KQ Allen Retires from Kenl Inn, Dennis Meier Takes Over as New Owner

Kenl Inn (www.kenl-inn.com) recently celebrated the transition of new ownership as previous owner, KQ Allen, retired. On December 1, the keys were handed over to new owner, Dennis Meier. Dennis comes from a background with experience in the hotel industry and also owning/managing Tanaku Lodge, Alaska’s best sport fishing lodge. Kenl Inn is excited to continue their success with Dennis as the “leader of the pack.”

Just 34 years ago, KQ and Ben Allen envisioned a facility that provided a safe, caring, industry progressive place to care for pets. They created Kenl Inn and throughout the years the facility has been upgraded and expanded. The staff has worked hard to keep up with continuing education for both pets and their families, lead multiple activities, as well as maintain the love and care for everyone’s pets.

Set on 44 acres just outside of Lincoln, Kenl Inn is devoted to providing the best possible care for your pets. The full-service pet care facility offers overnight boarding, day care, training, and grooming. The trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that everyone’s pet receives the best possible care, whether they are staying for the day or for the week. For more information visit www.kenl-inn.com, or contact (402) 488-8190 / dian@kenl-inn.com.