Charlie Alley is pleased to announce he recently opened Triad Telephone.  Triad specializes in telephone and voicemail systems, video and security cameras, internal and external paging systems, telephone, video and computer wiring and music/information on hold systems.

Charlie has 27 years experience in the industry and is pleased to now be running his own company.  He is a certified Panasonic dealer and works with Panasonic IP Hybrid equipment which can connect to a number of different sources including traditional phone lines and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  He also has the resources to provide refurbished equipment for an affordable option for clients and prides himself on tailoring his services to the client’s specific needs.

Triad Telephone provides responsible, prompt, professional and guaranteed work with free estimates.

For more information about Triad Telephone please call (402) 613-1544 or email or online at