Our bi-annual Women-Owned Businesses feature gives us the wonderful opportunity to highlight female leaders in our community and inspire other women with entrepreneurial ambitions. As a women-owned and run business ourselves, there is a certain pride we take in seeing so many other women leaders emerging in Lincoln. When women rally behind each other, amazing things happen. All women are powerful—stay-at-home moms and business owners alike. So please join us in celebrating the following woman powerhouses in Lincoln. Read their story, support their work, and do business with them. Who knows, one of them might even become your future mentor! If you are a women-owned business and want to be included in the next feature, please contact us.

Jodie McGill is impassioned about supporting women and others who strive for independence, diversity, and recognition.

Jodie’s training and experience in Collaborative Divorce are unmatched in the state of Nebraska. Since 2011, she has helped families reach amicable, swift, and peaceful resolutions to their legal issues. Jodie’s mastery of family law and unique understanding of the trauma and stress families can experience with divorce are a few of the reasons why she has been locally and nationally recognized.

Jodie founded McGill Law (www.mcgilllawyers.com) in 2011 so that she could combine her passions, skills, and expertise to help more people. Jodie recently expanded McGill Law and now has an office in Lincoln as well as in Omaha. McGill Law has five highly skilled attorneys and a dedicated support staff who help families achieve the best outcome for their legal issues. They specialize in family law issues including divorce, modifications, adoptions, estate planning and guardianships. Jodie is also now proud to offer the services of McGill Mediation, an alternative dispute resolution method led by a neutral party who facilitates the problem-solving process for all involved.

Learn more about McGill Law and their unique approach at www.mcgilllawyers.com.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Echo Bell is the founder and CEO of Bell Solutions (bellsolutions.biz) – Lincoln’s CFO on the Go. Serving as a virtual chief financial officer for startups and small businesses, Echo and her team provide accounting, compliance, and strategy solutions to entrepreneurs locally and around the world.

Known for her infectious energy and unique leadership style, Echo built a successful career in accounting, business management, and small business development before launching the CFO on the Go model.

Echo’s work developing and implementing process, systems, and compliance programs has made her a trusted advisor among small business owners. Recognized as a Premier Certified Intuit ProAdvisor, she and her team have redefined the standard approach to small business compliance and financial management.

“I am so proud of the work we have done in the last couple of years, but then again it’s easy to do cool things in our industry when you are always surrounded by phenomenal entrepreneurs,” said Echo.

In 2018, Echo took Bell Solutions remote and set fire to the restraints put on women in the workplace. Today, she leads a team of talented accountants, dedicated moms, and all-around brilliant women. To learn more, visit bellsolutions.biz or call (402) 314-8460.

Marcie Young, Series 6, 63, 65 & 26, Investment Adviser Representative. Services available include Financial Planning,  Managed Accounts, IRAs, 529 Plans, Mutual Funds,  Variable Annuities, 401k, and Cash Balance Plans.

Marcie has over 35 years of investment experience working with clients in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest.  Raised in a Nebraska farming family, Marcie infuses the values of honesty, integrity, and pragmatism into her relationships with clients. She finds great fulfillment in helping clients create workable solutions to their personal financial challenges. 

Marcie works with individuals, families, and business owners, educating them about their financial options for building and protecting wealth. Marcie is committed to delivering financial advice and solutions to clients with the highest integrity. Creating personalized investment plans for her clients gives them confidence as they navigate retirement planning and other important life events. 

You can rely on Marcie to be accessible, to support you in your investment decisions, and to help you implement changes as they become necessary. Marcie is a dedicated financial service professional committed to excellent service. Learn more at www.primerica.com/marcieyoung or contact marcieyoung@primerica.com / (402) 476-6778.

A Primerica representative’s ability to offer products and services is based on the licenses held by the individual,  and the states in which the individual is registered. Not all representatives are authorized to sell all products and services. For additional information about a representative, including licenses and state registrations, please visit  www.BrokerCheck.com. 

PFS Investments Inc. (PFSI) offers both brokerage and advisory accounts. Representatives do not have investment discretion over any client account or assets. For additional information about the products and services available in brokerage and advisory accounts, including fees, expenses, and the compensation received by PFSI and your representative, please review a copy of our Form CRS, Form ADV brochure, and our informational brochure,  Investing with Primerica, available from your representative and online at www.primerica.com/pfsidisclosures. 

