ProMedica Hospice of Lincoln ( is proud to announce that it has been awarded accreditation under the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) Standards of Excellence.

“By achieving CHAP Accreditation, ProMedica Hospice has shown a commitment to excellence,” said Nathan DeGodt, CHAP president and CEO. “We are excited to begin our partnership by offering support in its commitment to providing quality care and continuous improvement.”

CHAP Accreditation demonstrates that ProMedica Hospice meets the industry’s highest nationally recognized standards. The rigorous evaluation by CHAP focuses on structure and function, quality of services and products, human and financial resources, and long-term viability. Simply stated, adherence to CHAP’s standards leads to better quality care.

ProMedica provides specialized care that focuses on supporting you and your loved ones during an advanced illness. The emphasis is on comfort and quality of life, rather than finding a cure. Hospice care enables you to live each day to the fullest as comfortably and dignified as possible.

ProMedica Hospice services integrate holistic principles with palliative disease management, expert pain and symptom control, family education, and psycho-spiritual support for end-of-life care. They believe in the power of the individual, the importance of relationships, and the value of respect and dignity at every stage of life. For more information, go to