The Waterford at Williamsburg Ends Ice Skating Workshop With Final Show

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The residents of the Waterford at Williamsburg capped off their four week workshop on ice skating with an ice show on April 14th.  The workshop was presented by Fern Coon of the Lincoln Ice Skating Association.  The first session offered a chance for residents to reminisce about ice skating experiences when they were young, and the following three workshops covered equipment, costumes, and a variety of technical skills.  They also had the opportunity to make “glitzy gloves”, which the residents wore when they attended the show and waved to the skaters who performed.

The Waterford at Williamsburg is a premier Assisted Living Facility located at 3940 Pine Lake Road, and is home to approximately 40 residents.  A second Waterford location is at Union College, 4848 South 48th Street.  Additionally, The Waterford at Wilderness Hills located at 8939 Keystone Drive is a new memory care facility that has recently opened. The Waterford Communities is proud to say that their “Caring Ways Inspire Better Days” for residents.

For more information about The Waterford, please contact Barb Sahling or Pam Carlson at (402) 423-0000 or by email at  You can visit their website at

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