WELLCOM Partners with Technology Startup EveryMove to Bring Fitness & Wearable Tech to the Worksite


WELLCOM recently announced a partnership with EveryMove, a startup that connects fitness tracking apps and devices to motivate active lifestyles. WELLCOM works with organizations throughout the Midwest to establish and strengthen their worksite wellness programs. Partnering with EveryMove allows WELLCOM to bring some of the most progressive technology to its members.

EveryMove @Work is a web-based application that allows employers to incent, challenge and reward physical activity based on data captured from more than 150 wearable devices and fitness apps.  An easy-to-use self-serve platform, EveryMove @Work helps employers build a workplace culture around physical activity.

EveryMove @Work was designed to help employers create a more active, happy, and more productive workforce through a social fitness experience in which users track activities and work toward fitness goals together. With EveryMove @Work, companies can choose to incentivize monthly activity with customized or charitable rewards.  Companies can also help to foster a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among co-workers with month-long physical activity challenges. WELLCOM members receive a 20 percent discount on the program.

To learn more about WELLCOM, visit http://www.elevatingwellness.org. For details on how EveryMove @Work can help your business, visit http://www.everymove.com/work.