Planning a wedding is often described as one of life’s most exciting yet stress-inducing experiences. The blend of anticipation, meticulous organization and the desire for perfection can sometimes lead to overwhelming pressure. However, by working with the skilled, knowledgeable professionals in Lincoln, couples can transform this journey into a more manageable and enjoyable process. From setting realistic expectations to delegating tasks and embracing the support of loved ones and local businesses, there are numerous ways to navigate wedding planning with less stress and more joy.

Dave Henske
Sartor Hamann

Before the wedding even gets here, the couple should be thinking about their wedding rings, and guests should be thinking about possible gifts. Elevating a good look to an extraordinary one often hinges on the right accessories, particularly eye-catching jewelry. For those in search of stunning pieces to either enhance their own attire for a wedding or to gift someone special, we highly recommend exploring the offerings at Sartor Hamann (

“At Sartor Hamann, we understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but the jewelry part should be fun! Our experienced team provides personalized, attentive service to help every couple find the perfect rings that symbolize their love and commitment. Beyond the bands, we offer a collection of gift ideas for the bridal party and parents, as well as day-of jewelry, all in one place. This means you can focus on the joy of your special day, rather than juggling even more vendors. We’re your one-stop destination for all your wedding jewelry needs, making your experience seamless, memorable and filled with happiness,” shared Sales Associate Dave Henske.

Sartor Hamann stands out with an extensive and diverse selection of exquisite colored gems and diamonds, offering a seamless exploration for those seeking captivating rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. The range encompasses both earth-grown and lab-grown diamonds, providing a choice aligned with individual preferences. For men with a penchant for sophisticated accessories, Sartor Hamann presents an impressive assortment of watches that can be personalized through engraving, elevating the significance of the gesture.

If you’re searching for a gift beyond traditional jewelry or aiming to transform your home as a newly married couple, consider exploring Type A Furniture ( Specializing in crafting custom furniture, they offer a unique opportunity to enhance the couple’s living space in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. Tailored to each couple’s specific preferences and design vision, these personalized furniture pieces can bring a fresh and distinctive touch to their home.

Custom furniture has the potential to make a significant difference in the couple’s new life together. Whether it’s a personalized dining table that complements their kitchen aesthetics or a one-of-a-kind coffee table designed to spark conversations, these bespoke pieces elevate both the style and functionality of their space.

Engaging in the collaborative process of designing custom furniture provides a level of satisfaction and involvement that ready-made options cannot offer. Through close collaboration with skilled artisans or designers, the couple can ensure that every detail reflects their shared preferences, resulting in furniture that seamlessly integrates into their newlywed home. This hands-on approach not only enhances the aesthetics of their living space, but also fosters a deeper connection to their home, making it a truly unique and personalized haven.

As a white glove service, every piece of furniture that Type A Furniture creates is handled from start to finish by qualified professionals. From creating the design of your furniture with your exact specifications to installing the finished piece in your home, Type A Furniture makes the process as smooth and easy for you as possible. New furniture can be stressful, and Type A Furniture strives to reduce as much of that stress as possible.

Another thing to consider before the wedding is how the venue location will impact family friends traveling from a distance. Where will they stay? Is it close to the venue? Is it affordable and comfortable?

Samantha Braun
Courtyard By Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott Lincoln Downtown / Haymarket ( is a haven for couples looking to alleviate wedding planning stress. Samantha Braun, the Sales Manager, underscores their commitment to simplicity and efficiency. With just one phone call, the hotel takes care of setting up the wedding block, creating a booking link for guests and reserving a special wedding suite for the couple. This comprehensive service not only streamlines the process, but also ensures that the couple can focus on other aspects of their big day without the added worry of accommodation arrangements.

“I make it my mission to anticipate and address their needs before they even realize they have questions! Additionally, I love keeping them in the loop about their room block, ensuring that it’s one less concern on their plate. It’s all about turning their wedding journey into a seamless and joyous experience!” shared Samantha.

The hotel places a strong emphasis on timely communication, offering a stress-relieving aspect for couples planning their wedding. The commitment to responding within the same business day is highlighted, ensuring that prompt assistance is provided, allowing couples to move forward with their plans without unnecessary delays.

Additionally, Courtyard by Marriott recognizes the desire of newlyweds to make their wedding night truly special. By offering incentives such as upgraded bridal suites, chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne, the hotel goes the extra mile to provide a touch of luxury and romance. This thoughtful gesture not only enhances the overall wedding experience but also contributes to a stress-free and memorable stay for the happy couple on their first night as spouses.

Because weddings are really important, many of us dream of our wedding years before it is even a possibility. We dream of everything from the wedding attire to the venue and music. But, when the day comes, how do we make our dream wedding a reality?

Situated on one of Nebraska’s most prestigious golf courses, Wilderness Ridge ( offers an ideal setting and ambiance for a one-of-a-kind wedding that’ll live up to your expectations. Voted as Lincoln’s best, Wilderness Ridge is equipped with only the best wedding professionals.

The Lodge and Wedding Island have space for guests for indoor or outdoor ceremonies and for up to 300 guests in their indoor reception space, Yellowstone Ballroom. Wilderness Ridge includes tables, chairs, linens, napkins, staff, setup and teardown assistance, and planning assistance from the date you book with them until the last dance. Their relationships with vendors in the area make them the primary location for many florists, DJs, photographers and more!

Wilderness Ridge provides seasoned wedding professionals. Doing everything they can to alleviate stress, Wilderness Ridge works towards a wedding day the happy couple can fully enjoy. Rather than stressing over the details, you should be able to enjoy yourselves, celebrate with family and friends and take the time to connect with your life partner as you enter a new phase in your lives together.

