self-determination. Independence respects individual preferences and desires, allowing seniors to participate in decision-making and engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment.