I’ve Got a Name (ivegotaname.org), a nonprofit organization that fights sex trafficking in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska, will hold its annual Walk for Freedom on Saturday, April 22 before the Nebraska spring football game.

Local research indicates at least 900 girls are sold in Nebraska each month, 200 girls in the Lincoln area alone. The Walk For Freedom is designed to create statewide awareness that sex trafficking happens where we live. Participants will meet outside of the Nebraska Student Union at 11 a.m. for announcements, and then disperse to walk around Lincoln wherever Husker fans gather. To create greater impact, participants will be asked to walk around Lincoln on their own or with a group of friends, family, or coworkers rather than walk with the organization as one large group. Participants will also receive information cards to pass out if they feel comfortable doing so. Registration is $15 and includes a Walk for Freedom T-Shirt. To register or learn more about the walk, visit ivegotaname.org/walk2023.

I’ve Got a Name has a mission to protect and restore the lives of those who are vulnerable or victims of sex trafficking and it begins with awareness. The organization hopes the walk will inspire other Nebraskan’s to take action against this injustice. To get behind their mission to protect, rescue, and restore, visit ivegotaname.org or email Paul Yates at paul@ivegotaname.org.