Securities offered by PFS Investments Inc. (PFSI), 1 Primerica Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30099-0001, a broker-dealer and investment adviser registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), a member of the  Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) [www.finra.org] and a member of the Securities Investors Protection  Corporation (SIPC) [www.sipc.com]. PFSI’s advisory business is conducted under the name Primerica Advisors. Fixed indexed annuities are offered by Primerica Financial Services, LLC (PFS). PFSI, PFS, and Primerica Inc. are affiliated companies. 

The Lifetime Investment Platform is an advisory program sponsored by Primerica Advisors. For additional information about Primerica Advisors, please ask your representative for a copy of the Lifetime Investment Platform  Form ADV brochure. 

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, fees, and expenses of any mutual fund before investing. This and other important information can be found in the fund’s prospectus and, if available, the summary prospectus. Please read the prospectus and, if available, the summary prospectus carefully before investing.  Prospectuses are available from your Primerica representative.  

Primerica representatives are not financial or estate planners, or tax advisors. For related advice, individuals should consult an appropriately licensed professional. Investing entails risk including loss of principal. 

“Life is an adventure…enjoy the ride!” This is a favorite motto of Mary Jo Cassner, owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Lincoln (Transworld.com/Lincoln). She and her team of brokers and staff have been helping buyers and sellers of businesses connect since 2014. Since this is such a male-dominated business, Mary Jo chose to use her initials “MJ” in the workplace.

MJ previously was the owner and director of LearningRx of Lincoln and Norfolk, NE for nearly a decade. When she sold her own businesses, she realized how important having a business broker to assist in the process was. MJ received training from the Transworld Franchise Headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL and has trained brokers under her and sold nearly 100 businesses in Lincoln and the surrounding communities.

She has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and is certified to sell franchises as well as businesses. She enjoys assisting and educating people on the benefits of owning a business.

“My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is truly my anchor for success,” said MJ. “I believe ethical standards and compassionate care for people in a vitally transitional time in their lives is crucial for success.”

MJ’s passion for excellence in business is evident in her company’s success and contributions to the Lincoln community. MJ can be reached at (402) 413-1095 / mjcassner@tworld.com. If you have considered selling your business or would like to own your own, find out more about available businesses at Transworld.com/Lincoln.

Terri Krolikowski , Mrs. Nebraska 1988, is the owner and health coach of Ideal Health Nebraska with Ideal Protein (idealhealthnebraska.com)—a holistic three-phase protocol focusing on weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance using one’s own body for fuel to become healthy. This ketogenic diet was developed 30 years ago by French medical Doctor Tran Tien Chanh as a means of preserving lean body mass, including muscles, bones, and tissues while losing fat.

With over 30 years of experience in career and management consulting in healthcare and education, Terri has coached countless clients to become their healthiest by assisting them through their own transformation journey mentally, emotionally, and physically. Eating healthy and education are key components for those who suffer from health issues like heart disease, diabetes, depression, and crohn’s disease. After losing 65 pounds in six months, Terri became a health coach in 2012. She opened Ideal Health Lincoln in 2017 and Ideal Health North Platte in 2020. Today, Terri has four P’s in her life: Purpose, Passion, Perseverance, and Paying It Forward! To learn more, visit idealhealthnebraska.com or contact terri@idealhealthnebraska.com / (402) 430-9754.


Farmers Union Midwest Agency (www.fumafinancial.com) provides insurance protection to individuals and business of all sizes across the Midwest. They strive to build better communities by protecting where you work, where you live, what you own, and the ones you love. It is their individual and organizational goal to provide quality products and the highest level of customer service to not just meet their customer’s expectations, but to exceed them!

Jennifer Larabee joined Farmer’s Union Midwest Agency in August of 2018. Her insurance career originally started in 2005 at Assurity Life Insurance where she worked in multiple positions for 12 years and then with State Farm for nearly two years. When she was given the opportunity to start an agency at Farmer’s Union Midwest Agency, she knew this was the right fit.

“I have always been passionate about insurance,” said Jennifer. “I enjoy helping people find the best coverage that fits their needs and I want to be there for my clients by helping them understand their insurance benefits.”

Whether you need help with your individual life or health related needs or need assistance with your employee group benefits, Jennifer is happy to help! She can be reached at (402) 560-0047 or visit www.fumafinancial.com to learn more.

