Nebraska Housing Developers Association (NHDA, is excited to introduce their new program that is launching this January, RentWise Online: Tenant and Housing Provider Education Tool.

RentWise is a program which increases community awareness and support for quality, affordable rental housing. It is a program to help renters obtain and keep rental housing and to be successful renters through education. In the past, this was strictly a paper-based face-to-face education tool provided by property managers, housing authorities, and service providers to name a few. Many people do not have access to transportation, childcare, or are unable to miss work during the day to attend these classes. Therefore, creating it as an online tool will allow NHDA to educate more people throughout the Lincoln area and across the state of Nebraska.

As a part of the online version, they are adding an additional, new course targeted at housing providers. This new course will provide a functional baseline of ‘Fair Housing Education’ for both new and experienced landlords. Landlords and property managers who complete this course will be able to easily share their properties with future tenants in marketing material.

For more information visit the Nebraska RentWise website,, or contact Amber Marker at or (402) 435-0315 ext. 2.

Established in 1996, the Nebraska Housing Developers Association has a membership base of more than 70 organizations working to strengthen the state’s economic vitality by making safe, affordable housing available to all Nebraskans. For more information please visit