ALLO Communications – Celebrates 15 Years

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ALLO Communications – Celebrates 15 Years

Allo Communications looks back on 15 years as business service provider,
looks ahead to fiber future.


Founded in Imperial, Neb. in 2003, ALLO, a Nelnet company (NYSE: NNI), specializes in providing world-class communications services by creating gigabit communities. In 2004, ALLO ( began building its first fiber communities, and today provides ubiquitous fiber networks in nine communities supported by more than 500 associates. We provide unparalleled speeds through Fiber voice, data, and TV, along with a friendly, local customer service team ready to help you every step of the way. ALLO currently has operations in Lincoln, North Platte, Ogallala, Bridgeport, Scottsbluff, Gering, Hastings, and Alliance, Neb., and Fort Morgan, Colo.

We started ALLO in 2003 because we believed that our communities – and the businesses that power them – deserved more from their communications providers. From faster internet speed and sharper video quality, to clearer phone service and friendlier customer support, we give our customers more because we know they deserve it. – Brad Moline, ALLO President


Fiber technology has revolutionized the way we connect our homes and businesses. Where copper cables used to be king, glass-cored fiber cables can literally move data at the speed of light, making them the latest and greatest technology. The fiber cable’s glass core means that connections are less affected by weather. And our fiber connects directly to your home or business. Let us repeat: you have incredibly fast, fiber-optic cable connected directly to your home or business (so you don’t have to share service with your neighbors) for the most modern connection available on the market.


Fiber Voice: Reliable, crystal-clear phone connections and a full range of offerings for all businesses including standard analog lines, SIP, PRI’s, Hosted PBX system, easy-to-use phone management portal, and conference calling.

Fiber Data: Amazingly-fast 100% fiber network to increase productivity, plus our leading cloud service connectivity, Metro Ethernet, and WAN connecting you to various locations around the world.

Fiber TV: Our all-fiber signal delivers the best picture quality available, plus customizable TV packages allowing you to choose from over 110 channels based on your business needs.

We’ve been an ALLO customer almost 15 years. Until ALLO came in, we were at a competitive disadvantage. All of a sudden, we were able to overdeliver on promises to our customers. Not only could we compete with ALLO, we could win. – Chad Adams, Adams Bank & Trust President


  1. Before you even hear about ALLO in your town, we’re working with the city to design the fiber cable paths throughout your community.
  2. We partner with local contractors to help us build the duct-work and infrastructure needed to make your neighborhood fiber fast. Markers, flags, and digging may be required. ALLO will notify you in advance.
  3. Our splicing team accesses each splice vault and pedestal throughout the city to fuse the individual fibers that will eventually connect to your home or business. Then we test the speed of light as it passes through the fiber to make sure your connection is GIG-fast.
  4. When you request ALLO service, our team will connect the fiber from the pedestal to your home or business in preparation for installation.

In the coming months, ALLO looks to meet even more business needs with the addition of a direct connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Azure. This will allow our business customers access to services like; backup disaster recovery, virtual workspaces, web hosting and more. Plus, the company’s Software-Defined Wide-Area Networks (WANs) and new long-distance calling package will enable businesses to better connect locally and around the world.


We provide greater access to the world through superior business and residential service with fiber-optic technology and exceptional support. We’re dedicated to delivering a drastically different experience because we see our customers as neighbors, not numbers. We’re thinking forward and we’re thinking big, so our customers and our communities don’t get left behind.

Now is the perfect time to join the ALLO family as we look to serve more businesses like yours with our superior service!

To learn more about ALLO’s fiber business services, visit


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