Ali Evans and Meg Crawford are kicking off their third season as co-owners/directors of Elements Dance Concept (elementsdanceconcept.com) Ali and Meg met while teaching dance together and realized how well they worked as a team.

Ali has danced recreationally since age three and competitively since age seven. She graduated from Concordia University where she danced for four years, was captain for two years, and then went on to be assistant coach for three years. Ali is also a photographer and loves mixing her love of dance with photography.

Meg has danced recreationally and competitively since she was five years old. She earned her bachelor’s in dance in 2015 from UNL, and then her associate’s degree in graphic design from SCC in 2017. Though owning her own dance studio once seemed like a pipe dream, her love for the art motivated her to teach it to others—and her students walk away having learned much more than just dance techniques.

Located in Milford, Elements Dance Concept is an award-winning dance studio that offers high-quality dance classes for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds who are looking for creative self-expression, exercise, and social opportunities through dance. It’s not too late to join classes—enrollment is still open on the website. Visit elementsdanceconcept.com for the schedule and more information.

Kerry Butzke runs her own insurance agency, Butzke Insurance, Inc. (@butzkeinsuranceAFLAC), and she is also the district sales coordinator for Aflac with two administrators and three agents working for her. Kerry is truly a go-getter. She decided to take a leap and start her own agency not long after she graduated from Midland University with her bachelor’s degree in business administration, double majoring in accounting and business management. It’s been 10 years since then, and Kerry has grown her business tremendously. It must be in the blood as her dad and two brothers also run their own businesses. Insurance isn’t her only job, though. She takes much pride in being a mom to a sweet six-year-old boy named Rhett. He is her joy and the reason she started her business. Kerry wanted to be there for her family when needed while still being able to support them by doing something that directly reflected her work ethic.

Kerry helps business owners create a specialized benefits packages tailored to their business. Supplemental benefits are the new “health insurance” and everyone wants these benefits to be offered at their place of employment, especially hospitals. People also want income protection to help if they can’t work and pay their high deductibles. COVID has caused a higher need in these areas, and Kerry is glad she can help provide people with extra protection and peace of mind! Kerry’s administrators provide the BEST service around and will take care of any claims people have, so they don’t have to call an 1-800 number. There is even a specific COVID policy she provides to offer people ease during this time.

Kerry has been described by her clients as efficient, flexible, diligent, and one to take extreme care in explaining and developing benefits that best serve their needs. Connect with Kerry by calling (402) 643-5148 or go to her Facebook page (@butzkeinsuranceAFLAC).

John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning (JHLincoln.com) was started by John Henry (Jack) Zohner and his wife Deb Zohner. In August 2019, their daughter Lindsey Reinke took over as one of the owners. Lindsey has been working at John Henry’s for 19 years in different areas to fully understand how the business runs.

“John Henry’s has always been my passion. It was started out of our family home, that my husband and I purchased 12 years ago, and I still see my parents working on the business in spaces that we have made our own,” said Lindsey. “Owning a company in a predominantly male industry encourages me to grow it with the same family values that were instilled in me from day one of John Henry’s. Our slogan is “Our Family Serving Yours”, because that is what we want you to feel every time you call us!”

Learn more about the John Henry’s family at JHLincoln.com! You can also reach Lindsey at (402) 435-5555 or LReinke@jhlincoln.com.

New Franchisee Melissa Goodwin is excited to introduce Locals Love Us Magazine (localsloveus.com) to the Lincoln market. She has over 25 years of experience in building new things—from grant programs to medical devices. As a wife and mother of four children, Melissa believes innovation and creativity enable her to be not only a better partner and parent, but a better business owner. She’s always experimenting and trying to think of how to be more efficient and effective.

“I believe small business owners and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our country, and I want to support them and help them grow,” said Melissa. “Advertising has changed. Consumers are smart and they look to reviews and research for confirmation of what products and services actually work. What I love about Locals Love Us Lincoln is that it’s an opportunity to take those word-of-mouth, positive recommendations from the community and compile all the ‘best of’ in each category into an annual magazine and online presence that residents and visitors can access easily. It’s a fantastic resource for the community—it’s a way to lift up local businesses, and the annual voting contest is really fun!”

Locals Love Us Lincoln starts with local residents voting for their favorite places and businesses. Locals (verified by phone and zip code) can vote for as many businesses as they like in the secure, online survey. Winning businesses earn the opportunity to advertise in the magazine. So the only places that can advertise are those who were first chosen by Lincoln residents. It’s advertising you can trust! Learn more at localsloveus.com or email Melissa at melissa@localsloveus.com.

