DreamCatchers: Strength Through Horses (dreamcatchersstrong.org) is seeking a young adult male volunteer to work with teen boys ages 16-19. Horse experience is appreciated, but not required. The DreamCatchers team is happy to teach you about horses and their role in supporting people. The only qualification for those without horse experience is that you must be comfortable with significantly large animals.

This is a mentoring role. The teens who join DreamCatchers are typically struggling in some areas of their lives and often do not have a strong male role model. Qualities they are looking for in male mentoring volunteers are compassion, kindness, sincerity, positivity, stability, and insight into the challenges teen boys face on a daily basis. Men with Peer Support Certification or coaching experience in mental health and/or substance abuse recovery, but are not licensed therapists, are preferred.

For a volunteer application, please contact jodi@dreamcatchersstrong.org.

DreamCatchers: Strength Through Horses is here to support individuals by sharing their love of the magnificent creatures that are horses. It has been proven both scientifically and by observation that horses and humans have a unique emotional bond. That bond is a big factor in healing from emotional trauma and finding confidence. Learn more at dreamcatchersstrong.org.