Interviewing operations at Gallup’s Greentree and 68th Street centers to move to new location.  Gallup will open its newest interviewing call center later this month in the Edgewood Shopping Center near South 56th Street and Highway 2 in Lincoln.

Approximately 250 interviewers, client support specialists, quality assurance associates, and managers will move to Gallup’s Edgewood Interviewing Center, located at 5601 S. 59th Street, beginning December 22. The interviewing operations at Gallup’s Greentree and 68th Street call centers in Lincoln will move to the Edgewood location, with the transition completed by approximately January 18. The company’s office in Lincoln’s Fallbrook development will remain in place.

Gallup’s new Edgewood Interviewing Center occupies about 30,000 square feet in the shopping center’s former Kmart building. The center continues Gallup’s presence in Lincoln of more than 40 years.

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