The Region V Foundation, the fundraising arm of Region V Services (, is excited to award the Empowering Possible grant, which aims to assist those in the community with disabilities where there has been no support previously. The funding for this grant is made possible by donations from Region V’s friends, family, and community supporters. This year’s recipients and the opportunities they will receive through this funding are below.

Alan and Jeremy are roommates in Beatrice and will take a vacation to go fishing at Lake McConaughy. Crystal, from Auburn, has collected Precious Moments figures for most of her life and will visit the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO. Steven, from Beatrice, will receive a new wheelchair. Retired professor of band music at Doane University, Dr. Jay Gilbert, will conduct a choral music program for any interested Region V Services individuals. Quentin, from Lincoln, will receive a low air mattress. Nate, from Lincoln, will receive a walk-in tub. Julie, from Omaha, will receive a software system named Luci that can be added to Julie’s chair to help Julie be more independent and safe. Wahoo has individuals who love to get out on the lake and go fishing, and with assistance from Live Well Go Fish, they can make that a possibility. Angela, from York, will receive a new adjustable bed. Amy, from York, will receive a shower chair. Luke, from Lincoln, received funds towards getting a service dog.

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