Heartland Women’s Network (HWN) has announced their 2013-2014 Board of Directors. The following individuals promote the mission of HWN – to provide the structure women in the Heartland need in order to grow professionally and personally.

Director: Larissa Eckman; Co-Director: Andrea Maleki; Events/Program Chair: Kristen Patterson; Finance Chair: Kris McCombs; Membership Chair: Mindy Kidney; Creative, Web & Social Media Chair: Kim Bultsma; Sales/Marketing Chair: Amy Nieman

Heartland Women’s Network is comprised of women from all walks of life. Please visit HeartlandWomensNetwork.com to learn more about how Heartland Women’s Network (HWN) can help you. To become a member, contact Mindy Kidney by email at HWNMembership@gmail.com.