Downtown Lincoln Association Hosts 2013 Downtown Impact Awards in Lincoln, NE

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The Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA) recently hosted their annual meeting and announced the winners of the 2013 Downtown Impact Awards on October 30th.  DLA’s Impact Awards recognize businesses or individuals that have made a significant contribution to downtown Lincoln. Nearly 250 people attended the event held at the Embassy Suites Hotel.  The six Downtown Impact Awards were given to the following recipients:

Significant Private Development: Farmers Mutual Insurance (award presented by Kristin Tynon, Chair GOLincolnGO)

Residential Development: Cadillac Lofts (award presented by Bill Schmeeckle, Past Chair DLA)

Young Entrepreneur: Hudl Founders (award presented by Jenni Christiansen, Treasurer DLA)

Downtown Business Leadership:  WRK LLC | Chief Industries (award presented by Dallas McGee, Assistant Director of Urban Development City of Lincoln)

Significant Public Development:  Pinnacle Bank Arena (award presented by C.J. Thoma, Chair DLA)

Downtown Champion:  Tom Lorenz (award presented by Bryan Sullivan, Chair Elect DLA)

For more information about the 2013 Downtown Impact Award winners and their contributions to downtown Lincoln, check out the DLA column on p. 25.

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