Lincoln Coin & Bullion ( is expanding and renovating their space! The new features include multiple double-door entryways, adding three more trader, client and collection desks, updated and enhanced security measures, separate display case room, displaying new logos and overall improved look and feel.

Along with this new upgrade and dazzling new look, established customers are welcome to call in to reserve items or lock spot prices on sales over the phone. Lincoln Coin & Bullion believes in a high quality and impressive experiences in precious metals and historic currency, excellence and customer peace-of-mind. It’s not your typical online precious metals and historical currency place. They always aim to provide each of their clients with a tailored informative, educational, valuable and memorable experience. They are happy to answer as many question you may have as well as offer up education and knowledge, and with their new website in the works, it makes everything they pride themselves on even more accessible. They offer line-item quotes and appraisal for large collections or estates for both bullion and historic currency.

All their appointments are a secure, private and in-person experience. No one needs to know. They are worth a day’s drive with their high quality customer service expertise; they guarantee 5-star service and satisfaction. Experience their concise, first-rate inventory with simple, predominant, prevalent, well-known established and desirable items you can’t get anywhere else. Their staff is always transparent and informing. Whether you’re purchasing or selling they will disclose the 2.5% and 5% typical fee. They always use non-photoshopped photos. They never use “sale-techniques” other than encouraging customers to pick up and hold bullion.

Since their beginning in 2006, Lincoln Coin & Bullion has grown into a full-scale Precious Metal and Bullion Dealer that serves those purchasing and selling three to seven figures of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They deal in historic currency collections, including providing quotes and paid appraisals.

For more information or to set up an appointment today, visit their website at or call at (402) 327-2853.