Janette Robb is pleased to announce she has opened Charting Your Course With Coaching, Inc., a life coaching firm that focuses on obtaining  balance in your career and personal life.  Personal life coaching addresses the interaction between your health/wellbeing, emotional satisfaction, spirituality, professional aspirations, relationships, leisure activities and financial stability.

Career coaching examines the relationship between your present and ideal occupation.  Vocational aspirations typically include promotions, retirement, entrepreneurship, franchisee, and alternative careers.
The assessment process is performed by completing a series of Socratic questions.  All coaching sessions are confidential and are arranged at your convenience. Janette has a M. Ed in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling with 30 years of experience working with people who needed to change their occupation due to either a physical, mental, emotional or social impairment.

She is a Certified Professional Coach as well as alumnae of Fowler-Wainwright Internal Institute.

For more information about Charting Your Course with Coaching, Inc. go to www.chartingyourcoursewithcoaching.blogspot.com for career change tools.  For more information and a complimentary appointment, contact her at (402) 935-1496.