Guiderock Commercial Realty LLC ( is a full-service commercial real estate firm. Guiderock works with a variety of clients including local business owners needing spaces as well as investors buying and selling properties. The company also provides property management services to help investors get the most value out of the properties they own.

Changes in the commercial real estate industry are frequent. The past few years have seen a variety of economic changes and technological innovations that have changed how both Guiderock and its clients work. Guiderock is a strategy partner for clients, continuously monitoring industry activities to give strong advice about what paths to take and when so that clients can overcome challenges and reach their goals.

“Our clients have a broad range of backgrounds. Some are very experienced with commercial real estate, and some are brand new. We’re here to help regardless of the starting point,” said owner Cathy Kottwitz. That help can include flexible strategies during times of change as well as long-term strategies during times of stability. The clients that Guiderock has helped have included those moving into Lincoln from other communities, growing into larger spaces, purchasing their first commercial property, expanding their portfolios and repositioning assets for future growth.

Guiderock Commercial Realty wants to make commercial real estate understandable and approachable wherever possible, which is why last year the company wrote the Tenant’s Guide to Leasing and Investor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate. Particularly for clients who are new to commercial real estate, these resources answer many of their questions and make them more comfortable with taking the next step toward their goals.

Guiderock also connects clients with other service partners to help with financing, construction, legal advice and other business needs. “One of my clients was getting ready to start looking for a building to buy so they could move from leased space into one they own. We talked about whether SBA financing might be a good option, and they took the information I gave them to their banker,” said James McCombs, sales associate at Guiderock Commercial Realty. “Ultimately, this sped up their process because financing was more favorable.”

“We expect continuous changes in the industry, but we always take the long view that there’s opportunity in commercial real estate somewhere, so we’re pretty excited about Guiderock’s future,” Kottwitz said. “We have plans already in the works for some new tools that we’ll be putting in place that will help our clients make decisions more easily and connect them to more opportunities. We are also working on plans for additional staff so we can help even more businesses and investors in the area.”

Founded on principals of community and economic development, Guiderock Commercial Realty is also engaged with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated programs. Cathy Kottwitz also serves on the board for The Bridge Behavioral Health, and Guiderock has been a supporter of the Garden Party fundraiser benefiting Domesti-PUPS for several years. “Helping build successful businesses is only part of what we do. We want to also build a strong community that we can all be a part of,” Kottwitz said.