QC Kinetix (qckinetix.com/lincoln-ne) is pleased to join the local market and offer the community alternative treatments to surgery for chronic pain and sports injuries.

Are there benefits to exploring regenerative medical solutions? Yes! This field of medicine offers patients a viable alternative to expensive, painful surgery by leveraging the body’s innate healing abilities. Regenerative medicine from QC Kinetix makes it possible to recover quickly and come out stronger than if a patient were to opt for a more invasive treatment. This is why QC Kinetix has decided to continue to lead the charge toward advanced regenerative orthopedics by expanding to Lincoln.

Whether you suffer from knee, back, joint, shoulder, arthritis, elbow, or hip pain, QC Kinetix has a solution for you. Ask about a customized plan of minimally-invasive treatments to reduce your pain and inflammation; the first consultation is free for new patients!

QC Kinetix offers a natural way to enhance healing; proactively provide support for tissue regeneration; and help their patients avoid invasive, expensive surgeries. The company consists of experienced board-certified physicians and has treated hundreds of patients nationwide. QC Kinetix in Lincoln is located at 575 S 70th St. STE 310. Learn more or book an appointment today by calling (402) 205-4270 or visiting qckinetix.com/lincoln-ne.