CEDARS Expands to Help Children Stay Safely with Their Families in Lincoln, Nebraska

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As the State’s newly formed Children’s Commission begins work to provide a new framework for the provision of services to wards of the state; agencies like CEDARS have been working to establish strong services that keep vulnerable families together.

The larger number of wards placed out of their homes in comparison to other states has been a cause for concern among legislators and providers of services to children. As a means of lowering that number CEDARS has expanded their services to include in-home support.

In the month of August CEDARS worked with 50 families referred by the Department of Health and Human Services. They placed teams of professionals in each family’s home to provide intensive support and guidance. Of those 50 families, 34 had a goal to prevent separation. CEDARS was able to successfully and safely keep 33 of those families together.

CEDARS has been providing for children in crisis in the Lincoln community for 65 years. Best known for their work with children who have already been removed from their homes, the agency has earned a reputation for providing high quality care for  kids. CEDARS provides care to nearly 3,500 children each year.

To learn more about CEDARS, call (402) 434-5439 or visit their website at: www.cedarskids.org.

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