Dr. Carol Crumpacker Retires From Child Guidance Center

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Child Guidance Center Announces Retirement of Dr. Carol Crumpacker

Dr. Carol Crumpacker, a licensed psychologist who has been the executive director of the Child Guidance Center (www.child-guidance.org) since 1997, will be retiring effective August 5, 2016.

She began her career with the Child Guidance Center in 1978 and has been committed to serving children, adolescents and families who have experienced trauma and adversity. Carol has prioritized the fiscal and clinical integrity of the organization and has been dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and longevity of the agency. She is retiring after 38 years of service.

During her tenure as Executive Director, Child Guidance Center successfully completed a $1.5 million dollar Moving Forward for Children Capital Campaign to purchase and renovate the current offices along with expanding programs across the agency.

On April 29, 2016 Carol was recognized with the agency’s “2016 Leader in Children’s Mental Health” Award for the impact that she has had on thousands of children and families and the practice of children’s mental health during her tenure with Child Guidance Center.

Deb Kerrey, Child Guidance Center Board President, shared, “In honor of Carol’s exemplary service to children’s mental health treatment, we are inviting the Lincoln community to send cards thanking her for her commitment to children and families.  Cards and gifts, in honor of Carol’s service, may be sent to Child Guidance Center at 2444 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68510. Gifts and messages of thanks may also be given online at www.child-guidance.org.”

Thank you for your support of Dr. Crumpacker and Child Guidance Center.  All gifts will be used to further the agency’s mission and to provide treatment for children and families who are not able to pay for services.  For questions, please contact Jenny Cardwell, Development Director, at jcardwell@child-guidance.org or Whitney Kuhn, Development/Marketing Coordinator, at wkuhn@child-guidance.org or call (402) 475-7666.

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