Natasha Salem started Inspiring Homes Design (www.ihdne.com) in 2014 and expanded it in 2015. Natasha aspires to offer approachable design services tailored to each clients’ individual needs. Inspiring Homes Designs offers interior design services for new construction and remodeling projects. This includes creating floor plan layouts, 3D renderings, paint selection and furniture selection for projects both big and small. They also offer custom window treatments and furnishings to work with your personal style. Natasha would love to assist in making your home a space you love!

You can check out Inspiring Homes Design’s project pictures online at www.ihdne.com or set up a time to visit the studio, located at 4747 Pioneers Blvd., STE 110, for furniture and window treatment ideas. Contact Natasha with any questions or to chat about your upcoming projects. She can be reached at (402) 770-6457 or by email at natasha@ihdne.com.

Shannon Schultz-Hammerschmidt is the owner and founder of Nebraska LTC Pharmacy (www.neltcpharmacy.com). Shannon has spent her entire life in Nebraska and has worked in many different pharmacy settings before settling into her passion here at Nebraska LTC Pharmacy.

“Here at Nebraska LTC Pharmacy, everything is about YOU,” said Shannon. “We are a locally owned ‘concierge’ pharmacy that specializes in compliance and adherence as well as simplifying the medication process from start to finish. Our attention to every little detail decreases hospitalizations while prolonging our patients’ independence by keeping them at home. We offer a free in home consultation, free blister packaging of medications, and free delivery. We accept all insurance plans, so what is not to love about our program!”

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy is off to a great start this year as they approach their 10-year anniversary this spring! There is no better time to join the Nebraska LTC Pharmacy family than now. Learn more online at www.neltcpharmacy.com or call the Lincoln office at (402) 328-0231.

The crazy-creative ladies of Urban Legends Art Studio (urbanlegendsart.com), located at 232 N 48th St., are celebrating 10 years of being Lincoln’s Interactive Art Studio. Owners Anna Alcalde, Cindy Schroeder, and Kay Glenn offer a plethora of art classes from Acrylic painting on door hangers, porch boards and canvas, to water-color classes, Zen Tangle, and Acrylic pour art. Try your hand at some of the latest popular classes such as Macrame hangers, Fun Fiber Wall Weaving, and Resin Jewelry made easy. They even make wine glass painting easy! New classes are offered monthly. The all-women staff at Urban Legends Art Studio enjoy taking “art” off the high shelf and teaching artists of all levels.

Anna, Cindy, and Kay take pride in creative community involvement in beautiful Lincoln. They teach art therapy group classes at memory care facilities, have worked with positive SmART Talks, and taught at many after school clubs with LPS. They are the 2021 recipient of the Nebraska Girl Scouts “Donna West Award” for teaching and investing in our future young women leaders and Anna Alcalde was awarded a “Mayors Art Award” in 2019 for art lessons teaching empathy to middle school students. Learn more at urbanlegendsart.com or call (402) 470-0331 for parties.

Angela Moran-Manzitto and Sarah Peter are the franchise partners of the two Clean Juice (www.cleanjuice.com/locations/lincoln) locations in Nebraska—one in Lincoln and one in Omaha. Both Angela and Sarah have spent a long time in the family health field, so they discussed starting a business together. They wanted to find a health-minded concept to get behind. They looked at a number of franchises, but Clean Juice shined brighter than the rest because of the honesty behind the product and how it was produced. What you see is what you get, made in-store from the top to the bottom. Since opening their first location in Lincoln in 2019, Angela and Sarah have seen how ready Nebraska is for this kind of a shift.

Angela, with her experience as a physician assistant at a Lincoln family practice clinic, is more directly involved with the operations of the stores. Sarah handles the marketing side of things. She previously was an Emmy Award-winning television producer for reality TV shows such as MTV’s The Osbournes.

Clean Juice has a full menu of fresh, cold-pressed juices, the recipes for which are designed to aid in your body’s natural processes. In addition to fresh, organic, expertly formulated juices, you’ll find a full menu of wraps, salads, smoothies, avocado toast, and in colder months, hot and hearty organic soups. To learn more, visit www.cleanjuice.com/locations/lincoln or call the Lincoln store at (402) 417-0788.