Attic Energy Efficiency (AEE) is extremely motivated to help Lincoln save on energy bills year-round. You can’t beat the facts – 70% of homes in Nebraska are over 20 years old and are under-insulated. This means higher costs, but could even lead to more harmful issues such as respiratory problems, skin problems, and higher risk of cancer.

With several five-star reviews under his belt, AEE’s Owner Rex Schroder is a trusted name for consumers looking to make sure their home is completely functional in the most effective way. Schroder knows a lack of insulation in your attic can be extremely costly since it allows for increased energy waste. Homeowners can avoid expensive repairs over time and benefit in various ways when they choose to install insulation in an attic. Using AEE can result in several improvements:

  • Saving up to 60% on your energy bills
  • Maintain a uniform temperature through your house
  • Cooler walls, ceilings, and floors in summer
  • Warmer walls, ceilings, and floors in winter

Attic Energy Efficiency offers Lincoln several services including pre-sale attic inspections, attic ventilation analysis, roof vent upgrades, and more. They are committed to bettering the homes of Nebraska to increase home longevity and save homeowners money on their energy bills. Please call (402) 450-9323 or email to reach Rex Schroder today.