CEDARS’ Denise Barrow Recognized with Service to Youth Award

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Denise Barrow makes it her personal mission to develop a relationship with each and every youth in her program.

Denise is the Program Manager for CEDARS Boys Home and last month she was recognized with the Evelyn E. Labode Service to Youth Award for her commitment, initiative, and advocacy on behalf of the youth she serves.

When boys come into her care at CEDARS Boys Home, they quickly recognize that Denise is on their side and is a constant source of support for them. She manages the house of 12 boys, aged 14 to 18, and makes it a point to spend one-on-one time with each of them throughout the day, and even on weeds.

In its 38th year, the Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association helps to provide improved services for youth in the juvenile justice system by serving as a resource for collaboration, leadership, development, and education for juvenile justice system professionals.

More information about the Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association can be found at www.njja.org.

CEDARS provides care to nearly 3,500 children and youth each year and was founded in 1947 to help children who have been abused, neglected, and homeless achieve safety, stability, and enduring family relationships.

To learn more about CEDARS Boys Home or to make a donation, please call (402) 434-5437 or visit their website at www.cedarskids.org.

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