Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. Launches Wellbeing Connections Warm Line

Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. (wellbeinginitiatives.org) is excited to announce the launch of a new program, the Wellbeing Connections Warm Line, starting on May 1st!

A warm line is a toll-free number people who are experiencing emotional distress may call in an effort to avert reaching the point of crisis. The Wellbeing Connections Warm Line is committed to providing a reassuring voice to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, wants a safe space to process thoughts and emotions, or simply needs to be reminded they are not alone. If you’d like more information, please visit the website at wellbeinginitiatives.org.

Wellbeing Initiative, Inc. is a local non-profit dedicated to empowering individuals living with mental health challenges to reach their fullest potential. For more information about Wellbeing Initiative, Inc., please visit them online or contact Skylar Linn, Executive Director, at (402) 438-2970 / slinn@winittiave.org.