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With winter coming soon, it’s time to start preparing your heating and cooling system to best protect your home against the cold weather. Custom Cooling & Heating has the services and products to update your home – and they also have some advice to offer.

Schedule a Furnace Check
Your furnace does the heavy lifting in the winter, so it’s important to make sure that it has stayed in top-notch shape while taking a breather in the summer months. A maintenance check can help resolve minor performance issues that cause more expensive operation. Furnaces and boilers should be serviced once every year.

Prep Your Humidifier
The winter air is notoriously dry, so using a humidifier is crucial to replenishing the moisture in your home. If the humidifier malfunctions, your home may not receive adequate moisture, or receive too much moisture, leading to high humidity problems such as mold growth and water damage.

Replace Air Filters
Air filters protect forced air HVAC systems from dirt, dust, and debris that cause inefficient performance and damage to delicate internal components. Heating systems are in heavy use in the winter, so filters tend to fill up faster and require replacement more often. Get a head start on the heating season and change your filter now.

Re-Program your Thermostat
Changing your programmed temperature settings is an important step of switching between heating and cooling settings. Household temperature preferences will differ for heating and cooling, and schedules may change seasonally.

Change Ceiling Fan Direction
Air purification equipment and maintenance of those products is important all year long but especially during the winter months as you spend more time indoors breathing the air inside your home. Some air purification products are low maintenance and some use a UV light bulb that requires replacement in 1-3 years. How long has it been since your system has been “tuned” by a HVAC technician?