Eschliman Commercial Real Estate ( wants to educate those searching for commercial space on what to expect when starting the process. Many who are new to searching for commercial space for retail, office, or industrial use may not be aware how building owners price monthly leases. The Eschliman Commercial Real Estate website “Frequently Asked Questions” page (FAQ) found at covers details which are often a surprise to a new tenant—details regarding expenses not covered in the base price per square foot rent. Working with a commercial real estate agent, unavoidable charges such as property tax, snow removal, and structural insurance can be explored and explained in the process of negotiating a lease, or even better, anticipated in the initial search for location and price.

These are landlord costs passed on to the tenant, and it’s important to know which are included in the rate quoted (“gross” or “modified gross”), or set up as an annually adjusted list of operational expense, otherwise known as “triple nets” or “NNN” leasing. These can also include Common Area Maintenance (CAM), janitorial, association dues, or security, and can go up (or down) depending on changes in these expenses. They must be transparent and reported as they are adjusted at the end of a cycle.

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