Associates in Counseling & Treatment ( relocated to a new building at 5600 P St. on October 1. This move offers them more space and availability to help individuals with mental health, substance use, domestic violence and gambling issues. At their new building, they also added new providers to accommodate the needs for all services.

Associates in Counseling & Treatment provides a confidential, safe and supportive environment. All employees are thoroughly screened for suitability to ensure they can attend to your needs in the most understanding and efficient manner possible. They take care in creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in their waiting area for everyone, so you will always feel at ease. They understand that entering into counseling takes great courage, and they applaud you for taking a step toward a better future. You will always find compassion, empathy and understanding at their facility.

Associates in Counseling & Treatment provides specialized counseling services for individuals and families in Lincoln and the surrounding counties. Programs include substance use, gambling addiction, mental health counseling, anger management and domestic violence. They will help you find effective ways to resolve personal issues, develop coping strategies and problem-solving skills and to help you be able to see the world in a new and brighter light. For more information, contact or go to