Route 8 Introduces Lobbly, AI Made for Small Businesses

Route 8 is excited to announce the launch of Lobbly (, an AI virtual phone assistant for small businesses. It can be used to answer incoming customer calls and texts, or to handle overflow calls when staff is busy. Lobbly provides remote check-ins for appointments to make it easier for customers to stay in their cars during the pandemic. It can also take appointment requests, answers business information questions, and provides transcripts of the conversations it has with customers.

Gordon Smith and his co-founder saw how the pandemic was affecting small businesses in the Lincoln area and created the idea of Lobbly. Lobbly was originally made in order to help out those service-based small businesses that they saw struggling with the social distancing restrictions which came with COVID-19. The first few test users helped Gordon turn the service into a more comprehensive solution to help them in their day-to-day operations.

The goal of Lobbly is to help small businesses do more with the time and staff that they have by helping them to focus on the work that they do best. Route 8 is a two-person start-up company with its first product launch last month. For more information, visit Lobbly’s website, or contact Gordon at (402) 413-1460 /