Christian Record Services ( is committed to encouraging literacy for young individuals who are blind.

According to Seedlings, an organization dedicated to increasing the opportunity for literacy for children who are blind, less than 20% of the 50,000 blind children in the United States are proficient in braille.

Christian Record Services addresses this reality by producing Full-Vision Books™. These books incorporate full-color photos or illustrations, large print text, and braille, so everyone can participate in an immersive reading experience.

“I would love to give every family the bonding experience that my family had with these Full-Vision Books,” said Dexter, a board member of Christian Record and parent. “There just isn’t anything else out there that allows me to share my love of books with my child.”

Full-Vision Book resources include The Beginner’s Bible, and over 50 books from the Zonderkidz series. This helps ensure that the entire family can participate in the joy of reading!

Christian Record Services, Inc. is an international ministry to people who are blind. The nonprofit was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Lincoln. To learn more about Full-Vision Books and the many other services they provide, visit or call (402) 488-0981, option 4.