CEDARS Celebrates 68 Years of Helping Kids in Crisis in Lincoln, Nebraska

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It started with one home. One couple. The Reverend Charles and Alberta Danner, who lovingly opened up their doors and hearts to a homeless child in need. As the number of vulnerable kids in their home grew, the Lincoln community began to wrap the couple with support, eventually helping them to purchase a farm way out in the country and construct the CEDARS Home for Children.

Today, that original 1950s building serves as the home of CEDARS administrative offices. A new wing, finished in 2010, is the new 24-hour emergency shelter—the only emergency shelter for unaccompanied youth in southeast Nebraska. In the past year, CEDARS Emergency Shelter served 122 youth, providing them with a safe place away from the dangers of abuse, neglect, homelessness and other significant crises.

Over the years, CEDARS has become more than just an emergency shelter, although that is still a big part of how the organization serves the community. This past year, CEDARS served 2,671 children and youth through its integrated programs, of which the four cornerstones include Out-Of-Home Residential Services; Juvenile Justice Services; Family Support and Prevention Services; and Early Childhood Development and School-Age Programs.

For more information about CEDARS Home for Children or to get involved, call (402) 434-5437 or visit CEDARS online at www.cedarskids.org. Additionally, those interested in helping are encouraged to like CEDARS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/cedarskids/) or follow @cedarskids (https://twitter.com/cedarskids/) on Twitter.

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