For those who have never heard the term “billet,” it has been around for decades and describes the family that houses a junior hockey player locally and basically steps in as his parental influence. The billet family provides a home for the player, meals, a place to do laundry, study and relax, etc. It is a place to build deep connections with a player who in many cases is living away from home for the first time. Players aged 16-20 need homes from September to mid-April with the potential to extend into late May due to the Clark Cup Playoffs. Families who host Stars players will be provided a monthly stipend.

Safe, loving, and supportive homes are essential in enabling players to achieve their goals in hockey, but also as members of the Lincoln community. Families who host players will house an individual who will help serve as a role model to the family’s children and be an active member in their home. These families form a bond that lasts long after their players have moved on from Lincoln.

For 25 years, Lincoln has opened its doors to the Lincoln Stars players and their organization, showcasing the community’s generosity and kindness. They are incredibly thankful for all billets, past, present, and future, without whom the Stars would not be able to exist. For more information, please visit Applications can be filled out there and sent to