And let’s not forget about dessert when making a wedding special! When it comes to wedding desserts, finding the perfect balance can be a challenge – too much sweetness can overwhelm, while too little might leave guests craving more. Sweet Things by Marcy (, a locally-owned bakery in Lincoln, offers a solution for couples seeking a unique and delightful dessert table that caters to everyone’s taste buds, especially the soon-to-be married couple.

Marcy Haas
Sweet Things
by Marcy

Owner Marcy Haas prides herself on providing a vibrant menu of sweet treats, offering a wide variety of flavors and cake options that go beyond the ordinary. For those looking to break away from traditional cakes, Marcy is more than happy to create something extraordinary that will linger in the minds of guests for weeks.

Sweet Things by Marcy distinguishes itself by crafting all desserts from scratch, infusing each treat with a generous dose of love. Marcy’s passion for baking shines through, and she delights in sharing her creations with others. “I hope couples and their guests enjoy my sweets as much as I enjoy the art of baking.”

What sets Sweet Things by Marcy apart is the commitment to crafting all desserts from scratch, infusing each treat with a generous dose of love. Marcy’s passion for baking is evident, and she takes joy in sharing her delectable creations with others. As she puts it, “I hope couples and their guests enjoy my sweets as much as I enjoy the art of baking.” With every bite, Sweet Things by Marcy aims to add a memorable and delightful touch to the wedding celebration.

Planning the perfect wedding can be extremely overwhelming. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, consider working with the Talon Room ( – an event venue that will do much more than just host your wedding. The Talon Room’s experienced team can provide valuable insights, guidance and resources to curate a memorable and stress-free wedding experience.

Matthew Rogge
Talon Room

“From engagement to the wedding day, couples and their families/friends tend to carry heavy burdens of planning a flawless wedding day. Our focus, at the Talon Room, is to help ease those burdens by taking them from the couple. The Talon Room provides everything a couple wants for their big day with our all-inclusive packages: Exclusive Full-Weekend Rental, Bridal Suite, Ceremony Space, Cocktail Hour, Reception Space for up to 250 guests, Decoration and Lighting Packages, DJ Service, Antique Full-Service Bar and Full-Service Catering: Rehearsal Dinner, Lunch/Breakfast, Reception Appetizers, Dinner and Late Night Snack. We also partner with many local vendors to ease even more of the stress of the decision making process,” shared Matthew Rogge, Talon Room Owner/Chef/Director.

Couples that book the Talon Room for their wedding rave about their services. With the goal of making your wedding go as smoothly as possible, the Talon Room helps out as much as they can. They want everyone to have a great time and will go the extra mile to ensure that you have an unforgettable wedding. The Talon Room is proud to continue to remove the stress out of wedding planning!

Whether you are planning a big or small wedding, you will likely need to book a venue for the ceremony and reception. Wouldn’t it be great to have both of them in the same place so guests don’t have to travel? At James Arthur Vineyards (, you can book space for everything for the day of your wedding and more. They offer a wonderful venue for bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners as well. It’s also a great place to “pop” the question and celebrate your engagement.

Jim Ballard
James Arthur Vineyards

“If you choose James Arthur Vineyards to tie the knot, just know you’re going to feel like you’re in paradise,” said Owner Jim Ballard. “From providing seating, setting up, tearing down and a private room for the bridal party to get ready, to toasting the newly married couple at the end of the ceremony with wine, we handle everything.”

James Arthur Vineyards does all of their weddings outside because the setting is beautiful. They offer the option of having the ceremony at the winery in front of the waterfall – talk about a gorgeous, intimate backdrop. The setting can accommodate up to 70 people. For larger weddings, they have a park area just to the south of the winery near the vineyards that can accommodate up to 200 people. Both locations are amazing, with the vineyard staff working closely with the bride and groom to organize all the details to create a perfect day. And for those brides and grooms to be, James Arthur Vineyards is a fantastic host for rehearsal dinners and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

After your wedding is over, the celebration can continue beyond the ceremony. Tailored Dreams Party Buses ( offers an unparalleled post-wedding party experience that turns celebrations into unforgettable moments. Specializing in creating dreamlike experiences, the company is renowned for its friendly drivers and tailoring each event to the specific preferences of the group.

The luxury fleet, accommodating 26 to 45 passengers, provides an array of options for the perfect post-party celebration. With buses like the Mirage, Oasis, Odyssey, Fantasy, Disco and Executive, Tailored Dreams ensures there’s a fitting setting for every post-wedding festivity. Notably, their 35-passenger party buses are wheelchair accessible.

DeeDee Loomis
Tailored Dreams Party Buses

Owner DeeDee Loomis emphasizes the party-centric atmosphere within each bus, featuring Bluetooth sound systems, powerful speakers, heating and A/C systems and vibrant LED lights. “The combination of these amenities creates an ideal place to party!”
The popularity of Tailored Dreams Party Buses speaks volumes, often resulting in reservations being fully booked up to a year in advance. To ensure a stress-free post-wedding celebration, the company strongly advises couples to make early bookings, securing their dream bus well in advance.

Tailored Dreams Party Buses offers an exceptional opportunity for couples to extend the joy of their wedding day through a post-party experience that is not only luxurious, but also personalized and profoundly memorable.

While planning a wedding can be a mix of excitement and stress, partnering with adept professionals in Lincoln can turn this journey into a more manageable and enjoyable experience. These professionals, equipped with years of experience and knowledge, are invaluable guides that assist couples throughout the complexities of wedding arrangements.