Women’s Clinic of Lincoln’s Clinical Research Continues to Offer New Options for Patients

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Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. (www.womensclinicoflincoln.com) has recently been selected to conduct two different vaginal birth control ring studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of each medication.  Patients choose to participate in a study because they might be the first to receive promising new treatments before they become available to the community.  In addition, patients are helping others with the same medical conditions both today and in the future.  If you qualify for a study, you may receive all related exams, tests and study medication at no cost to you.

The doctors at Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C and Family Health Care Center are now in their 21st year of conducting clinical research.  The practice is currently looking for patients who may be experiencing low sexual desire, endometriosis, herpes, abnormal vaginal discharge or irritation, or patients that want to try a new birth control option.

Please contact Women’s Clinic if you are interested in learning more about the clinical research opportunities that are currently available.  Call (402) 441-0025, email Hannah.Hernandez@womensclinicoflincoln.com or visit www.womensclinicoflincoln.com.

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