Woven Willow Picnic Co. (wovenwillowpicnicco.squarespace.com), locally owned and founded by Naomi Bargen and Maggie Harms, is now renting out their picture-perfect inventory of trendy decor, florals, seating, tables, pillows, rugs, table settings, and more to be used at events or as photo props. These pieces will enhance your bridal shower, birthday brunch, engagement, or anniversary photos—there are so many possibilities!

Woven Willow Picnic Co. creates an aesthetically curated experience mixed with a natural and earthy setting where each client gets to enjoy the ambience of an intimate picnic with their people. They also provide games and charcuterie board spreads. You’ve never had a picnic like this before! Visit wovenwillowpicnicco.squarespace.com for pricing details or Facebook and Instagram (@wovenwillowpicnicco) to see photos of their inventory and past events.