Introducing Samantha L. Montante, the Lincoln Airport’s ( new Customer Experience Coordinator. Montante earned her BFA in graphic design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in August 2023. Prior to joining the team, she served as an assistant training coordinator, overseeing over 60 steelworker apprentices.

Montante’s diverse experience includes internships at a gallery, where she contributed to operational tasks, and at a local cell phone company as a graphic designer. Notably, she played a vital role in aiding a local donut shop in launching their café and redesigning their menu and recipes. Montante is fluent in both English and Spanish, excelling in photography, oil painting, video editing and more.

In her new role, Montante will lead the customer service team to ensure a positive airport experience for all travelers. Collaborating with the Marketing department, she will develop and promote customer experience strategies. Additionally, Montante will oversee the planning of airport events.

Since assuming her position in mid-March, Montante has taken on various projects, which include organizing the LNK Open-House, coordinating field trips and establishing The Little Library for passengers to exchange books. She is currently preparing for the June 21st movie night, “Boss Baby.”

With Montante’s diverse background and passion, she aims to elevate the customer experience and create lasting memories for the airport community. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail will ensure that every interaction at the airport is memorable and enjoyable for travelers and visitors alike.

For more information about the Lincoln Airport, owned and operated by the Lincoln Airport Authority, visit or call (402) 458-2480.