Lutz ( is excited to announce the growth of its Client Advisory Services (CAS) offering. This service will extend many of the same benefits from outsourced accounting, accounting software consulting, training, and support, along with a new technology-focused package.

Scott Miller, consulting director, said, “The accounting function can be a heavy burden for small businesses to take on alone. Each organization is different, so we work to tailor our services to the client’s unique needs. We offer multiple packages from outsourcing a small piece of your day-to-day accounting operations, to fully managing your accounting practice and taking on the CFO role.”

Lutz is committed to providing value-add services to their clients, giving them the flexibility to focus on growing their business. With the new tech-focused model, companies can capitalize on their data and discover new opportunities to improve.

“Our goal with the new tech-forward service model is to help customers make informed business decisions, receive timely financial information, and remove the stress of managing an accounting team. Expanding the CAS service line will strengthen our position in the market and allow us to better serve our client base,” said Consulting Director Steve Nebbia.

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