Open Harvest ( co-op grocery store announced that it has signed a lease to occupy 10,000-square-feet in a building at 330 S 21st St. in the Telegraph District and expects to move by fall 2023. The building is home to ALLO Communications and The Mill Coffee & Tea. Open Harvest will take over the space currently being used by ALLO for storage.

The store has raised $520,000 to support the move through preferred shares from its members and donations made through a fund set up at the Lincoln Community Foundation. Additionally, Open Harvest received a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help defray the costs of getting the store up and running.

The current Open Harvest location has endured challenges such as limited parking and an inability to get a liquor license due to its proximity to a residential neighborhood.

“As a community-owned cooperative, we are driven by our owners and respond to their needs,” Jonathan Sands, marketing coordinator said. “Shoppers can look forward to frequently requested amenities such as beer and wine sales, increased parking space, and walking and biking accessibility.”

At Open Harvest, they’ve built a grocery store around the idea that great food and community go hand in hand. For more information, go to