Rowdy is now running! After 15 years in the payments business, Rowdy is now able to fully customize a business’s needs not based on a certain product suite available, but to truly solve workflow issues, increase receivables, access to capital, improve overall customer experience through functionality and technology with Run Payments ( Run Payments is a payments consulting company that is building the next generation commerce hub. It’s not an off the shelf technology and pricing for businesses to fit into, but truly a customizable approach and experience to handle any business’s needs.

Rowdy hosts socials at 88 Tactical in Omaha every third Thursday of the month. If you interested in attending, you can contact him at

Rowdy would like to thank his clients and networking partners for his continual success. When they win, we win! He would also like to give a special shout out to the amazing team at 88 Tactical for the partnership that grants him a great working environment and meeting space to connect and have events.

Run Payments creates custom payment workflows that work for you and your customers. They develop customized payments architecture for their clients that spans in-store, in-app, e-commerce and anywhere else your potential customers might be. You’ll have everything you need to get up and running and always stay one step ahead, because it pays to be flexible. For more information, go to or contact them at (402) 630-3472 /