Talent Plus Named Sixth on 2011 Great Place to Work Best Workplaces List

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The Great Place to Work® Rankings: 2011 Best Small & Medium Workplaces Presented by Entrepreneur® list was announced on October 18 and Talent Plus, Inc. was ranked sixth on the list. This annual list recognizes companies that have exceptional workplace cultures. In its eighth year, the competition is divided into two categories, Small (50-250 employees) and Medium (251-999 employees).

Talent Plus was selected among hundreds of companies vying for a place on the list this year.  Applicant companies opt to participate in the selection process, which includes an employee survey and an in-depth questionnaire about their programs and company practices. Great Place to Work then evaluates each application using its unique methodology based on five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Creators of the list, Great Place to Work, has found that employees believe they work for great organizations when they consistently trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do and enjoy the people they work with.  “Our clients are continually impressed with the level and quality of service they receive from our associates and a company of our size,” said President and Managing Director, Kimberly Rath. “With the right talent in the right job, our associates are happier in their work, are more productive and work at a higher level of excellence than others in our industry and across industries. Our labor turnover rate has remained low (about 15 percent) throughout our more than 20-year history and currently sits at a retention rate of 99 percent. Our associates feel a strong sense of mission about the work they do. They say they have a good friend at work and associates average sick days last year was less than one day per associate. They like the work they do, they are good at what they do, and they like who they work with – all measures of a strong, healthy culture.”

Talent Plus takes great pride in the fact that associates appreciate the flexibility, the attention to their individual talent, the support of their family, their ability to get involved in projects or with clients that they have an interest in, the coaching to improve their talents, the relationships they have with others, the fun they have at work and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their team members and in the lives of those who work in our client organizations.

“The companies featured on this year’s list are truly extraordinary in their practices and achievements,” said Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO of Great Place to Work. “Their leaders
recognize the value of creating great workplaces and the competitive edge it provides them.”

Organizations named on the list see many benefits that include better financial performance, less employee turnover, higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, more innovative and creative thinking, higher productivity and enhanced public perception.

“When Dr. William E. Hall, Sandy Maxwell, Doug Rath and I founded Talent Plus, we had an aspirational workplace in mind,” reflects Rath. “This award sets a piece of that in place – Talent Plus being recognized as a Best Place to Work – a place where individuals can come each day and be significant and provide that significance to others.”

To see the complete list visit http://www.entrepreneur.com/greatplaces/, to learn more about how to build a high-trust workplace culture, visit www.greatplacetowork.com or to learn more about Talent Plus visit www.talentplus.com.

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