Kenl Inn ( is excited to reintroduce their daycare extraordinaire services – your dog’s personal trainer! Dogs learn best with consistency, repetition and rewards, so that is the approach Kenl Inn takes. Dogs eight-16 weeks old are considered perfect puppies, four-eight months old considered young explorers and eight-12 months considered free spirited teens. The more often your dog is trained, the quicker they learn.

Daycare extraordinaire is available Monday-Friday. You should commit your dog to daycare two to four days per week. Pricing is based on three days per week. There is no discount for fewer days and no increase for additional days. You also have the option of paying weekly, monthly or as a complete package. For more information about pricing, visit

Each level will depend on what your dog already knows, frequency of attendance and temperament of your dog. All levels of training are based on the four quadrants of playing, learning, cultivating and exploring. Play involves continuing to learn proper play with other puppies/dogs to develop great social skills. Learning involves basic commands and manners. Cultivation pertains to developing a quality or skill. Exploring uses the five senses to give your dog some time to be a dog and to fulfill their innate needs specific to their breed.

Set on 44 acres just outside of Lincoln, Kenl Inn is devoted to providing the best possible care for your pets. The full-service pet care facility offers overnight boarding, day care, training and grooming. For more information, visit or contact (402) 488-8190 /