“Success can be simple, but sometimes we complicate it right out of our lives!” says business consultant Jeanne Baer.

Her new book, Success Simplified, is an anthology of useful, real-world tools by Stephen Covey, Tony Alessandra, and 16 other business experts. Each contributed a chapter, and Jeanne’s chapter reveals how to bring out the best in four personality styles, whether you are leading them, teamed with them, or selling to them.  It is based on her 20-plus years as a “people skills” speaker and author.

“I was so pleased to be invited to join Covey, Alessandra, and other nationally known authors in the creation of this book,” commented Jeanne. “The book is a treasure chest of inspiring techniques to help people redefine personal and professional success and take positive action.”

A Strictly Business columnist since 1994, Jeanne has published more than 200 “Managing Smart” articles.  This month’s article features an excerpt from Success Simplified.

To obtain the 327-page book Success Simplified, contact Jeanne Baer at (402) 475-1127, (800) 410-3178, or jbaer@cts-online.net or online at cts-online.net.  One copy is $19.95 + $2 s&h, and quantity discounts are available for five or more books.